7 Places Where You Can Find and Buy Japanese Makeup in Japan

Are Japanese cosmetics on your Japan shopping list? There are all kinds of cosmetics stores in Japan, and with so many fun and fashionable makeup products available, makeup lovers are spoilt for choice. There are actually many different places in Japan where you can buy makeup in Japan, so if you're at a lost for where to look, check out the following options!

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From expensive brands like Shiseido and cheap brands like CanMake, everybody loves Japanese makeup. But where to buy them? Here are 7 places where you can buy your Japanese makeup while you're here. 

1. Ainz & Tulpe

Ainz & Tulpe is my favorite place to buy my cosmetics. Their store has everything - from perfume, to bath scrubs, and, of course, makeup! Their store doesn't have a lot of store clerks, so you can take your time to choose and inspect your products. A very high recommendation. 

Japanese Homepage: https://ainz-tulpe.jp/

2. Don Quijote (Donki)

Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ)'s motto is to sell at the cheapest price. Here, you can buy your beauty products for a cheap price. But be aware, you should have in mind what you want, or else you can get lost. They have their products lined up to the ceiling (I am not joking). 

English Homepage: https://www.donki.com/en/?pre=le

You can also get great discounts on makeup at Don Quijote with this coupon!

3. Drug Stores

In Japan, drug stores sell not only medicine, but cosmetics too. In whatever drug store you go into, you will probably find a cosmetic corner. Here are 2 famous drug stores.

Takkitakitaki/Wikimedia Commons

Seijo (セイジョー) is a drug store that sells everyday toiletries, pharmacy drugs and also cosmetics. They mostly have cheap brands, like CanMake or Integrate. It depends on the store size whether they have more. The plus side is, you can find their stores mostly anywhere in Tokyo.  

Japanese Homepage: https://www.cocokarafine.co.jp/top/CSfCustomerTop.jsp

ITA-ATU/Wikimedia Commons

Matsumoto Kiyoshi (マツモトキヨシ), compared to Seijo, sells a wider range of cosmetic brands. It may be harder to find than Seijo, but if you're in a busier place like Shibuya or Ikebukuro, you'll definitely find one of their stores.

Japanese Homepage: http://www.matsukiyo.co.jp/

If you're in Sapporo, be sure to also buy makeup at SATUDORA with this discount coupon!

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4. Department Stores

Rs1421/Wikimedia Commons

Department stores like Mitsukoshi, Marui or Tokyu will certainly have a whole floor dedicated to cosmetics. They will have high-end brands such as Shiseido, SK-II, Anna Sui and so on. They have store clerks that are specialized in makeup, so you can ask them questions, or be tested for the best makeup for your skin tone, and so on. The products here are much more expensive than all the options above, but you will have quality shopping time.

5. Duty-free Shops

663highland/Wikimedia Commons

Since duty-free shops are free of tax, their places are relatively cheaper than if you bought from other stores. They have high-end brands too. They are mostly located in airports, or large cities. If the shop is duty-free, there will usually be signs in the store.

6. The Internet


The internet is a great shopping place if you know what you want. I use Amazon because they're not sketchy with their deals, and ship fast and cheaply. If you shop somewhere else, be sure the stores are reliable. 

7. @cosme Store


@cosme (official site here in Japanese) is a Japanese information site on cosmetics and beauty products. They have discussion boards, information, and rankings based on costumer evaluationThese rankings are a great way to decide what kind of eye liner to buy when you have 20 or so options. At @cosme store, you can directly buy these products that are in the ranking. 

Japanese Homepage: http://cosmestore.net/

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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