10 Reasons to Visit Japan in the Autumn

Have you ever visited Japan in the autumn? Japan's autumn is full of events where you can enjoy the charms of the country in every genre, including food, art, tradition, subculture, and more. Here are 10 important parts of the Japanese autumn. Did you know about any of them?



[1] Foliage (Autumn Leaves)


If you mention autumn, the first thing a large number of Japanese people would think of would be foliage.

Japanese people like to quietly spend their autumns watching the verdant green leaves change slowly into a fiery red while enjoying the cool breeze.


The view from the round window of Meigetsu-in in Kamakura, Kanagawa.

The scenery of the foliage has been cut into a beautiful round form, so it's a genius plan to unconsciously bring the sharpened world of beauty into focus while you're looking through it. 

It's a mysterious room, window, scenery that naturally makes you sit up straight and the air taste sweeter.

If you visit Japan in the autumn, this room where the spirit of ancient Japan lodges is a recommended sightseeing spot.

While the entrance fee changes per season, normally it's 300 yen per person.

*Check this article for more information about autumn foliage all around Japan. 

20 Recommended spots to take in the autumn foliage all around Japan

[2] Fire festivals

These pine torches are lit for the repose of souls who died in war during the Sengoku period as well as gratitude to our ancestors.

From the intensely burning flames to the sparks that are about to go out, this is one unique way that Japan feels the fleeting ups and downs of life.

The fire festival in this photo is one of the three biggest fire festivals in Japan, held every year in November in Sukugawa, Fukuoka.

The 22 pine torches are about 10 meters tall and weigh about 3 tons, and they shine brilliantly in the darkness.

[3] Seasonal harvests


The seasonal harvest of the Japanese autumn are matsutake mushrooms, mackerel pike, chestnuts, ginkgo nuts, and other products.

Among those matsutake mushrooms is an especially high-class ingredient that Japanese people adore, and it's a chance to really feel the changing of the seasons.

If you visit a friend who lives in Japan, wouldn't they be overjoyed if you brought matsutake mushrooms as a gift?

If you visit Japan in the autumn, definitely try the flavors of the season.

[4] Halloween

Japanese Halloween has had a unique evolution.

On October 31st, young people in Japan dress up as they please, gather all day and night and parade through the streets.

While Shibuya and Roppongi are famous for being the main spots, there are other places where gatherings are planned.

If you come during Halloween, please make plans to enjoy the holiday.


[5] Tokyo Girls Collection

Tokyo Girls Collection may be the event where Japanese girls' cuteness, bravery, and beauty are presented to their hearts' content. Complete with the look of the latest fashions, the audience cheers as they watch the girls walking the runway. 

Tokyo Girls Collection started in August 2005 and has been held twice a year every year since.

It's not just a fashion show, but musicians also play. It's an enjoyable event that showcases Japan's latest fashions, music, and performances. Though the audience is mostly women, the atmosphere is made so that men can also enjoy without needing to work up their courage, so if your trip matches up with the dates, you should definitely try to attend.


[6] Meguro's mackerel pike festival

The Meguro Sanma Matsuri is an event where one of the tastes of the season, mackerel pike, is distributed for free.

Created with the intent to rejuvenate the area, it's held every year near Tokyo's Meguro station.

It might also be a chance to interact with the people of that neighborhood. Please, enjoy the tastes of sanma as you walk around the city.


[7] Tokyo Game Show

 If you're a gamer, this is definitely an event that will make you salivate no matter your nationality!

You can experience Japan's brand new games all under one roof at the world's largest video game convention, the Tokyo Game Show.

In the venue, there's also a large number of cosplayers as booth companions, and it's okay to take photos of them.

In order to record the women's beauty even just a little bit, every year a large number of cameramen also go to the event, and it might be a modern way to recall Japan's autumn.


[8] University school festivals



In autumn, Japan's universities all hold their school festivals.

Of course, it's free to enter. Depending on the universities, they may have beauty contests or invite musical guests to perform, so they include various exciting events.

Please enjoy the hard work that the students have planned and created while snacking on the lip-smacking, reasonably priced food stalls.


[9] Tokyo Designers Week

You can enjoy art in Japanese autumn!

During Tokyo Designers Week, you can enjoy all of Japan's creative arts at once, including fashion, design, art, and music.

Please peruse the work by Japanese artists in order to find new art or maybe even discover something about yourself.


[10] Oktoberfest

Every October, different spots inside Tokyo hold Oktoberfest events.

You can spend enjoyable nights surrounded by the world's beer and delicious food.

 You might even make new friends! 

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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