7 Luxury Accommodations in the Hokkaido Wilderness for That Ultimate Getaway in 2023

This article introduces some of the best Hokkaido luxury villa and holiday-house accommodations. In this new world of social distance, they are fast becoming the new norm. We cover outdoor escapes in some of Hokkaido’s most popular areas, such as the resort town of Niseko, luxury accommodations in Furano, and even Hakodate. Get ready for an exhilarating northern getaway in Japan!

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Top Luxury Accommodations in Niseko

Boasting an astounding average of 18 meters of snow every winter, Niseko is Hokkaido’s premier ski resort area. Its world-famous powder snow attracts skiers from across the globe while the towering Mt. Yotei, nicknamed “Ezo Fuji” due to its striking resemblance to Mt. Fuji (Ezo was the original name for Hokkaido), remains a powerful symbol of the area.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Niseko also offers winter adventurers a wealth of unique activities to enjoy, including snowmobile rides, snowshoeing, snow rafting, and even reindeer sleigh rides!

1. Panorama Niseko

“Harmony between nature and the future.” Panorama Niseko’s grand vision is perfectly demonstrated through the villa’s unobstructed views of Mt. Yotei and the encompassing nature. With common disturbances like power lines being completely buried underground to remove interruption, the boundaries between civilization and nature feel non-existent.

With the Niseko ski grounds just a 3-minute drive away, it’s the perfect base for skiers looking to get the most out of their holiday. There are a number of differently-sized villas on offer, each serving a distinctive kind of traveler and group size.

Presenting a fully-equipped kitchen with views of Mt. Yotei from the dining table, guests can eat alongside the intense, raw energy of Hokkaido’s seasons.

Perhaps the biggest highlight, however, is the natural open-air onsen (hot spring) accompanying every villa. Soaking in the tranquil, elegant bath while absorbing the magnificent views lulls one into a state of deep relaxation while erasing all traces of city life. The bedroom is also fitted with an additional bathroom for more variety.

There is also a spacious living room with views of Mt. Yotei from the window, along with a bedroom further boasting stunning, unfettered mountain scenery. With heated floors and air-conditioning, the rooms are set up for both winter and summer vacations.

On the premises you’ll find a restaurant and bar, providing yet another touch of high-class comfort! For those dreaming of exploring the wilderness of Niseko with a helping of modern luxury, there’s nowhere better than here!

2. Shakuzen

Presenting travelers with a taste of deep, unfiltered Hokkaido, these two cutting-edge villas offer peak comfort in the middle of untouched wilderness. With the second floor jutting out and hanging over the edge in an ambitious display of daring architecture, the building itself is a treat for the eyes. There are two ski fields just minutes away by car, making the location perfect for skiers!

From the protruding second floor window are gorgeous views of Niseko’s lush forest that you can admire in comfort from the living room, which is outfitted with a real fireplace. This bay-style window is also fixed with a bench serving as a cozy reading corner. A stay here is a fantastic way to enjoy a bit of privacy within the ever-changing, vast nature of Hokkaido.

Each of the two villas have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The second-story bedroom is specially designed for kids, with a small entertainment corner to stave off boredom.

Guests are also free to make use of the fully-equipped kitchen, which is connected to the living space to allow family and friends to mingle while cooking.

3. Hiyoku

Resting upon a slope deep in the forests of Niseko and encompassed by magnificent pine trees, this secluded villa embodies the true spirit of Hokkaido. A gaping triple-glazed window on the 2nd floor frames incredible views of Mount Yotei, the Shiribetsu River, and other Hokkaido landscapes, allowing a new appreciation for this magnificent land. Nestled within untamed wilderness, the boundary between the outside and inside worlds almost totally melts away.

The spacious living room also allows for a stunning view of Mount Yotei, compounded by a warm and nourishing ambience generated through the wooden architecture. With a cozy, interconnected design, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy quality private time with friends and family.

The villa is also equipped with facilities to hang up snowboards and specialized racks to dry ski wear. Filled with an elegant collection of benches and stools using local pine wood, the villa’s core concept of “making the most out of our surroundings” is on full display.

In addition to the spacious and airy main bedroom, there is another bedroom furnished with four separate bunk beds, each with ample privacy.

Last but not least, there is a bathroom with mountain views and a fully-equipped kitchen, all culminating in an unforgettable family vacation or trip with friends.

