21 Must-Buy Hokkaido Souvenirs From New Chitose Airport (2023)

Wondering what to buy in Hokkaido? With its abundant nature, Hokkaido boasts a wide variety of agricultural and seafood products, and is also a hub of modern Japanese culture and entertainment like Pokemon and Hatsune Miku. Thankfully, most of Hokkaido’s bounties can be found at New Chitose Airport. Shopping at New Chitose Airport is a fun way to kill time before your flight, and a hoard of Hokkaido biscuits, sweets, produce, cosmetics, souvenirs, and more await. So, let us help you get your New Chitose Airport shopping kick-started with these 21 recommended Hokkaido souvenirs from New Chitose Airport!

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1. Shiroi Koibito(白い恋人)

Yusuke Kawasaki/Flickr

Shiroi Koibito is one of the most famous souvenirs from Hokkaido not only in Japan but also overseas. This delicious sweet consists of white chocolate sandwiched between thin crisp butter cookies. The secret of the taste is the attentive manufacturing process and the ingredients sourced mainly from Hokkaido. Sold at ANA FESTA, BLUE SKY, and other souvenir shops in the 2F lobby area of the Domestic terminal. Also available at souvenir shops in the departure area.


ROYCE is another famous confectionary manufacturer from Hokkaido. At New Chitose Airport, you can find wide variety of their products, including nama chocolate (which you need to keep refrigerated), potato chip chocolate, and chocolate bars. The feature of Royce's Chocolate World (Connecting Path 3F) is that you can buy products just made at the attached factory. There is also a Royce shop on the 2F of the domestic lobby area.

HP: www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/spend/shop/s170.html

3. Rokkatei Strawberry Chocolate (六花亭)

Rokkatei Strawbery Chocolate is a ball shaped confectionery consisting of sour, dried strawberry surrounded in a layer of sweet white chocolate. Together, the two are a fantastic match. The company is located in Obihiro, where most of the ingredients for sweets, such as dairy products, are produced. Just imagine how good a sweet made with cream and butter produced in Hokkaido will taste! Sold at BLUE SKY / ANA FESTA / Sky shop Ogasawara (Domestic 2F).

4. Marusei Butter Sandwiches (マルセイ バターサンド)

The most popular products of Rokkatei are the Marusei Butter Sandwiches. These sandwiches are made of a layer of raisin and cream made from white chocolate and butter sandwiched between two soft biscuits. Though Hokkaido produces wheat, too, the company uses wheat from North America for their biscuits, saying that they use the best ingredients to make the best confectionery. Sold at BLUE SKY/ ANA FESTA / Sky shop Ogasawara (Domestic 2F). Also available at souvenir shops in the departure lobby.

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5. Caramel Biscuit from Caramel Kitchen

Caramel Kitchen (Domestic 2F) is a caramel shop run directly by Glico. One of the unique points about this shop is that you can buy products freshly made in the side kitchen. There are three flavors of caramel available for 756 - 864 yen and caramel biscuits  at 960 yen, all made with carefully selected Hokkaido dairy products. Why not drop by to enjoy this exclusive experience at New Chitose Airport? Please note that these products should be kept refrigerated.

HP: www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/spend/shop/s234.html

6. Jaga Pokkuru(じゃがポックル)

Jaga Pokkuru is one of the most popular Hokkaido souvenirs, and can be only purchased in Hokkaido and at a few airports. This crispy snack is a must-buy, as it is made from potatoes and salt both produced in Hokkaido. You can buy the limited edition items such as straps at the Jaga Pokkuru Theater (Domestic 4F), Japan's first airport movie theater sponsored by the manufacturer. Sold at BLUE SKY, ANA FESTA, and other souvenir stores on Domestic 2F, and at the Snow Shop on International 3F. You can also find them at souvenir shops in the departure lobby.

7. Jaga J (ジャガJ)

Jaga J are thick-sliced potato chips made using 100% Hokkaido potatoes. There are two flavors available: spicy garam masala and cheese, which make an exquisite match; and the sweet chocolate flavor, which consists of well-balanced salty chips and sweet white chocolate. You can buy a pack for 710 yen (tax inclusive). They are on sale at BLUE SKY, ANA FESTA, and other souvenir stores on Domestic 2F, as well as at the Snow Shop on International 3F.

8. Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitokibi (札幌おかきOh!焼きとうきび)

Tokibi (とうきび) means corn in Hokkaido and okaki (おかき)is a type of traditional Japanese rice cracker. This crunchy snack consists of glutinous rice and dried corn kernels. The company tried to make a similar taste to baked corn flavored with soy sauce, which is a popular snack in Hokkaido. The result is something that comes with the delicious flavor of baked corn but with the convenience and freshness of aluminum packaging and small portions. It taste sweet yet salty. You can find it at BLUE SKY on Domestic 2F.

9. Hokkaido Edition Snacks

At souvenir shops, convenience stores, drug stores, or even in the DAISO 100yen shop (on Domestic 4F), you can find Hokkaido limited-edition sweets, such as camembert cheese flavor Colon, melon flavored Giant Pocky and. These make ideal, collectible souvenirs from Hokkaido!

