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Originally from Osaka, Asoko runs on the philosophy, “Always Searching for Surprises”. There is a wide variety of products sold here, ranging from \21 to \20,000. With such a wide variety, we are sure that you will be able to find things to buy here within your budget. There are many unique products here that were carefully selected by their buyers that you cannot find in other shops and rumor has it that Asoko will soon come up with their own line of knick-knacks. (Japanese only)

2. Tiger Copenhagen


Don’t we all adore Scandinavian designs and art? The theme of this store is exactly what Scandinavian design is all about with hearts and sweets and a fun color palette. The products here represent European modern culture but you shouldn’t miss out in checking out what they can offer.。 (Japanese only)

3. MoMA Design Store

This store carries products that have been carefully selected by the team in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Here you can find art books, furniture, design goods, accessories and stationery. Step into the shop and you can’t help but notice it’s clean sleek white theme among its 1800 items in display along with its informative description of each product. (Japanese only)

4. Bazar et Garde-Manger

This shop carries interior goods and knick-knacks mostly from France. You’ll have a lot of fun browsing through their interior goods, lighting features, kitchen gadgets, fabrics, art and pre-loved furniture directly imported from the south of France. (Japanese only)



This awesome store has awesome reviews that talks about how reasonable their prices are. One of its well-kept secrets would have to be its collaboration between its original goods and some of Japan’s favorite characters like Hello Kitty! So when you happen to stop by this shop, don’t miss out on looking for some special Hello Kitty items here. Their original shopping bags here are also popular.!english/c1eo7

6. Playmountain


This shop is famous and popular because it carries knick-knacks and furniture from around the world. You’ll have a wonderful time here too finding inspiration through their furniture layout ideas. (Japanese only)



CINQ carries both European and Japanese knick-knacks and items, from cutlery to kitchen gadgets to lightings, and they are too beautiful and trendy to miss out. We can guarantee that your friends and family would love to receive them as souvenirs too. The warm cozy atmosphere beckons anybody that passes by to come in. (Japanese only)

*Harajuku store is currently closed

8. Tokyo’s Tokyo

To celebrate Japan’s manga and anime industry, this store brings in a unique concept that would make its patrons feel like they have stepped into their own manga or anime. This shop is very popular among foreign visitors.



Fans of Craftholic must step foot into this store as this is where you can get cute Craftholic items. Plus, there are some Craftholic goods here that are only sold in this Harajuku store and nowhere else. Its colorful interior and fun items will make your day a happy one even if you were to just come in and browse through their products only.

10. AssistOn

Here you can find stationery, bags, electronics, interior knick-knacks and toys designed and made in Japan and from other countries too. The products sold here are not only fun to look at but also fun to use, making them great souvenirs to bring home.


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