11 Best and Affordable Skincare Products to Buy in Japan

You can easily find good quality skincare products at drugstores and convenience stores in Japan. Despite most of them being less than 1,000 yen, they've gained a lot of attention due to being cheap but good. These items are popular not just among Japanese people, but also are often bought by travelers as souvenirs. So, if you’re wondering what skincare products you should buy while in Japan, check this article out.

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Japanese cosmetics are very popular with overseas travelers. Drugstores are filled with so many products that it makes choosing an item difficult. Japanese products are such good quality that even though they're cheap, many Japanese people choose domestic drugstore products over international brands. There are an abundance of products that made without fragrance, without artificial colors, paraben-free, etc. so that everyone can find something that they can use. While new products go on sale every day, these are 11 recommended products that people of all ages can use.

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1. Perfect Whip (パーフェクトホイップ)

This face wash is lathers up into a soft foam. The rich foam will surprise you with its power of elasticity, and if you use it just once you'll be taken captive by it. While it removes sebum and leaves you refreshed, it does not dry your skin out. The faint, fresh fragrance rests over your entire face once you use it. You can buy it in every drugstore in Japan and it's a very popular face wash from one of Japan's representative cosmetics companies, Shiseido.

2. Shirojun Bihaku Biyoueki Keshousui (白潤 美白美容液化粧水)

This moisturizer is from Hadalabo, a brand so popular they usually have a specific corner in drugstores dedicated to it. It's thick but made with gentle ingredients to keep the moisture in one's skin so it's recommended for people with sensitive skin. It firmly penetrates skin so that dry areas can retain moisture. It also has correction ingredients so it helps prevent hyperpigmentation, making it a popular moisturizer that straddles generations. There is a refreshing type and a mellow type so you can use the one that fits your skin best depending on the season.

3. Chifure Moisturizer (ちふれ 化粧水)

Chifure is a brand that has been produced in Japan for more than 50 years. A pioneer in the drugstore cosmetics brand, the founder created it with the desire for a high quality low price product. The moisturizer is thick and steadily permeates the skin. It's alcohol free, fragrance free, and has no artificial coloring so that you can use it with complete peace of mind. It's recommended for people who have sensitive skin and who are worried about dryness. Chifure's other products such as their face milk, moisturizing cream, and skin correction liquid are other very popular products, and if you use different products from the brand together you will definitely see results.

4.Rosette Cleansing Paste Ocean Mud Smooth(ロゼット 洗顔パスタ 海沼スムース)

It's called a paste because it's a powder that's been kneaded into a thin dough-like paste. This paste cleanly removes old keratin. It makes skin smoother and makes it to put makeup on. It's free of fragrance, artificial coloring, and mineral oil, so it's very gentle on skin. It's been a beloved cream face wash in Japan since 1929 .

5. Nameraka Honpo Shittori Keshousui NA (なめらか本舗 しっとり化粧水NA)

This moisturizer feels smooth and glides easily on skin. Because it goes on lightly, you can layer on as much as you'd like depending on how you feel. It's gentle on skin and uses soy milk isoflavones that are effective on hyperpigmentation so many beauty product addicts use it. In Japan, soy beans have been an important part of the beauty world since ancient times. Lately, they've been used in cosmetics, food, drinks, and other products so that their use is now trendy.

6.Muji Ryouhin High Moisture Type Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin (無印良品 化粧水 敏感肌用 高保湿タイプ)

This is a moisturizer from popular brand Muji Ryouhin. It's of such quality that it compares to products from high end brands. You can buy them in Japanese convenience stores, making it a very easy to get product. It isn't sticky and is very refreshing so you can pat it onto your face or pour it onto a cotton pad and firmly wipe it on your skin. It was awarded number one in moisturizers in Japanese cosmetics website @cosme's book.

7.Biore Make-up Remover Perfect Oil (ビオレ メイク落とし パーフェクトオイル)

If you wet your face and hands with this make-up remover, it will easily remove makeup from your pores, even mascara from your lashes. Even though it's an oil, it's not sticky and feels smooth. It can also remove very thick makeup. Biore uses ingredients with weak acidity that are safe enough to use on a baby, so its gentleness makes it a major brand among young people.

8.Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing (クレンジングリサーチ ウォッシュクレンジング) 

This face wash from AHA massages the enzymes to help blood circulation, leading to a cleaner wash because it makes it easier to remove dirt from deep within pores. It removes dullness thanks to old keratin, blackheads, acne, and dirty pores to help your skin look bright. While it has scrubbing beads for amplified cleaning, it also has moisturizing properties so that it is gentle enough even for people who are susceptible to hurting their sensitive skin with regular scrubs.

9. Face Mask Shiroi no LuLuLun (フェイスマスク 白のルルルン)

This face mask is so popular it's sold more than 1,000,000 sheets. It permeates easily through skin to make your skin soft. There are 42 sheets in one box, making each sheet about 38 yen - a very good deal. In the past, it was a cream type that would dry and you would then pull it off but now this large package of sheet masks that are easy to use and won't hurt your skin is more in fashion. Sheet masks were popularized through Korean skincare brands, but recently many Japanese brands are developing and selling their own original versions.

10.Gokujun Koigokujun Perfect Gel (極潤 濃極潤 パーフェクトゲル)

This all-in-one skincare product is very popular with busy working women and housewives. If you use this single product, it works as a moisturizer, essence, face milk, face cream, and a face pack, so it's very economical. Since it's a gel, it firmly permeates the skin to continue moisturizing it. It's recommended for people who want to properly moisturize their faces in a short amount of time such as before you put your makeup on in the morning or before you go to bed. This is another product from popular brand Hadalabo.

11. Eu de Muge Medicinal Lotion (オードムーゲ薬用ローション)

Eu de Muge is an acne care brand that has been loved in Japan for more than 50 years. This is a face lotion that you wipe off; it's meant to kill bacteria to preserve cleanliness and helps with acne and dry skin. It doesn't just help fix your skin, it can also be used as to remove any remaining makeup after washing and to remove old keratin. Recently they have begun to sell a face wash and face cream as well, so this brand is recommended for people who worry about their acne. You can find it in almost every drugstore, just look for the conspicuous green packaging.

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