30 Must-Buy Souvenirs at Narita Airport

Some people prefer to travel light in Japan and save their shopping til the airport. Here’s a list of items you can buy at Narita Airport, your final stop in Japan. Sayonara to the burden of souvenir shopping and enjoy your stay!

Narita Airport


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1. Kit-Kats

Isriya Paireepairit/Flickr

Kit Kats are popular souvenirs from Japan. You will find many varieties of tastes and colors during your stay. According to the Nestle Japan site, Japan is the second largest consumer of Kit Kats in the world next to the United Kingdom. Whereas the number of the flavors in U.K is around 10, in Japan it’s over 100 including local ones. You can find them at many souvenir shops: ANA FESTA (T2, 4F)/ BLUE SKY (T2, Arrival lobby (South wing)) etc.

2. Pocky

Do you know Pocky? It’s a Japanese renowned snack sold worldwide. "Glico-ya" shops opened this spring (2015) in the Fa-So-La SOUVENIR AKIHABARA (T2/T3, 3F), located in the departure area. Giant Pocky in 3 local-limited-flavors can be found there: Uji matcha, Shinshu Kyoto and Yubari melon (green tea, grapes and melon, respectively). 1000yen for a box of 18 sticks. You cannot buy them anywhere except in the local areas or at the airports.

3. Matcha Sweets

Matcha (a type of green tea) is a very popular flavor in Japan and tourists seem to love it, too. Though the green tea powder tastes rather bitter, it goes well with sweets the same way tea matches sweets. In consequence, you can find variety of confections flavored with Matcha from convenience stores to souvenir shops. Please choose as you like.



As it is one of the most popular Tokyo souvenirs, you've most likely seen it around town before you come back to the airport. It consists of sponge cake filled with banana cream. The secret to its popularity might be partly that the banana cream is made from strained banana puree; which gives natural flavor. Sold at most souvenir shops. Ex) ANA FESTA (T1, 2F) (T2, 4F)/ BLUE SKY (T2, 4F) (T2, 3F); after control


Produced by the manufacturer of TOKYO BANANA, it consists of sponge cake filled with plain custard cream and strawberry flavored cream. Again, the strawberry flavor is not artificial. You will know it by grains in the cream. Hope your friends will like this sweet and a little sour cake. Sold at most of the souvenir shops like ANA FESTA, etc.

6. Kikyo Shingenmochi(桔梗信玄餅)

This little Japanese confectionery is recommend as a souvenir from Japan for its appearance. It consists of mochi and kinako (soybean) powder packed in a furoshiki sheet with black sugar syrup. How to eat: spread the furoshiki sheet wide, put the mochi at the center, pour the black sugar syrup over it, hold the four corner of sheet and rub them well by hand over the sheet. Then it’s ready to eat without mess. Sold at Sakura (T1, 4F)/ (T2, 3F) or at the terminal 1 departure area.


Space Pirate Queen/Flickr

ROYCE is a renowned confectionery in Sapporo which has shops abroad in other Asian countries. Originating from Hokkaido boasting its high quality daily products, ROYCE uses fresh cream produced there. Buy some for your friends and some for yourself. For chocolate lovers. Before control: Fa-So-La (T1), BLUE SKY (T2), ANA FESTA (T2) After control: Fa-So-La (T1)/ Fa-So-La, BLUE SKY (T2)

8. ROYCE Potato Chip Chocolate

Crispy and salty potato chips half coated with sweet chocolate. How do you find this unique combination? Well, it’s on the top 10 list of airport souvenirs both of domestic and international tourists. Please try it and if you like it, come back to buy it. Before control; Fa-So-La (T1), BLUE SKY (T2), ANA FESTA (T2) After control; Fa-So-La (T1)/ Fa-So-La, BLUE SKY (T2)

9. Jaga Pokkuru

Christian Tan/Flickr

Jaga Pokkuru is a crispy French fry snack made of unpeeled potatoes and salt, both made in Hokkaido. Though only available in several airports other than shops in Hokkaido or its online shop, it’s very popular to foreigners, too. It’s good news to be able to buy Hokkaido products without visiting there. Sold after passport control area- BLUE SKY (T1)/ Fa-So-La Akihabara (T3, 3F) / (T2 satellite).

