11 Recommended Japanese Lingerie Brands to Buy in Japan

Japanese underwear might have a rather plain image, but lately there have been an increase in designs that are more fashionable. Plus most brands are reasonably priced for good quality, making it easy to buy items that will last a long time. Famous Japanese underwear companies like World Co. and Triumph create various brands that are gaining wide popularity. Here are 11 women's underwear brands popular in Japan today.

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Japanese brands have a rather conservative image, but lately thanks to international influence many brands have created decorative, sexy designs. Also, there are many products that are made for comfort and/or function, so you'll have a hard time choosing which ones to buy. There are many brands popular among young people that have reasonable prices, but there are also high-class brands as well. The detailed Japanese designs have become popular internationally as well but please double-check the sizes before buying. Most shops allow you to try them on, so it would be best if you go in person before buying.

1. Wacoal (ワコール)

Wacoal is one of Japan's most well-known underwear brands. They develop other apparel brands as well, so they don't sell just underwear. They have underwear of all price ranges, so it can be said that every woman in Japan owns something from Wacoal. They offer products such as minimizing bras and cleavage-creating bras so that all women can find something for their problem areas. You can find Wacoal at any department store.

2.Triumph (トリンプ)

This is another one of Japan's most well-known underwear brands. It's the 2nd best-selling underwear brand in Japan, including international brands. Triumph offers underwear at all price points, and many of their products like the "Tenshi no Bra" (Angel Bra), "Koi Suru Bra" (Fall in Love Bra), and the "T-Shirt Bra" are all mega-hits. It's not just their design, but also their wearability and high quality materials makes them a popular brand both in Japan and overseas. It's said that wearing a Triumph bra makes one feel secure. You can find their products in Triumph stores, department stores, and shopping malls.

3. AMO'S STYLE (アモスタイル)

Amo's Style is a popular brand that's produced by Triumph. They have many underwear sets between 3000-4000 yen, making it a very popular brand among people in their teens and 20s. They have many cute designs in pastel colors with very feminine touches, so it's very popular among Japanese women. There are many stores outside of the big shopping areas so it's very easy to find. If you want to try wearing underwear that's very fashionably Japanese, this is definitely a brand to check out.

4. AMPHI (アンフィ)

Amphi is a brand that's produced by Wacoal. Amphi offers sets for around 4000-5000 yen, making it a comparatively reasonable brand and lately the number of shops carrying it has increased. There are many cute products, but there are also more mature designs compared to a brand like Amo's Style. Amphi also keeps quality in mind, so they have product lines that are easy to wear everyday as well as select brands and original labels. All of those brands and lines offer different concepts, so you can easily find whatever you're looking for.

5. PEACH JOHN (ピーチ・ジョン)

One of Japan's most popular underwear brands right now is Peach John. Peach John has many colorful, cute designs as well as sexy designs, and that's a big contributing factor to its popularity among young women. All of their store interiors are decorated in pink, white, and black, and they always smell sweet. It can be said that this is the Victoria's Secret of Japan. Lately, they have been keeping up with the trends and releasing apparel as well as underwear. Peach John's models are all top Japanese models who walk in fashion shows such as Tokyo Girls' Collection. The number of products on offer is vast, and even if you can't go to a physical store, you can order from their catalog.

6. Ravijour (ラヴィジュール)

You could say that this is Peach John's lingerie older sister. All of their underwear is very feminine. Many of their designs are meant to create cleavage, and their panties are also very sexy. It's said that Peach John is well-received by women while Ravijour is well-received by men. The models used are often sexy and tanned, and they're usually styled in gyaru fashion. They offer many original designs that tickle young women's hearts. They have sets for about 5000 yen, and often this brand is used as what is known as "shoubu shitagi," underwear that you wear when you're aiming for a win. They also have swimsuits.

7. Absorle (アブソール)

This brand was originally a mail-order brand, and it's very popular among teenagers because you can get sets for around 2000 yen. It's very popular among young women who want to wear more mature underwear. They have shapewear, garter belts, slips, and other such items at reasonable prices. They offer quite a few flashy and sexy underwear pieces. There is only one physical store in Osaka's Opa building in Umeda, so if you get a chance to go to Osaka, definitely stop in.

8. Risa Magli (リサマリ)

This is a brand from Japanese apparel company, World Co. Originally the stores were only in the Kansai area, but recently they opened stores in Shinjuku and Marunouchi in Tokyo as well. They make a lot of cute underwear in white, pink, and light blue and ample amounts of lace and frills. They have sets for about 4000 yen, making it a rather accessible brand. If you want to get underwear that is so adorable that you can't really find similar overseas, this is the one to check out.

9. Salute (サルート)

Salute is World Co.'s high-end brand. The vivid colors and high-quality designs are reminiscent of international brands, which makes it a brand that women covet. It isn't an exaggeration to say that you'll immediately find the underwear for you if you enter the store. More pieces are more than 10,000 yen, but depending on the design, there are some that reach 20,000 yen. You may want to wear it every day, but at the same time, you should have one that's just your shoubu shitagi. Since you're going out of your way to buy an expensive piece from Salute, you should think about getting a colorful design. It's a brand that will allow you to enjoy the thrill of being secretly fashionable in a way that no one sees.

10. Tuche (トゥシェ)

Tuche is a brand created by the underwear company Gunze Limited, produced by the celebrity Uno Kanda. The designs are monotone and simple in order to show off the beauty of women's bodies. These are high-quality underwear that fashionable women can wear every day. Also, since they're made to be very comfortable for everyday wear, most of the products are white, beige, or black.

11. Uniqlo (ユニクロ)

Uniqlo, one of Japan's most famous apparel brands, also makes underwear. Their products are so popular due to their comfort that it's said that if you try them once they'll become required for your daily life. There are different lines for different seasons, and that combined with Uniqlo's prices makes it very easy to try. If you try their wireless bras and their bra tops just once, you'll never want to wear another regular bra again. Their simple designs are classic and never go out of style. If you go to Uniqlo, definitely check out the underwear section.


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