4. Soseki

With six en suite bedrooms, a top-floor living room, dining room, and kitchen area, along with a Japanese-style room, garage, study, and clothes-drying room, Soseki is one of Hokkaido’s most luxurious villa experiences. The finishing touch is a 30 m² balcony affixed with a gas fireplace, dining table, chairs, and even an outdoor sofa! Feel like having a party outdoors yet?

The interconnected top-floor living room, dining room, and kitchen area (first picture above) overflows with space while being encased by jaw-dropping views, with Mount Yotei visible on clear days. Outside the window on the far right is the aforementioned fireplace balcony (second picture above). Chatting late into the night with friends and family while breathing the crisp night air and relishing the fire’s warmth is a bonding experience like no other.

Adorned with Italian-made furniture and a large gas fireplace, the living room also exudes sophistication and quality. The spacious Japanese-style room is an equal delight, furnished with traditional square tatami flooring of the Okinawa Ryukyu-style and a bath made from hinoki cypress wood.

Both the master bedrooms boast king-sized beds and adjoining bathrooms fitted with rain showers.

While its staggering collection of rooms and facilities make it perfect for large groups, Soseki is equally suitable for singles, couples, or families seeking quality time in extravagant privacy.

5. Kazahana

With modern Japanese architecture flaunting a blend of timber and steel, the Kazahana holiday house presents six ornate rooms, five of which boast en suite bathrooms. It's the perfect place for a family trip.

The top floor consists of a living room with a wrought iron fireplace complemented by incredible views of Mount Yotei. In front is a large dining table, with a panorama of the ski fields from the windows on the opposite side.

Incredible scenes of Mount Yotei can also be taken in from each bedroom, along with the top-floor jacuzzi and terrace.

With Kazahana’s versatility, all kinds of travelers, including families, friends, couples, and more, can have an equally good time here!

Top Luxury Accommodations in Furano

While Hokkaido’s lush breadbasket of Furano has numerous claims to fame, it is arguably most well known for the enormous fields of lavender that bloom between late June to early August. The delightful aromas and vibrant colors form an alluring contrast to the untamed Hokkaido wilderness, with a ride on the summertime-only Furano Biei Norokko Train* serving as the best way to appreciate this marvel. If you can’t make it during the summer, the silvery wonderland of winter is an equally beautiful sight to behold.



6. Furano Lookout

With the fields of Furano framed by the Tokachi Mountain Range, Furano Lookout is perfectly positioned to take in as much of the local charm as possible. Best of all, Furano’s most famous lavender field, Farm Tomita, is just a 4-minute stroll away!

The building’s clever layout is intended for optimal views, with the square tatami living room and decorative dining table all fantastically positioned to enjoy the surrounding sights.

The tree-covered bedroom window is particularly beautiful, allowing a full appreciation of Furano’s extraordinary plateau environment.

The pictures above demonstrate the airy, spacious character of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Throw in the massive sofa set and you’ve got yourself a holiday!

Surrounded by nature, this private getaway is ideal for families or couples who want to revel in the marvels of Furano while relishing peak comfort.

Top Luxury Accommodations in Hakodate

Once considered the gateway to Hokkaido from the Japanese mainland, the seafood city of Hakodate has flourished since ancient times, filling it with dozens of noteworthy attractions tantalizing sightseers. One particular highlight is the breathtaking night scenery of Mount Hakodate, which was awarded three stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan. The winter air on the summit is fresh and pure, remaining surprisingly cold despite the low altitude. Prepare plenty of warm clothes in advance!

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7. La Cachette

Covering a sizable plot of 4,628 m², this delightful holiday house boasts three bedrooms, a vast garden with a tent, a complete BBQ set, and more, encouraging an active, outdoorsy holiday alongside a luxurious indoor escape.

The open living space is equipped with a large dining table and powerful gas heater, making it comfortable even in the midst of winter. The kitchen is also fully stacked and ready to go!

The large bedrooms and outdoor jacuzzi furthers the opulence, creating a sense of wide, open space rarely seen in Japan. There is also an indoor bathroom with a spa and shower.

Guests are also welcome to spend the night glamping in the spacious tent set up outside. Accompanied by a playground and hammock, there’s plenty of incentive for both children and adults to get outdoors! A BBQ set and undercover table are also included, allowing for cookouts with family and friends.


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