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Japan has a lot of drugstores. They’re just like your regular pharmacy stores, but branched out from the usual products like pain killers to cosmetics, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. The larger the store, the larger their cosmetic shelves will be. Why not try or buy a souvenir following this brief guide? Here I present 15 must buy Japanese cosmetic brands.

1. Canmake

Canmake is everywhere, and is cheap. You can buy an eye shadow for 600 yen! The quality is good, considering its price. Official site here.

2. Daiso

Daiso is an all 100 yen store, meaning all the products sold in the store are 100 yen (tax excluded). Cosmetics from Daiso (especially Elfa pearl eye shadow) have a high reputation on the Japanese cosmetic review site, @cosme. Official site here.

3. Can★Do

Can★Do is also a all 100 yen store, and also has a high reputation at @cosmeOfficial site here.

4. Cezanne

Cezanne is a cosmetic brand widely seen in drug stores. Their products are meant for every day, but are high in quality and low in price. This is true to this day. Official site here.

5. Coffret D’or

Coffret D’or is famous for using widely-known actresses such as Satomi Ishihara, Masami Nagahara, Hiromi Nagasaku and so on. Their make-up is perfect for every day use. Official site here.


KATE isn’t exactly for every day make up, but more so when you’re going out on the weekends, or for when you’re feeling daring. But you can of course use it whenever you want. Official site here.


Majolica Majorca is fun just looking through the official site. Every product has a short back story, often themed with fantasy and delight. Products aren’t that expensive, so that’s nice too! Official site here. 

8. Hada Labo

Hada Labo is a brand of toners and beauty lotions. It is especially famous for its product Goku-jun, as shown above. Official site here.

9. Tsubaki Oil, Ooshima Tsubaki

This is a little pricey, but definitely worth the money. Tsubaki oil is camellia oil. Ooshima tsubaki’s oil is 100% camellia, making your damaged hair luscious and fine. Official site here.

10. Mujirushi Products

Mujirushi products’s cosmetics may not that be decorative, but they are effective. Their skin toners and hohoba oil are highly recommended. Official site here.

11. Abura Tori Gami,Yojiya

Abura torigami means oil absorbing paper. You can absorb your face oil without messing up your make up. Official site here.

12. Kotoshina

Kotoshina is an all organic skin care line originating from Kyoto. All products include green tea elements. Recommended for those with sensitive skin. Official site here.

13. MAQuillAGE

Cedric Meleard/Flickr

MAQuillAGe products have vibrant colors and beautiful packaging. May be a little pricey compared to the brands above, but worth your money! Official site here.


I’m sure everyone has heard of this brand at least once. It is worth the fame. I personally love their eye lash curler. Official site here.

15. SK-Ⅱ

SK-Ⅱ is an anti-aging line of products especially famous for its skin toners. It is very expensive, but continued use produces dramatic results. Official site here.


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