24 Souvenirs to Buy at Kansai Airport in 2023

Wondering what to buy in Kansai Airport before leaving Japan? We’ve got you covered! Kansai Airport is located in Osaka and is one of the Kansai region’s main airports, so it’s naturally full of shops offering travelers a last chance to snap up Japanese souvenirs. From delicious treats like Royce Chocolate and limited-edition Kit Kats to traditional crafts like Tango Chirimen fabrics and more, Kansai Airport is a shopper’s paradise! Read on for our list of essential souvenirs and shops to check out at Kansai Airport while waiting for your flight!

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 Note: These items are selected as must-buy "Japanese" souvenirs of your trip to Kansai region, although some of them are also available at other airports.

1. Kit Kat

RovingPhotogZA / Shutterstock.com

Kit Kats are popular souvenirs from Japan. There are so many varieties of colors and flavors, include some rather unique ones. It’s the Japanese passion for novelties. Nestle Japan started to make their own flavors from around 2000, and the total number of flavors they released is over 100, including local variations. Have a break, have a Kit Kat! You can find them at many souvenir shops, such as the ANA FESTA (T1, 2F) or BLUE SKY (T1, after control).

2. Pocky

'UJI MATCHA (green tea)', 'SHINSHU KYOHO (grapes)', and 'YUBARI MELON' are 3 regional variations of Giant Pocky now sold at some airports. Pocky is a famous Japanese snack which is sold abroad under the name of 'MICADO' or '百奇'. It costs 1000 yen for a box of 18 sticks. You can find them at the Glicoya shop at NAGOMI (T1, after control) where other famous Glico products such as Collon are sold, too.

3. Jaga Pokkuru

yu_photo / Shutterstock.com

Jaga Pokkuru is a crispy snack made of unpeeled potatoes and salt from Hokkaido, with a similar appearance and flavor to French Fries. While only available in at a few airports (other than shops in Hokkaido or its online shop), it’s a very popular snack among foreign visitors. It’s great to be able to buy Hokkaido products without visiting there. You can find them at ANA FESTA (T1, 2F)/ BLUE SKY (T1, after control), and other stores.

4. Matcha Sweets

Konstantin Leonov/Flickr

Matcha is green tea powder which on its own tastes rather bitter, but goes incredibly well with sweets. As a result, you can find a variety of confectionary flavored with Matcha at convenience stores and souvenir shops at a wide range of prices to suit your tastes.

5. Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人)

A famous souvenir from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Shiroi Koibito is a sandwich of white, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate melt surrounded by crispy cookie. Most of the ingredients are made in Hokkaido, especially the dairy products and sugar. It’s much loved by Asian tourists in particular, maybe because of its taste or famed Hokkaido origin. You can buy them at Kansai Airport at the souvenir shops such as ANA FESTA (T1, 2F) and BLUE SKY (T1, after control).


ROYCE is renowned confectioner from Sapporo which has branches abroad, including in Asia. ROYCE is made with Hokkaido's high quality dairy products, including fresh cream. If you're planning to get some for your friends, why not treat yourself as well to some of these delicious chocolates. You can find them before control at ANA FESTA (T1, 2F), Applause (T2) and IODORI (T2), and at ANA FESTA (T1), BLUE SKY, YOROZU (T1), MIYABI (T1) and NAGOMI (T1) after control.

7. Otabe(おたべ)

A famous Kyoto souvenir called nama yatsuhashi which is made of red bean paste sandwiched between unbaked rice cakes with a cinnamon flavor. To answer consumer demand, the maker developed several kinds of Otabe sweets. There are limited edition version, such as the honey lemon gelee, which is sold until the end of August and is best served cold, and the chocoan, where the sweet bean paste is mixed with chocolate, which is available until the end of September. It is sold in several souvenir shops such as ANA FESTA and BLUE SKY.

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8. Dorayaki(どら焼き)

Dorayaki is a popular sweet not only in Japan but in Asian countries, too. Loved by Doraemon, the famous anime character, dorayaki often appears in the stories. The original recipe is sweet red bean paste sandwiched between layers of soft pancake. Sold at several confectionary stores such as Kichoan (源吉兆庵; T1, 3F), and in the departure area at MIYABI and YOROZU (T1, 3F).

9. Japanese Tea

If you're a fan of Japanese tea, why not buy some that comes in a beautiful container? Apparently, you can even buy one in container painted in the pattern of a maiko. If you are not sure how to make Japanese tea, the ready to drink green tea powder or tea bags are a simple solution. You can find these at the FUKUJUEN tea shop (T1, 3F) or at convenience stores at the airport.

10. Sweetened Umeboshi - Hachimitsu Ume


Some people might dislike umeboshi, or salted, pickled plums, for its salty or sour taste, but this umeboshi has a very different taste worth trying. Hachimitsu ume is a kind of umeboshi soaked in honey, and made of a top quality plum called nankobai. Good for tea time. Sold at GOSANKE (T1, 3F) and WAKAYAMA KISHUKAN (Aeroplaza 2F). Note: it sounds strange but umeboshi is considered to be within the liquid carry-on baggage restrictions sometimes. You can also buy them individually for about 100 yen. Don’t forget to put them through the security check.

