50 Things to Do in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a great place to experience the magic and splendor of nature, so why not visit there and enjoy the beautiful greenery and delicious seafood that Hokkaido has to offer?


Things to Do

1.Sapporo Snow Festival [Event]

One of the greatest festivals of Hokkaido. Held every year in early to mid-February, the almost 100 snow statues are a great hit with visitors to the festival. The climax of the festival is a gigantic 15m tall snow statue which is used in a spectacular projection mapping show.

2.Bie-cho [Sightseeing]

Located in the Kamigawa District of Hokkaido, Bie-cho’s rolling hills and spectacular landscape have earned it the well deserved nickname of “Japan’s most beautiful village.” Bie-cho’s most famous spot, the Blue Pond, was picked as one of the wallpaper images for Apple Macs. This is one place that we really recommend you visit.

3.All you can eat crab [Food & Drink]

Hokkaido is one of Japan’s leading crab producers, so as you can imagine, you can find an awful lot of all you can eat crab restaurants in Sapporo. Our recommendation is Hokkaido Beer Garden. Here, you can enjoy king crab, hair crab and snow crab all at once!

4.Susukino Ice World [Event]

An ice festival held every year in mid-February where the main street of Susukino is lined with ice sculptures. Beautiful ice sculptures stand in the busy streets, fascinating the visitors to the festival, and the sculptures illuminated by the lights of the streets are worth seeing! 

5.Rusutsu Resort [Activity]

Located at the foot of Mt. Yotei, Rusutsu Resort is one of Hokkaido’s biggest resorts. As well as ski slopes, there are also other entertainment facilities including hotels and an amusement part, and in winter, you can enjoy the power snow. Why not come to enjoy the nature?

6.Hakodate Morning Market [Shopping]

A morning market located right in front of the JR Hakodate Station selling fresh fish caught at the nearby port. It is famous for squid fishing, called “ika tsuri” in Japanese, and you can enjoy the freshly caught squid prepared on the spot. This market also offers crabs, fruit and vegetables and all sorts of souvenirs, so why not pay a visit to this food wonderland?

7.Furano Lavender Fields [Sightseeing]

Lavendar fields in Farm Tomita in Furano-cho. The best time to visit is from early July to early August, where the blooming lavender spread as far as the eye can see. At night, the fields are illuminated, giving a whole new atmosphere to the fields. The shops around Farm Tomita are also great - we recommend the lavender cream. Why not visit Far Tomita and experience this beautiful purple world?

8.The Night View from Mt. Hakodate [Sightseeing]

There is a spot at the peak of Mt. Hakodate which offers a spectacular night view of the whole of Hakodate that will leave you speechless. There is a ropeway that will take you to the peak, and there a many cafes and restaurants from which you can enjoy the spectacular view.

9.Tomamu [Sightseeing]

The only resort spot open all year round in central Hokkaido. The resort has one of Japan’s largest indoor pools, making it great for family trips. The ski slopes are opened in winter, and it is one of the best places to enjoy powder snow around the world.

10.Unkai Terrace [Sightseeing]

The “Unkai”, or sea of clouds, is a fantastic spectacle of nature. Looking down over the clouds while enjoying a great cup of coffee is something else. You can reach the terrace via a ropeway from Tomamu. The conditions have to be just right to see the Unkai, but why not give it a try?

11. Mt. Yotei [Sightseeing]

Called “The Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido,” Mt. Yotei is also one of the few mountains in the world where you can enjoy power snow, and is popular for backcountry snowboarding and skiing. Backcountry tours are available (at a cost), so you can enjoy the mountains in safety.

12.Shakotan Peninsula [Sightseeing]

Surrounded by a beautiful clear blue sea, Shakotan Peninsula is make up of 3 sites: Shakotan Cape, Kamui Cape and Ogon Cape which each offer unique scenery. In summer, it is popular for diving. Why not visit once to experience the mysteries of nature?

13.Kakizaki Shoten [Food & Drink]

A popular restaurant on the way from Otaru towards Yoichi. The reason behind its popularity is its “hokke teishoku,” or atka mackeral meal, which is bigger than your face! Here you can enjoy fresh atka mackeral, caught from the sea and brought straight to the restaurant.

14.Yoichi Distillery [Activity]

The historical distillery of Masataka Taketsuru, the founder of Nikka Whiskey. Even now, the offices, storehouses and private residence of Taketsuru are kept as they were, and are open to tourists. At the distillery, you can learn about the whiskey distillery process and methods, and you can try some samples at the end. Why not visit to experience the history of a whiskey created in Japan?

15.Ramen [Food & Drink]

The typical Hokkaido ramen is miso ramen. If you want to try some great miso ramen, we recommend visiting Susukino Yoko-cho, where famous ramen restaurants line the streets. On the 10th floor of ESTA, which is directly connected to Hokkaido Station, you can find the “Ramen Republic,” where famous ramen restaurants from all over Hokkaido have opened up shop. Why not visit the Ramen Republic and sample the wide variety of ramen Hokkaido has to offer?

16.Rollercoaster Road [Sightseeing]

A famous sightseeing spot located between Furano and Bie. The gentle bumps soon become steep slopes, which is where it got its name from. Look out for the sign at the peak of the Miyama Pass in Kamifurano going down to Furano. Speeding down the long, straight path that leads all the way to the horizon is thrilling! (But remember that there are crossroads on the road, so be careful!)

17.Lake Mashu [Sightseeing]

One of the world’s most clear caldera lakes. Known as the “Misty Lake Mashu,” the lake is covered all year round by a mist, but the deep blue of the lake seen on a clear day is breathtakingly beautiful. There are 3 observation decks which each offer a different but spectacular view of Lake Mashu. 

18.Susukino [Sightseeing]

Located to the south of Sapporo Station. One of Japan’s leading entertainment districts, Susukino’s streets are lined with all sorts of stores. The Nikko Logo sign is a famous meeting spot, and the starting point of countless people’s visits to Susukino. This is a great place for nightlife, with its countless izakaya, bars, clubs and karaoke boxes open for business all night long.

19.Hitsujigaoku Observation Hill [Sightseeing]

Located at the center of the Hitsujigaoka Hill along the Hitsujigaoka-dori road to the south. The Hitsujigaoke Observatory Hill is a famous scenic spot, with the statue of William Smith Clark, a famous figure in the development of Hokkaido, inscribed with his famous phrase, “Boys be Ambitious”.

20. Kushiro Wetlands [Sightseeing]

Designated as one of the Japan’s natural monuments, and the breeding ground of the Japanese crane. In winter, you can enjoy watching the Japanese crane resting in the wetlands, and the area offers a variety of outdoor activities, including canoeing and horse trekking.


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