10 Japanese beauty appliances that can be used worldwide

These are ten of Japan's most recommended beauty appliances. All of them support AC wattage of 100V-240V so you can use them anywhere as long as you have a proper converter. You can use them without worry since you don't need a transformer.

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1. Warm beauty roller

With just this one product, you can easily care for your face and body.
You can change the roller between one that gently pinches the skin and one that just rubs it, so you can choose your personal preference. You can also choose the heat level between low (around 44℃) and high (around 48℃). After waiting around 2 minutes for the roller to heat up, all you have to do is slowly and gently move the roller on your preferred areas. Isn't it easy? Won't you try opening your own simple salon at home?


Maker  Panasonic
Product number  EH-SP31


2. Day Moisture Nanocare

The Nanocare is a beauty care item that keeps your hair and skin moist just with the switch of a button. Panasonic's atomized water particles, "nanoe," are gently acidic on hair and skin, so it protects the skin from losing its moisture and helps tighten hair cuticles. You can also power it by using a USB port on your computer, so it's easy to use even in the office. It collects the water from the air's moisture so there's no need to replenish it.


 Maker  Panasonic
 Product number  EM-SN10


3. Scalp Beauty Care (Salon Touch Type) 

This product was developed after studying the hand techniques of the pros. It has four types of brushes that each have their special movement, so the feeling is like that of a head spa treatment at the salon. On a full charge you can use it for a week (7 times), so if you're going on a trip, you can bring it with you and easily use it while you're away without recharging.

Maker  Panasonic
Product number  EH-HE95



4. Eye Beauty Care

If you put it on your eyes as you lie down, warm steam will moisturize the skin around your eyes and the strong rhythm will take care of the tiredness of your skin. It has a cordless charger, so outside of your office or home, you can use it in places like an airplane where you'll be traveling over long distances.


 Maker  Panasonic
 Product number  EH-SW02 



5. HadaCrie Hot and Cool

This one product handles cleansing, moisturizing, and pore minimizing. On cleansing mode, it uses electric properties to instantly remove the dirty inside one's pores. Micro patting mode pats the skin down, while moisturizing mode steadily moisturizes the skin. And finally it finishes up with cool esthetic mode. If you put the cool head of the product directly against the skin, your pores will tighten instantly. It's one of the most popular products among Chinese tourists to Japan.


 Product number  CM-N10000UF



6. Hikari Roller

As you slowly run it over every part of your face 5-10 times, just by rolling it for 10 minutes you've exercised your facial muscles and also got rid of the dirt that normal cleansing doesn't remove! You can use it over a face mask, so it's an excellent product that helps the moisturizing ingredients of the mask penetrate the skin better to moisturize more thoroughly. It's a compact size that is easy to carry, so you can easily experience a satisfying full esthetic course anywhere at any time.


 Maker  Japan GALS 
 Product number  HS-8994



7. Diamond Spot Beau

This one product cares for the skin by peeling and removing blackheads. The peeling head is coated with artificial diamond, so it removes the old keratin layer in order to make skin soft. The blackhead removing head removes them by sucking up the dirt.


 Maker  Japan GALS
 Product number  JD-6877



8. Beauty Bar

This product will transform your skin by harnessing the double power of vibration (6000 times per minute) and pure gold ions that will fill your skin with moisture. Since it's waterproof, you can even use it in the bath!

At the big electronics store Bikkuro (Bic Camer's Shinjuku East Exit store), there is a popular home beauty appliance section for foreign tourists. Since Chinese tourists often shop at Bikkuro, there are Chinese language instruction manuals available at the checkout counters for free.

Please enjoy shopping for this and other home beauty appliances.


Maker MC Biken
Product number N/A


9. Ion Cleansing


With this one product you can remove impurities from your skin and increase the amount of permeation of your moisturizer. Incredibly, the ion cleansing is done in just 3 minutes! If it's only 3 minutes, even people who find it bothersome can easily continue a routine.


 Maker  TESCOM   
 Product number  TE200


10.New Ion + Lotion Set 

This one product can be used for cleansing and treatment. Since it's already filled with a beauty product, you can use it immediately. The vitamin C fluid helps to get rid of dark spots and keep one's complexion clear. Of course, you can also use your preferred moisturizer or other beauty liquid with it as well.


 Maker  Japan GALS 
 Product number  JI-7416


If you are interested in purchasing any of these products or learning more about information, you may find this website useful: 


 It's a Japanese website, so if you're also interested in learning Japanese, it might be a good study challenge!


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