10. Japanese Tea



Some people might think of bringing Japanese tea back home. If you are not sure how to prepare Japanese tea, you can find ready-to-drink tea powders or tea bags in several flavors. Tea shops like Fukujuen (T2, 4F) or souvenir shops like Fa-So-La (T1, 3F) sell tea leaves with cute canisters. Please choose whichever you like.

11. Chirimen handcrafts(ちりめん細工)


If you are not sure what to buy for someone who likes cute things, this is the right thing. Small, light, kawaii crafts made of chirimen silk crepe are differentiated from other mass-made products. Some objects can be found in the shape of food. It’s an exquisite traditional art sold at Japanese craft shops. Kyoto Craft Mart (T1, 4F) / SATSUMAYA OKUTANIEN (T1, 4F) / Wamonoya Kaya (T1, 4F)

12. Tenugui(手ぬぐい)

jennifer yin/Flickr

Another handy souvenir. Tenugui is the cotton towel with various patterns. Besides using it as a towel, it might be good idea to hang it on the wall like pictures. Rich in colors and patterns, you can use them however you want. A good thing is to know how to wash cotton fabrics. Sold at Japanese craft shops: Kyoto Craft Mart (T1, 4F)/ Mamegui (T1, 4F)/ Wamonoya Kaya (T1, 4F)

13. Kokeshi Dolls(こけし)

Hitty Evie/Flickr

Kokeshi dolls are made of wood by hand, and this manufacturing process give them lively expressions. You can find traditional styles and contemporary ones next to each other with harmony. Their existence is not to be an art piece so much as to be loved by someone. Please find one which smiles at you. Sold at SATSUMAYA OKUTANIEN (T1, 4F)/ Tenshodo (T1, 3F).

14. Edo Kiriko(江戸切子)

Beautiful glassware from Tokyo. The history of Edo kiriko dates back to around 1834. An artisan engraved glasses with emery powder and the technique has been developed into higher states. The beautiful pieces are priced corresponding to the amount of works and the techniques used. Sold at Sakura (T1, 4F)

15. Japanese Fans(扇子・うちわ)

JY Guillou/Flickr

Sensu and uchiwa are essentials on the hot summer days. Even if you work in a fully air-conditioned office, you still have to wait for trains or buses not knowing when they arrive. Foldable sensu is so handy that you can put it in your bag just in case. Sold at Kyoto Craft Mart (T1, 4F)/ SATSUMAYA OKUTANIEN (T1, 4F)/ Wamonoya Kaya (T1, 4F), etc.

16. Smartphone Case

For those who prefer practical items for their souvenirs. Smartphone case in Japanese motifs are available at Wamonoya Kaya (T1, 4F). Colorful and stylish designs for men and women. Please make sure it fits to the smartphone to be applied.

17. Hello Kitty Goods


Hello Kitty is a favorite worldwide. She appears everywhere in various styles, and you can even find special airport editions. From small key-holders to rather expensive dolls, let’s find one to bring home with you! Sold at Hello Kitty Japan (T1, 4F)/ BeeBox (T2, 4F)/ Fa-So-La HELLO KITTY (T2, 4F)

18. Pokemon Goods

Pokemon is another favorite anime character all over the world. The number of Pokemon characters is said to be about 720. There are over 200 thousand Pokemon items sold only in Japan. Pokemon Store (T2, 4F)

19. Imabari Towels

Imabari towels are getting attention nationwide and overseas for its high quality. The antenna shop IORI (T1, 4F) showcases what they can offer as one of the best manufacturing district of towels in Japan. Their products are soft, yet durable and have high water absorption. In addition, they have wide varieties in color and in design. It’s good for everyday use.

