20 Reasons Why Japan Is Awesome and You Have to See Yourself

There could be hundreds of reasons why you should add Japan in your travel list. Being one of the most advanced (in terms of technology) countries in the world, Japan also offers an ancient outlook to tourists, especially their religious sites. So, let's take a look at the 20 reasons why you should visit Japan...at least, these are the reasons that brought me to Japan.


Things to Do

1. High Speed Bullet Trains

I strongly believe that I'm not the only one who is going to Japan because of the shinkansen. Japanese shinkansen have a top speed of 275 mph, and is ranked third place among the world's fastest trains.

2. Japanese Culture


Japan is well known for its politeness and good manners. Not only that, but Japanese culture also include efficiency. Japan is a busy country but is well organised. I was already impressed with the work efficiency at the immigration gate at Narita International Airport.

3. Japanese Foods


4. The most advanced country in Asia, and maybe in the world too

Ever notice that at least one of your home appliances is a Japanese brand? Or when you count 10 cars on the streets, at least 3 are Japanese cars? Being one of the most technologically advanced countries, Japan offers you all sorts of high-technology experiences.

5. Gaming Centres


If you think games are only limited to computers and Nintendo, well, wait until you visit the gaming centres in Japan. There are various types of games - poker, racing cars etc etc. Oh, did I mention that there are also kawaii games suitable for the ladies too.


6. The Atomic Bomb memorial site in Hiroshima

 Oilstreet/Wikimedia Commons

Japan is the only country who has suffered from the Atomic Bomb. The memorial site and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima are definitely one of the main reasons why you should visit Japan. The museum takes you back to World War II and reminds visitors that peace is what we need in this world.


7. Sakura Blossoms


A million dollar view. Spring is the peak season in Japan, where there are tons of festivals going on and of course, the cherry blossoms.


8. Geisha and Maiko


Talking about Japan, one should not miss the beautifully dressed geisha and maiko. The geisha world is mysterious, which has resulted in more and more people trying to get closer to them.


9. Japanese Anime and Cosplay

No matter where you are, you must have read, watched, or at least heard of soe Japanese animation. Wouldn't you be curious to see all these characters walking around the streets?

10. Hot Springs (Onsen)


I'm not sure about westerners, but being an Asian, Japanese hot spring is something the majority of Asians would love to try, at least once.

Being a volcanic country where the volcanos are still very much active, all the regions in Japan have numerous natural hot springs/onsen to offer to visitors. Onsen are among the most popular tourist sites in Japan.

11. Japan is a super clean country


The Japanese take hygiene seriously. You will hardly see any rubbish on the roadsides - even the trains are clean!! In Japan, not only they are clean, everything is in perfect order and neat as well - well trimmed trees, for example.

12. Ancient Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines

Beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Japan is one good reason that you should visit and see them yourself. Shrines which are located up the mountains will not disappoint in term of beautiful scenery. The Itsukushima Shinto Shrine, Shrines and Temples of Nikkō and Buddhist Monuments in the Hōryū-ji Area are also awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

13. Japan has 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Do I have to say more about the World Heritage Sites after this stunning beautiful Fuji Mountain's picture?

14. Unique vending machines

Japan has about 5.52 million vending machines! Not only the country has high number of vending machines, but the vending machines give you almost everything too.

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15. 24hour convenience store in walking distance

Kuha455405/Wikimedia Commons

So, whats about this 24-hour convenience store that is worth mentioning here? Firstly, you will find one 24-hr convenience store within 500 meters (or less if you are in big streets). When I was in Tokyo, there are about four convenient stores within walking distance from my hotel - so, they are really everywhere.

Second, it is a one-stop "shopping center". Meaning to say, you can get almost everything and anything there. And finally, the fast food served is really not that bad. Yo'll get hot bun, hot drinks and sushi too.

16. Sumo Wrestling

One good reason to visit a Sumo show is probably the curiosity to see big size Japaneses. Since, the Japanese are know for their petite size, wouldn't you be curious to see a big size Jap? And a plus point, the big size Japs are fighting too.

17. Kabuki

One of the three major classical theaters in Japan, Kabuki has earned the UNESCO Intangible Culture Heritage title in 2005.

18. National Parks

Shiraito Falls, Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan.

Japan has 31 protected national parks which include forests, beaches, marches as well as volcanoes. The national parks scattered across the country offering visitors a wide selection of activities including fishing, hiking, hot springs, diving and boating.

19. Low crime rate


One of the safest country in the world, Japan is considered as the safest in Asia with only 1.4% of the population had been victims of assault, according to report by Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development in 2014.

Japan’s relatively low crime rate just got lower. Recently released figures from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development showed that only 1.4 percent of people in Japan had been victims of assault compared with the OECD average of 4.0 percent for annual assault and mugging rates.

Overall Japan was ranked the safest country in the world, with the second- lowest homicide rate after Iceland and the second-lowest assault rate after Canada.


20. Shopping Heaven

Kakidai/Wikimedia Commons

Now forget about Italy, Japan is another shopping heaven. From branded to street products, Japan never failed you.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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