HP: www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/spend/shop/s12.html

10. Instant Food From Hokkaido

A rather interesting option for a souvenir. You can find limited-edition instant fried noodles from Hokkaido, too. In addition to the standard ones pictured above (Nisshin, 180 yen excluding tax), you can find Yakisoba Bento Cha-han no Moto (焼きそば弁当炒飯の素) by Maruchan (below, 125 yen excluding tax). Yakisoba Bento is so popular that the company even puts the sauce they use in it on sale. In a pack, you’ll find 3 portions of the sauce of Yakisoba Bento and soup. Though you need to prepare the rice and ingredients by yourself, it might be exciting to use it when improvising instant meals. You can find these at Lawson on International 2F and Domestic 1F, or at BLUE SKY on Domestic 2F.

11. Hokkaido Seafood

Hokkaido specialties are not only farm products and dairy products - surrounded by sea, it’s well-known for delicious sea food as well! In addition to GYOREN (International 2F), you have several shops in the domestic lobby that specialize in seafood. However, please note that you cannot bring raw fish with you, but dried scallops might make good souvenir as they go well with drinks.

12. Siretoco donuts

Siretoko donuts are cute fluffy hand-made sweets, and despite their appearance, they are actually non-fried. The sweet gets its name from the Shiretoko peninsula which the company is located close to. The ingredients they use are milk from the region and honey produced by the company. At the airport store, Siretoco sky sweets (Domestic 2F), you can find several decorated versions of the sweets, all cute and delicious. Price range from 350 yen upwards.

HP: item.rakuten.co.jp/yoitoko-style/siretoco-donuts02_2/ (Japanese Only)

13. Doraemon Items

Good news for Doraemon fans! There is the DORAEMON WAKU WAKU SKY PARK (connecting path 3F) in New Chitose Airport. This Doraemon theme park consists of an entertainment area, a café and a shop. As the shop is quite big, you can enjoy shopping to your heart’s content. Needless to say, you can find New Chitose Airport limited-edition items at the shop, as well as other limited-edition Doraemon items in the UFO catchers (crane games) inside the amusement zone.

HP: www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/doraemon/

14. Hello Kitty Items

For Hello Kitty fans. Hello Kitty Japan (Connecting path 3F) in the New Chitose Airport offers you a wide range of cute Hello Kitty items, including limited-editions New Chitose Airport goods. Dried squid from Hokkaido seems to be a trend with Asian tourists. You might also be interested in the regional Kitties from all over Hokkaido found only at the HOKKAIDO MIYAGEKAN (Domestic 2F).

15. Pokemon Store

The Pokemon Store (Domestic 2F) sells a wide range of collectibles at New Chitose Airport. The well-known airport edition motif of Pikachu in the pilot costume can be found in various forms, from stuffed toys to stationery. From this May, a female Pikachu stuffed toy in cabin attendant costume is on sale in a limited quantity. She proudly shows ‘CTS’ – the airport code of New Chitose Airport -  on her chest.

HP: www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/spend/shop/s230.html

16. Hatsune Miku

If you like Hatsune Miku, you'll have to visit SNOW MIKU SKY TOWN (Domestic 4F). Snow Miku is the Hokkaido version of popular virtual singer Hatsune Miku, since her sculpture was made at the annual “Sapporo Snow Festival” in 2010. At the shop corner, various original items are available.

HP: snowmiku.com/skytown/index_en.html

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17. HABA

Do you know where the HABA range of cosmetics is from? This company, well-known in Southeast Asia countries, is actually from Tomakomai in Hokkaido. You can find a HABA company store in the domestic area (2F), and they will offer support with tax exemption, although it’s in a public area. As well as their regular lines of additive-free cosmetics, they also sell limited edition products directly from their factory. Why not drop by and see what you can get?

HP: www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/spend/shop/s95.html

18. Hokkaido Cosmetics

In Hokkaido, you can find lots of cosmetics made with natural ingredients from the region. LAUREL (Domestic 2F) is one Hokkaido company that specialized in such products. Some of their skincare products use foods like kelp as ingredients. You can find other lines at Craft Studio (Domestic 2F), soaps using lavender oils from Furano, skincare creams made of honey, or toiletries using ba-yu (馬油) - all produced in Hokkaido. Doesn’t it sound attractive?

19. Drugstore Cosmetics

Cosmetic items sold in drug stores are inexpensive but work well. When those items have a unique appearance, they can make nice souvenirs. You can find skincare items in your country, but here in Japan you may find some that are different in terms of design. How about stopping by one of the drug stores to see what is available? They sell practical items, too. Tsuruha Drug (Connecting Path), KOKUMIN (Domestic 2F).

20. Starbucks Hokkaido Edition Mug & Tumbler

For Starbucks city series collectors, Hokkaido edition tumblers (1,330 yen) and mugs (1,140 yen) are waiting for you! The series here features the nature of Hokkaido: a bear, an Ezo red fox, motif of the Ainu native Hokkaido people and Hokkaido landscapes. Starbucks shop is located at the connecting path on the 3F. The above prices exclude tax.

21. Souvenir Miniature Figures

Miniature figures featuring Hokkaido specialties are available at 400 yen at several spots around the airport. These figures are produced by Kaiyodo, a Japanese molding specialist, and are sold in capsules in toy vending machines. Volume 4, the new series on sale from July 2015 includes a hairy crab, a sushi plate, a snow dome of Erimo-misaki cape, as well as other interesting figures. You’ll never know which one of elaborate pieces you will get. Domestic area 1F / 2F (5 spots in total) / 3F / 4F, International area 3F

HP: figure-miyage.com/shop/ (Japanese Only)


Official Site:



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