20. Footwear

Most people haven’t imagined socks with finger toes. Two finger and five finger socks are popular in Japan where people traditionally wear geta or zori which look similar to flip-flops. They are comfortable and good for your health. If you wear zori made of fabric or wood instead of shoes, you’ll feel far better than in shoes once you get used to them. Meri matka (T1, 4F; socks & zori)/ Tabio (T1, 4F; socks)/ Wamonoya Kaya (T1, 4F; socks)/ Kutsushitaya (T2, 4F)

21. Limited Edition Stationery

For stationery lovers. Japanese stationeries are renowned for the unique products such as Frixion pens. If you love well-designed products or limited editions, you have two shops specializing in those: Smith (T1, 4F) and TRAVELLERS'S FACTORY AIRPORT (T1, 4F). The former sells various Rollbahn notebooks in special designs, while the latter does the airport limited edition of a traveler’s notebook.

22. Starbucks Mugs & Tumblers

Starbucks tumblers and mugs are a very popular souvenir worldwide. At Narita Airport, you can find all local designs including airport special editions only available at airports in Japan. There are three Starbucks cafés: T2 3F before passport control, and at the departure areas of T1 4F and in the north wing.

23. Limited editions from THE AIRPORT STORE UNITED ARROWS


THE AIRPORT STORE UNITED ARROWS (T1, 4F) is celebrating its 5th anniversary. One of the commemorative items is a tote bag (4320yen incl. tax) of ‘GNUOYP’, a Japanese bag manufacturer. Other than that, they sell clothes and goods suitable for trips or limited edition items.

HP: www.united-arrows.co.jp/airport/index.html (Japanese Only)

24. Travel Goods by B JIRUSHI YOSHIDA


B JIRUSHI YOSHIDA (T1, 4F) is produced by BEAMS and YOSHIDA & Co., Ltd., which is a famous luggage manufacturer. Maybe you will know it by sight as they have collaborated with several companies overseas. Well-designed products with high functionality are loved worldwide. It’s the best time to look for travel goods after your trip in Japan.

HP: www.bjirushi.com/v2/html/blog.php?keyword=narita_info#.Vap0SPntmko (Japanese Only)

25. Electronics

If you are interested in electronics, the places to shop around are Fa-So-La shops at the departure areas. Though rice cooker and heated toilet seats seem to be popular, more handy gadgets like USB memory sticks in unique shapes are another option. You also have Kitamura (T2, 4F), a shop specializing in cameras.

26. Items found at drugstores only in Japan 

You might have noticed that Japanese products are safe and reliable most of the time. Recommended here are hot compresses or cold compresses for muscle pains or sprains. You can buy the Japanese version of Chinese medicines packaged like health supplements without medical prescriptions, too. They are all useful and rarely found abroad. You have several drugstores in public areas and Fa-So-La Drugstores at the departure areas.

27. Ut X kabuki


UNIQLO started to sell collaboration items with Kabuki this spring. The patterns applied all represent the traditional motif of Kabuki costumes mainly from the Ichikawa family, a clan of Kabuki actors. You might find a good example of ‘the old thing is new’. They also have Japan’s souvenir lines. UNIQLO (T1, 4F)

28. Anime, Game & Manga Goods

Danny Choo/Flickr

At the moment you can buy  limited edition T-shirts (see above picture) to be on sale only overseas from August, 2015. Or do Hatsune Miku t-shirts and Dragonball items sound good to you? They can be purchased only at COSPA AKIHABARA SATELITE STATION (T1, 4F).

29. Comtemporary Art and Design Products

Are you fond of contemporary art? At LAMMFROMM (T1, 4F), you can buy well-designed products selected by the shop and items designed by Yoshitomo Nara or Yayoi Kusama who are both recognized nationwide and overseas. If you like their lines, how about visiting museums exhibiting their real artworks on your next visit?

(Edit: This store has closed for business as of March 22nd, 2017.)

30. Vanilla Air Original Goods


Vanilla Air has their own shop close to the gate. V store (T3, 2F public area) at Narita Airport newly opened this spring sells their original line of products normally only sold onboard. At the moment, a limited edition tote bag is on sale, commemorating their move to terminal 3 at Narita Airport. Please leave a little time to shop in terminal 3, too.


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