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Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost region, and it is home to all sorts of grand outdoor sightseeing spots. For example, there’s the World Heritage Shiretoko Peninsula, as well as Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, full of mountains that have seen great changes over time and all kinds of flora and fauna. Because Hokkaido is such a wide area, the climate and landscape differs even within the prefecture, with each region having its own traditional local culture, regional cuisine, events, and activities. In short, there’s a lot to enjoy in Hokkaido!


Luxury Accommodations

There are many luxurious accommodations in Hokkaido that blend beautifully with the prefecture’s splendid nature. Let us introduce you to some amazingly unique places, with a focus on holiday villas, in some of Hokkaido’s key areas, including Niseko, a resort with some of the best power snow in the world; Furano, home to a rural landscape that gorgeously expresses the four seasons; and Hakodate, the main entrance into the prefecture of Hokkaido for many. At these accommodations, you can truly relax and renew your spirit within Hokkaido’s grand outdoors.


Adventure Tourism

"Adventure tourism" refers to activities that include at least two out of three from nature, cultural exchange, and physical activity. It’s part of a new generation of travel styles that fit the demands of the sustainable development goals and coronavirus safety. Hokkaido’s splendid four seasons and accompanying stories, Ainu culture, and the local guides that share that unique culture make the prefecture the perfect destination for adventure tourism.


National Parks

Compared to the rest of Japan, Hokkaido has a very different ecosystem thanks to its location at the very north of the country, surrounded by the sea. All six of its national parks are breathtaking, with some examples being the World Heritage Shiretoko National Park; Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park, where you’ll find fields of highland flowers; and Akan-Mashu National Park, home to Lake Mashu, one of the world’s clearest lakes.


Regional Cuisine

Hokkaido not only has the largest area among all of Japan’s prefectures, but it is also a treasure trove of fresh food; seafood abound at its ports and all kinds of delicious vegetables, meats, and dairy products are found in its interior regions. Each region has its own cuisine, with different takes on ramen, jingisukan (a lamb dish with tons of veggies), soup curry, butter potato, and so on. Please visit Hokkaido and try its plethora of delicious regional cuisines for yourself!

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