10 Food Souvenirs You Can Only Buy in Osaka

Are you planning a trip to Osaka? Here are the top 10 recommended food souvenirs from this popular tourist city!

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1. Kuidaore Taro Pudding

Guess what's inside this lovely packaging.

There are three packs of pudding inside of the box as well as caramel sauce and crushed caramel. When you add the caramel to the pudding it tastes like creme brulee! 


The lovely packaging design comes from this doll, which is known nationwide as one of the symbols of Osaka. He was the mascot of one of the restaurants in Dotonbori, and many tourists took photos with him. However, he's no longer there because the restaurant closed down. It still reminds people of Osaka though, so there are many goods with his likeness at souvenir shops. 

2. Jagariko Takoyaki Flavor

Have you tried one of Osaka's most famous dishes, takoyaki? In the Kansai area, there are many snacks made with takoyaki flavor. Jagariko is a popular snack food, similar to potato chips but in stick form. Many foreign people love the taste of takoyaki, especially the sauce used on it, so maybe takoyaki Jagariko would be a good souvenir for your friends! 

Jagariko Web

3. Gozasoro


Gozasoro is a pancake filled with anko.

Anko (Sweet bean paste) wikipedia

There are two kinds of anko, red and white. You can watch them make the snack. If you like anko, you should try this snack, especially when they're freshly made!

4. Nikuman from 551 HORAI

Nikuman, which are steamed buns with a filling usually made of meat, are available in convenience stores all over Japan, but the one from 551 Horai is known for being especially delicious. Many people who have business trips to Osaka go out of their way to buy it.

5. Niku Miso from the Yakiniku Tamura Series

Niku miso is miso that has meat inside. It goes really well with white steamed rice or even just with beer. 

This niku miso is produced by a famous barbecue restaurant in Osaka, Takiniku Tamura. Yakiniku Tamura's owner is a famous comedian named Kenji Tamura. 

 6. Curry from the Yakiniku Tamura Series

Yakiniku Tamura also produces pre-made curry to be made at home. As Yakiniku Tamura is a barbecue restaurant, this curry contains delicious beef.

7. Omoshiroi Koibito


This souvenir has a story. Omoshiroi Koibito (meaning "funny lover") is an imitation of Hokkaido's famous souvenir “Shiroi Koibito” (meaning "white lover"). As people in Osaka love joking around, they launched this new product, which is obviously an imitation of Shiroi Koibito.  


(Photo: Shiroi Koibito from Hokkaido)

It made people in Hokkaido very angry because they thought Osaka was just making fun of Hokkaido. However, they have forgiven them and are now peaceful.

This is Omoshiroi Koibito. It is a waffle cookie filled with cream. The cream tastes like mitarashi dango, a traditional Japanese sweet.


This is mitarashi dango.

Mitarashi dango (wikipedia)

8. Donbee


Donbee is a popular cup noodle made by Nisshin. If you have ever been to Tokyo, you're probably thinking that you have already seen this product in Tokyo convenience stores. Yes, Donbee is available all over the country but they change the soup depending on the region! The soup used in western and eastern Japan are very different, and it often happens that people from Osaka complain about the soup when they try it for the first time in Tokyo. Osaka soup is sweeter and milder while Tokyo's is saltier. Which do you prefer?

Donbee official homepage (Japanese)

9. Calbee Potato Chips Kansai Dashi Shoyu

Calbee potato chips are very popular in Japan because of the wide variety of flavors they offer. These chips with Kansai dashi shoyu is one you should definitely try. "Kansai dashi shoyu" is soy sauce made with dashi (fish broth) from Kansai. The dashi taste definitely stands out!

10. Onigiri Senbei

Onigiri senbei are rice crackers in the shape of onigiri rice balls. It tastes like soy sauce and is toasted lightly. It tastes exactly like onigiri! 


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