50 Things to Do in Harajuku

What image do you have when you hear Harajuku? Fashion? Sub-culture? Here are some spots where you can enjoy the many faces of Harajuku culture to the fullest!


Things to Do

21. Kyushu Jangara [Food & Drink]


Right in front of Harajuku Station, Kyushu Jangara opened in 1986 and has been loved by everybody ever since for its traditional, delicious Kyushu tonkotsu ramen. Why not try their superb Kyushu ramen?

Japanese homepage: http://kyushujangara.co.jp/shops/harajuku/

22. Garrett Popcorn Shops [Food & Drink]

There's a line in front of this popular popcorn store every day. Originally developed in Chicago, this brand is now super popular in Japan! They also sell Japan-limited can designs, so check it out.

Japanese homepage: http://jp.garrettpopcorn.com/accessinfo/harajuku

23. Spinns Harajuku [Shopping]

If you want to look for Harajuku-style casual fashion, definitely check out Spinns. They offer a ton of Harajuku-like designs and items from various collaborations, like with Sailor Moon.

Japanese homepage: http://www.spinns.com/shop/harajuku_info/

24. 6% DOKIDOKI [Shopping]

This store's art direction was done by the famous art director, Sebastian Masuda. It is a symbol of the Harajuku style, full of adorable items that will make anyone who walks in excited. It's said that the famous artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu often stops by.

Japanese homepage:http://dokidoki6.com/

25. Togo Shrine [Sightseeing]


The Commander-in-Chief of the combined fleet during the Russo-Japanese War, Heihachirou Togo, is enshrined here. Since the shrine is dedicated to the god of triumphs, Japanese people come here to pray, but many people from around the world also visit. The related charms praying for triumphs or advancement are incredibly popular.
In the spring the cherry blossoms are beautiful, so it's the perfect time to take a walk around the grounds.

Japanese homepage:http://keisukematsushima.tokyo/


The chef, Keisuke Matsushima, creates organic French cuisine in this Michelin-starred restaurant bearing his name. You can have a lovely meal here, as it's located next to the verdant Togo Shrine, and the view of the greenery compliments the meal.

27. On Japan Café [Food & Drink] [Activity]

People who visit Japan from abroad obviously have an interest in Japan, and this café was opened with the desire to have those people learn even more about Japan. Not only is there delicious Japanese food, but you might be able to find some useful or meaningful information there too.

English homepage:http://cafe.onjapan.tokyo/

28.VOLUME [Beauty]

If you go to the trendy Harajuku area, how about getting your hair done in one of their unique salons? VOLUME has a lovely, Japanese-style interior decoration, but it's a beauty salon where local shop keepers and famous reader models get their hair done. Transform yourself completely into a Harajuku-style person by indulging in some of their trusted techniques.

Japanese homepage: http://www.volume.co.jp/

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29. Cat Street [Shopping]

Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr

Cat Street is a street in Harajuku where not only is there fashion, but also art related spots and restaurants. New and old buildings and culture co-exist; some stores are in renovated old buildings. It's also a perfect street to take a stroll on. Enjoy Harajuku culture on Cat Street.

30. Kiddyland [Shopping]

This store is full of popular Japanese representative character goods, beginning with Hello Kitty, making it very popular among foreign tourists. Kiddyland in Harajuku starts in the basement and continues four floors up, making it the best place to indulge in the cutest of Japan's culture of cute!

English homepage:http://www.kiddyland.co.jp/en/index.html

31. ASOKO Harajuku [Shopping]

Philip Cotsford/Flickr

Asoko was created with the concept of "let's enjoy surprises!" and you can discover all sorts of cute and convenient goods at low prices here. There are more than 1000 playful items here, so won't you look for something that will make your daily life more enjoyable here?

Japanese homepage:http://www.asoko-jpn.com/

32. Heiroku Sushi [Food & Drink]

Heiroku Sushi is reasonably priced and offers delicious and fresh sushi. It is popular to foreign tourists, and the restaurant will welcome you in an international manner. They also offer dishes in this branch that are limited only to this store!

Japanese homepage:https://www.heiroku.jp/store/tokyo-shibuya-omotesando/

33. Ura-Harajuku [Shopping]


The shops and art galleries of Ura-Harajuku is also a very important area that creates the trends in Harajuku fashion! It's completely different from the flashy Takeshita-dori, you can enjoy the Harajuku-ness of the area in a more calm fashion while searching for your favorite store.

34. G2? [Shopping]

G2? is a select shop that gathers girly vintage items from the 50's to the 80's. It's recommended by Harajuku-style models and artists. You can find items here from all sorts of Harajuku-style genres, from pop-art to classic.

English homepage:http://www.g2q.jp/englishtop.htm

35. Kasu Kobo [Shopping]

Kasu Kobo offers a variety of items, from accessories with cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, or other Japanese flower motifs to Japanese-themed T-shirts. Craftsmen create the accessories one by one, so you can definitely feel the lovely traditional-modern mix in each item.

Japanese homepage:http://kasuh.jp/

36.  Tokyu Plaza [Shopping]

Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr

Located across the street from Laforet, Tokyu Plaza is a popular building full of fashionable stores as well as restaurants. On the rooftop there is a garden area called "Omohara no Mori," and you can relax in that green space overlooking Harajuku.


37. Tokyo's Tokyo [Shopping]

This store was built with the concept that you could meet new manga and anime here, so it's a space that feels like you've stepped right into a manga. If you walk around the store, you might turn completely into the main character of a manga.

*This store has closed for business as of January, 2017.

38. Omotesando Street [Sightseeing]


Omotesando is a tree-lined street where you can enjoy every season while passing by luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, and more. In the winter, the trees are lit up and the sight is incredibly pretty.

39. Omotesando Hills [Shopping]

Wel-Te Wong/Flickr

Omotesando Hills is a commercial facillity that was built to be in harmony with the beautiful sight of Omotesando. The 6 story building is built in a spiral, so each floor is at a slope. It's said that the slope matches the slope of Omotesando, so it creates a wonderful, individualistic space that nonetheless matches its surroundings.


40. Gallery Dojunkai [Arts]

Gallery Dojunkai was built behind the facade of the old Dojunkai apartment building (reinforced concrete apartments built after the Kanto earthquake in 1923) that used to be here, and currently is an art gallery that delivers beauty, wonder, and fun. Why not enjoy art in the calm atmosphere of the Dojunkai apartments?

Japanese homepage:http://www.gallerydojunkai.com/



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