11. Lucky Charm

Maneki-neko and daruma are lucky charms that are popular with foreign visitors. It is said that Maneki-neko with its left paw upright will beckon good connections, and with its right paw will bring in money. Sold in many shops specialized in crafts, such as the KYOTO CRAFT MART (T1, 3F), SATSUMAYA OKUTANI (T1 3F), TACHIKICHI (T1 3F) and Kyoumeibutzu norenkai (Aeroplaza 2F).

12. Hand Towel(手ぬぐい)

Light, compact, handy, and with almost endless variations in patterns. These hand towel made of cotton make a perfect souvenir. Have you got one already? If so, why not go for one more? Patterns vary with the seasons. It will make a nice interior item to remind you the seasons. Sold in craft shops, such as KYOTO CRAFT MART (T1, 3F), SATSUMAYA OKUTANI (T1 3F), TACHIKICHI (T1 3F) and Kyoumeibutzu norenkai (Aeroplaza 2F).

13. Crape works(ちりめん細工)


Chirimen crape is silk cloth and one of special products in Kyoto. Hand crafts made of chirimen are also another good choice. Some are in the shape of clasped purses or bags, others are small crafts like dolls. They surely are "kawaii". You can find them at craft shops such as KYOTO CRAFT MART (T1, 3F), SATSUMAYA OKUTANI (T1, 3F), TACHIKICHI (T1, 3F) and Kyoumeibutzu norenkai (Aeroplaza 2F).

14. Kiriko - Cut Glassware

How about bringing some beautiful glassware back for your night cap? Kirikos are cut glass products mainly manufactured in Edo (Tokyo) and Satsuma (Kagoshima). Originally imported from western countries, it has developed into another national art. They sparkle under the daylight or the room light. Why not treat you and your beloved ones to one of these beautiful glasses? Sold at TACHIKICHI (T1, 3F) and other stores.

15. Hello Kitty Items

enchanted_fairy / Shutterstock.com

Hello Kitty is a favorite with girls and women worldwide. She appears everywhere in various styles, and you can find her at Kansai Airport in Japan, too. So cute in the kimono! From small key-holders to rather expensive dolls, why not have a look for one to bring home with you? Sold at MIYABI (T1, after control) and other stores.

16. Pokemon Original Items

Windyboy / Shutterstock.com

Pokemon is other favorite anime characters worldwide. At some airports you can find Pokemon Stores, where limited edition toys and presents specific to those airports are sold. Pokemon goods come in a wide variety of forms. It is said that there are more than 200,000 items sold in Japan only. Your collection will be far from perfect. You can find them at the Pokemon Store (T1, 2F).

17. Starbucks Tumblers & Mugs

retirementbonus / Shutterstock.com

Starbucks tumblers and mugs are a very popular souvenir worldwide. You have four shops (3 in T1) including one at the departure area at Kansai Airport and there are collectables from Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Japan. Some shops also sell collectables for other cities as well.

18. *Closed THE AIRPORT STORE UNITED ARROWS Limited Editions

THE AIRPORT STORE UNITED ARROWS (T1, 3F) is celebrating its 5th anniversary. One of the commemorative products is a tote bag (4320 yen incl. tax) of ‘GNUOYP’, a Japanese bag manufacture. Other than that, they sell clothes and products suitable for trips, or special airport limited edition products.

19. Electronic appliances


If you are interested in electronics, the places to shop around are LAOX (T1, 3F) or YOROZU (T1, departure area). Though rice cookers and heating toilet seats seem to be popular, more handy gadgets like USB memory sticks in unique shapes are another option for souvenirs. How about a small electric fan for your office desk?

20. Senshu Towels


When you are asked for Japanese towel brands, it might be Imabari towels which come to mind first. Senshu, where Kansai Airport is located, is one of the best manufacturing district of towels with a  history of over 125 years. Produced with great care and skill, their products are good for people with sensitive skin, including babies. If you are interested in soft, highly absorbent towels, you should go to OSAKA SENSHU MARUWAKARIYA (Aeroplaza 2F).

21. KIX Original goods

Takashi Images / Shutterstock.com

For fans of limited edition products or aircraft, we recommend heading to Sky View. It is just a 10-minute ride on the free shuttle bus from terminal 1. The 4th floor is full of Kansai Airport goods. If you don’t have enough time, just pop into the KAB (T1, 2F) or Applause shop (T1, 2F), however items displayed are limited.

HP: www.kix-online.com/ (Japanese Only)

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22. Items in case


If you have been to Japan and visited the drug stores, you would have noticed that something is different from your country. One: you can buy most of medicines without medical prescriptions. Two: they sell a lot of things you might not have seen back at home - such as hot or cold compresses for muscle pains or sprains, and hokkairo pocket warmers to warm you on the chilly winter days. They are all useful indeed.

23. Cosmetic made in Japan


The top 10 on the women’s daily to do list are about beauty. You might have noticed the quality of Japan made products during your stay. Cosmetic items sold in Japan are made from milder ingredients and are less likely to damage your skin. You’ll probably need some skin-care cosmetics after your long flight, so why not visit MINIPLA (T1, 3F) or the drugstores at the airport?

24. Souvenirs on a small budget

If you don’t have much time or much budget, or have no idea what to buy, a good place to go is DAISO (T1, 3F). All the items are only 100 yen (plus tax), and you can find foods, stationery, make-up tools, cosmetics… almost everything. Rumor has it that one of the bestselling items is laundry mesh bag.

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