12 Japanese Lingerie Brands You Need To Check Out

Japan fashion is famous around the world, but your choices are not only limited to clothes and shoes! Have you ever taken a look at Japanese lingerie? From cute, feminine designs to modern functionality, the world of Japanese lingerie is just as diverse and forward-thinking as the wider Japanese fashion scene. Here are 12 Japanese lingerie brands you should check out!

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1. Wing


High quality lingerie and inner wear delivered with a reasonable price, with their bras from 3000 yen. It's toned down with the frills, lace and color, so it's suitable for work and school. Official site in Japanese here.

2. une nana cool



準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia/Flickr

une nana cool has adorable lingerie, pajamas and inner wear with a very reasonable price, bras starting from 3000 yen. These pieces are a classic example of playful Japanese fashion, with iron-on emblems, stars, birds, hearts, and on you can use to customize your bra. You can iron them on your product by yourself at home, or have it done for you by the shop clerks on the spot. The emblems are cheap, cute and comes with variety. Official site in Japanese here.

3. tsumori chisato bit



For those who aren't familiar, tsumori chisato is a Japanese fashion brand made by the designer Chisato Tsumori. Her designs are unique, abundant in color, and fun to wear and carry. tsumori chisato bit offers lingerie and sleepwear with the tsumori chisato touch! Official site in Japanese here.

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4. Megami no Himitsu (女神のヒミツ)


Megami no Himitsu, which means the secret of the Venus, offers comfortable and chic lingerie, with bra prices starting from 5000 yen. Their colorful and lacy bras fit perfectly and even creates a cleavage. Official site here in Japanese.

5. Ookina Mune wo Chiisaku Miseru Bra (大きな胸を小さく見せるブラ)


The brand name, Ookina Mune wo Chiisaku Miseru Bra, means the bra that makes large breasts look smaller. Finding bras over the size of F in Japanese lingerie stores are hard. You have to either buy bras of boring designs, or very expensive imported lingerie. And if you have large breasts, it stretches your shirt out, which is very annoying. This brand was made from the cries of the bustier woman. Bras come in 6000 yen, and have many cute designs. Hallelujah! Official site in Japanese here.

6. L'ge. 


L'ge. offers lingerie for adult women who still have the princess feeling in their hearts. Their lingerie is not over sexy, but has a touch of cute suitable for adult women. Bra price start from 7000 yen. They also have bras over G cup. Official site in Japanese here.

7. Studio Five

Studio Five offers high end, high quality sexy lingerie. Every lingerie is so beautiful in texture, design and color. Bra prices start from 9000 yen. Also offers bras over G cup and other hard-to-find measurements. Official site in Japanese here.

8. Trefle

Trefle is a Japanese lingerie brand made with the highest quality, creating a sense of luxury. Each piece has a theme, and is made with extreme care. Bra prices start from 15,000 yen. Official site in Japanese here.

9. Triumph


Triumph offers everyday bras and sexy lingerie for fun bedtimes. Everyday bras come in basic simple colors and designs to toned down but beautiful designs and colors. Bra prices start from 3000 yen. Official site in Japanese here.

10. Amo's Style

Amo's Style offers lingerie bursting with frill, colors, lace and fun. Even with their basic bras, they never forget to spice it up with cuteness. Bra prices start from 4000 yen. Official site in Japanese here.

11. sloggi


Don't have a particular interest in lingerie? Yeah, they're beautiful to the eyes but most bras aren't exactly comfortable for everyday wear. And the lace always shows through your shirt. sloggi offers a wireless, seamless bra for those who just want a bra that's functional. It doesn't hug too tightly and is extremely comfortable, almost like you're not even wearing a bra! Official site in Japanese here.

12. Peach John

Peach John started off as a mail-order business, and quickly expanded to their own shops. You can buy their catelogues at book stores or convenience stores to check out what they offer. Products start from lingerie, sleep wear, to furniture and cosmetics. Official site in Japanese here.

Shopping for Japanese Lingerie

We hope this guide to shopping for Japanese lingerie was useful! For more about Japanese lingerie, we've also rounded up 11 Recommended Japanese Lingerie Brands to Buy in Japan!

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