50 Things to Do in Harajuku

What image do you have when you hear Harajuku? Fashion? Sub-culture? Here are some spots where you can enjoy the many faces of Harajuku culture to the fullest!


Things to Do

41. Condomania [Shopping]

The flashy store that sits at the Meiji-Jingumae crossing is Condomania, a store that offers various made in Japan condoms and party gifts. You can definitely find some interesting stuff here! It has the atmosphere of a miscellaneous goods shop, making it easy for females to enter.

Japanese homepage:http://condomania.jp/hpgen/HPB/entries/2.html

42. OMOTESANDO KOFFEE [Food & Drink]

You can really feel the depth of Japanese tradition in this cafe, since it is set up in what used to be a home built 60 years ago. When the weather is good, you can enjoy an original cup of coffee in the small garden in front.

Japanese homepage:http://ooo-koffee.com/

*This store has closed for business as of December 2015.

43. GALLERY TAO [Arts]

Gallery Tao is a gallery set up by a contemporary ceramic artist, and it sits in a quiet residential area just a little way off Omotesando. It's a wonderful gallery where you can take your time enjoying art.


44. Gallery 360° [Art]

Gallery 360°, just a minute walk from Omotesando Station, has been introducing beloved and legendary modern artists since 1982. Along with exhibitions, there is also a shop where you can get art books and posters.

Japanese homepage:http://360.co.jp/

45. Harajuku Himitsukichi of Scrap [Activity] 

This is an escape game where you have to solve puzzles and mysteries to get through and make it to the end. Harajuku Himitsukichi of Scrap is a fun event that adults can enjoy, and it has collaborated with popular anime like Detective Conan and Death Note to create original games. Definitely check out this exciting experience!

46. Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum [Arts]


This memorial museum in honor of Taro Okamoto, possibly best known for creating the Tower of the Sun in Osaka's Expo Commemoration Park, was established in an area he often worked in while he was alive. Many pieces are exhibited here, ranging from his original sculptures to his oil paintings.

English homepage:http://www.taro-okamoto.or.jp/en/

47. Bunbogu Cafe (Stationery Cafe) [Food & Cafe]

At this Stationery Cafe, there's not just actual stationery tools that you can use, but also hundreds of books related to stationery are also available for your perusal. You can enjoy tea time while having an abundance of colored pencils, crayons, and markers at your disposal, so why not write a letter or make a drawing about the memories of your trip?

Japanese homepage: http://www.bun-cafe.com/

48. VACANT [Arts]

VACANT is an event space in Ura-Harajuku that holds various events like art exhibitions, theater shows and live concerts. On the first floor, there is also a shop and cafe. It's an area where all visitors can spend their time enjoying their different interests.


49. SOLAKZADE vintage sunglasses and eye-glasses [Shopping]

This is a vintage and bespoke eyewear store set up by the brothers Tatsuya and Rio Okamoto. They offer unused items that have been repaired after sitting in a warehouse or storage area for years, as well as custom-made items.

Japanese homepage:http://solakzade.com/

50. Design Festa Gallery Harajuku [Arts]

Design Festa Harajuku is held in the exhibition space of Daisho71, and it is an area where anyone regardless of nationality or age can display their original works! About 150 people visit each day, and about 30% of those visitors are from overseas. It's a gallery that is noticed by people from all around the world.

Japanese homepage:http://www.designfestagallery.com/


Harajuku offers not just cute culture, but it's also in an area rich in individualistic places and shops. Harajuku's charm lies in that it isn't just an area to see things, but also an area where you can experience things. If you get a chance, please experience the true Harajuku.





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