19 Japanese Beauty Electronics You Should Check Out

Japan is famous for its electronic makers, but do you know about all the beauty electronics these lines have made? Check out these 19 products!

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Japan is famous for its electronic brands. They produce many efficient and sturdy products like rice cookers and washing machines, but did you know that they are also famous for their beauty electronics? Here are a few you might want to check out and use for yourself!

Starting with hair care products.

1. Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care Series

With its nano and double mineral technology, this hair dryer series will treat and strengthen your hair just by drying it. It has 2 different nozzles: one for removing static electricity, and one for fast drying. It has 4 different drying modes: hot and cold, intelligent warm, scalp, and skin. 

2. Panasonic Hair Iron

For hair irons, Panasonic offers the following types: brush type (as shown in the image above), straight iron, 2 way (straight and curly), curl iron (adjustable for 26 or 32 mm), straight iron multiple 6 ways, straight iron multiple 2 ways, curl iron 26 mm, and curl iron 32 mm. They also have mini compact types which are great for traveling. 

3. Panasonic Scalp Beauty Salon (頭皮エステ)

The Scalp Beauty Salon is used like a shampoo brush. Hold the handle, and it will grip your hair tightly and massage your scalp. It has 4 modes: total, side, top, and kassa. It has 2 different types of brushes - hard and soft. 

4. Panasonic Kuru Kuru Dryer (くるくるドライヤー)

The Kuru Kuru Dryer is a hair dryer on a stick. It has the nano care technology, so it treats your hair. It's very slim and compact, so it's great for travel, and is great for styling your hair with just one tool.

Moving on to face care products.

5. Panasonic Face Washing Beauty Machine (洗顔美容器)

With this machine, you can take off your make up, wash your skin, and treat your skin. The machine heats your make up removal formula, making it easier to remove your make up. It can also create a rich, creamy foam from your face washing formula, and by directly applying the foam from the machine to your face, you can reduce any damage made by doing so with your hands. And at last, it also has a brush which removes dead skin cells. 

6. Panasonic Steamer

Don't have the time to go to a beauty salon? Why not buy one for your home? Panasonic beauty steamers are 17.1 cm, and weigh 2.0 kg, so it doesn't take up much space at all. The machine releases hot and cold steams, and increases the amount of water in your skin. 


ReFa CARAT is a face roller made for beauty purposes. It produces a weak electric current similar to that running through our skin, thus leading the skin to a healthy and beautiful state. It can be used on the face and body. 

8. Hitachi Hadakurie Hot & Cool (ハダクリエホット&クール)

Hadakurie Hot & Cool is to be used in your regular skin care routine. By using your regular skin toner and cotton pads, the machine gently oozes out the dirt from your pores, moisturizes your cuticles, and makes your skin healthy. This is all done by the weak electric current released from the machine. 

9. Panasonic Beauty Salon for Eyes (目もとエステ)

This machine is like the Omegle, but for beauty purposes. It releases a steam with a temperature between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. It also has 3 modes with different rhythms of steam release. 

10. Panasonic Eyelash Curlers

Panasonic offers 5 eyelash curlers. Matsuge Kurun Tsuke Matsuge You (まつげくるんつけまつげ用), as shown in the image above,  is made especially for false eyelashes. Matsuge Kurun Rotating Comb (まつげくるん回転コーム) has a comb that rotates 360 degrees, so it's easy to use on your upper and lower eyelashes. Matsuge Kurun Separate Comb (まつげくるんセパレートコーム) separates your eyelashes and makes them and long. Matsuge Kurun (まつげくるん) is your standard eyelash curler. Matsuge Kurun Double Action Means (まつげくるんダブルアクション方式) is an eyelash curler where you can curl your eyelashes in one push.  

11. Hitachi Lip Crie (日立リップクリエ)

Lip gloss or lip stick that doesn't smudge? Great! It doesn't completely come off even with make up remover, and you have to cleanse it repeatedly? Not so great. Hitachi Lip Crie is a beauty electronic specifically made for to care those abused lips. By using electronic ion cleansing, the machine removes any kind of smudge or dirt on the lips tenderly. It also has heating modes that treats your lips like a spa. With a height of 163 mm, a width of 25 mm, and a depth of 25 mm, Hitachi Lip Crie is handy and great for traveling. 

12. Tescom Phio Beaute Eye Care

You had a great night out, or a hard day at the office. You look in the mirror in the next morning - yes, it's showing, there's those big old bags telling the world about your lack of sleep and exhaustion. Phio Beauty Eye Care is designed to treat those bags. With a roller ball that releases heat, it also releases a weak electric current similar to those running through our skin naturally, and revives the skin, thus making those bags go away! 

13. Ya-Man 42℃ Hot & Cold Plate (42℃温冷プレート)

42℃ Hot & Cold Plate releases a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and 12 degrees Celsius on each side. By applying them in order, the skin produces a protein called the heat shock protein. This protein works to rejuvenate cells that are worn out from stress. You can expect face lifting and healthy skin as a result. 

Next up, body care products.

14. Panasonic Light Beauty Salon Machine (光美容器)

Too busy to go to the beauty salon for hair removal? Light Beauty Salon Machine light care lightens the color of your hair. Used with shaving, you can achieve smoother and better looking skin. It can be used for armpits, arms, legs and the bikini line. 

15. Panasonic Nail Care

With one of these, you can shape your nails, the skin on the base of your nails, and polish the surface of your nails. There are 2 types of polishing surfaces - rough and smooth, making your nails shine even brighter. Its batteries are chargeable and it is great for travel. 

16. Panasonic Steam Foot Spa

The name explains it all - this machine is for relaxing the feet with steam and extreme infrared radiation. You can choose from 4 heating modes. The machine goes up to the middle of your calf, so you can get warm up to the core. Made by Panasonic.

Now for the runner up: hair removal products.

17. Panasonic Hair Removal Machines Soie (脱毛器ソイエ)

Hair Removal Machines Soie removes the hair from your arms, legs, armpits, and bikini line. It's relatively painless because it releases foam while doing so. It also removes unwanted cuticles from your elbows, knees, neckline and the heels. 

18. Panasonic Felie For Face (フェリエフェイス用)

Felie is a shaver especially designed for facial hair. The head swings 10 degrees to the side, so it catches all the hair. With an eyebrow comb, you can either shape your eyebrows or shorten the length of your eyebrows. 

19. Ya-Man no!no!hair Smart

Fed up with cutting yourself with razors? Why not try out this no!no!hair Smart series of electronic shavers? With the width of 40 mm, depth 25 mm, height 120 mm, and the weight of 105 g, this machine is compact and never gets in the way. The batteries are chargeable. It has no lines attached to it, so there's no need to worry about where the electrical cords are going. It has 2 different chips adapted for shaving the armpit and bikini line. You can choose 3 different levels of shaving too! 


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