Top 24 Must-Buy Souvenirs at Haneda Airport (2023 Edition)

Departing from Tokyo? Have you finished your souvenir shopping? If not, we have listed what you ought to buy at Haneda Airport before leaving Tokyo. From classic Japanese snacks like the famous Kit Kat chocolates to interesting Japanese stationery and cosmetics, our selection all make great souvenirs that you can quickly pick up while at Haneda Airport.

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Note: While this is a list of must-buy Japanese souvenirs of your trip to the Tokyo region from Haneda Airport, you can find some of these items at other airports as well.

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A. International Passenger Terminal


1. Tokyo Banana


Tokyo Banana is a popular souvenir of Tokyo. At Haneda Airport, you can find not only the original Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa with banana custard inside, but other versions of the series as well, including Banana Caramel Custard Cream. The soft sponge cake of the Banana Caramel Custard Cream version is patterned like a giraffe. These delicious sweets are loved by all, regardless gender or age. They are best consumed within 7 days after purchase. Public area: Edo Shokuhinkan (4F) After passport control: TIAT Duty Free Shop Central (Gate#109~111、24h)/ Tokyo Souvenir Shop North(Gate #112~114)

2. Cigare by YOKU MOKU

Cigare are delicious butter cookies that, as the name suggests, are rolled like cigars. This shape gives it its light, crispy, melt-in-the-mouth texture. These cookies are made of all natural ingredients including the rich butter from Hokkaido. ‘The Japanese Scenery," a special gift tin was released from January, 2015, and can be found in certain stores. 20 individually wrapped cookies cost 1,350 yen. Sold at EDO Shikuhinkan, on the 4F, before control, and at the TIAT DUTYFREE SHOP CENTRAL, on the 3F, after control.

3. Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a very popular souvenir from Japan. There are some flavors which are only available at the international terminals of airports, such as Uji Matcha (green tea), Waichigo (strawberry), Sakura Matcha (cherry blossom green tea), and Hokkaido Azuki (azuki bean). You can find them at souvenir shops such as ANA FESTA and BLUE SKY PREMIUM (3F) in the lobby area, or at TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP SHOUTH and TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL (3F) after passport control.

4. ROYCE Nama Chocolate

ROYCE ‘Nama Chocolate’, which is very popular worldwide, is made of generous amount of fresh Hokkaido cream. The most popular flavor among foreigners is Matcha, or green tea. It used to be only available for a limited time, but thanks to strong demand from customers, you can buy it all-year round now. There are also other delicious flavors such as Au Lait or White, even if Matcha is sold out. You can find these at ANA FESTA, BLUE SKY PREMIUM and EDO shokuhinkan (3F) in the public area and at TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP SHOUTH and TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL/ SOUTH/ NORTH (3F) after passport control.

5. Jaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru, one of most popular souvenirs from Japan, is only sold in limited quantities in Hokkaido and a few selected airports, including Haneda. There seems to be no end to the popularity of this crispy French fry snack made with Hokkaido potatoes. A box of 10 packs is sold at 864 yen at ANA FESTA on the 3F and at the TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL on the 2F after control.

6. Japanese Tea

If you are thinking of Japanese tea as a souvenir and don’t know what to buy, the Itoen cafe on the 4F is one possible suggestion for you. The cafe sells tea leaves and sweets which can also be bought as souvenirs, so you can try your gift before you buy it. Another option is the ready-to-drink tea powder which you can find at several souvenir shops. The tea leaf in maiko patterned tin is apparently available at BLUE SKY PREMIUM on the 3F.

7. MUSO Castella Cake ~Halal Souvenir~

For those who are looking for Halal products as souvenirs, you can find Castella cake by MUSO (926 yen, excluding tax) at Air Lawson (1F, open 24hrs). MUSO is an organic, natural food company, and their matcha (green tea) flavored Castella cake is apparently only sold in Haneda airport. If you are interested in macrobiotic or organic foods, who not try this delicious cake?


8. Hello Kitty Sweets「*CLOSED」

Hello Kitty Japan (5F) in Haneda airport is filled with all sorts of Hello Kitty goods and desserts. Limited edition sweets include the Langue de Chat (butter cookie) and the Hello Kitty Daifuku (mochi cake stuffed with custard cream in various flavors) at 438 yen (including tax). In addition to these, you can find apple flavor Hello Kitty Dorayaki with bean paste as well as lots of other sweets. These cute and delicious sweets are a must-buy souvenir for your friends who love kawaii things.

9. Sundries with Japanese Motifs

Itoya is a stationer that originated in Ginza in 1904. Their motto is to offer stationery that allows you to spend your creative time in a more pleasant and beautiful way. In addition to products limited to Haneda Airport with motifs of aircraft, you can find a wide variety of beautiful items, such as letter paper and envelopes made from Japanese paper, unique shaped clips, sushi shaped magnets, and so on. There are many affordable priced items, so why don’t you buy some for your friends as well as for yourself?

HP: (Japanese Only)

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10. Traditional Craftworks

If you like well-designed products and craftsmanship, KIRI japan design store (4F) is the place to visit. They offer wide range of beautiful craft works made with Japanese traditional skills, including earthenware, porcelain, lacquerware, ironware, tin ware, and so on. The products focus strongly on Japanese design. We recommend you bring a few beautiful pieces back home and enjoy using them in your everyday life.

HP: Only)

11. Glasses made in Japan by Kaneko Gankyo-ten

KANEKO GANKYO-TEN showcases the top-notch spectacles made in Sabae, Fukui. Their frames are manufactured entirely in-house. While machines are used in some parts of production process, most of the detailed works are done by skilled craftsmen. Their goal is to constantly improve the quality of their products. Why don’t you visit the shop and try out their high quality glasses?


12. Makanai Cosme

Makanai Cosme (4F) is a store specializing in cosmetics made with natural ingredients. ‘Makanai’ means food supplied to employees in Japanese. The cosmetics were originally made and used by the employees who worked at a gold foundry in Kanazawa. All their products were developed, tested and used by the staff, so you can be sure that these products are good for your skin.


13. Yojiya Cosmetic Items

YOJIYA is a famous Japanese natural cosmetics store that originated in Kyoto. In addition to limited edition Haneda Airport "Aloe" facial oil blotting paper, or aburatorigami in Japanese, you can buy a variety of original cosmetics. There used to be shops only in domestic terminals (T1 B1F/ T2 B1F) , but now there is a shop in TIAT DUTY FREE CENTRAL (3F). You can buy limited edition international sales only aburatorigami with a red cover there, too.


HP: (Japanese Only)


If you are looking for a practical yet funny souvenir, you might be interested in this Kabuki Face Pack or the other amusing face packs such as pandas sold at Isshindo (4F). This company from Tokyo originally sold traditional Japanese confectionery. Kabuki Face Packs are printed with the Kabuki make up and will turn you a Kabuki actor. Of course they are rich in ingredients to make your skin more beautiful. A pack of two sheets is sold for 900 yen including tax.

HP: (Japanese Only)

15. FANCL Supplements

If you are looking for health and beauty related products, we recommend visiting the FANCL shop at the TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL (after control 3F). There you will be able to find beauty supplements, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as a wide range of other health products. Their additive-free skincare items are also on sale here, too. Having that peace of mind that what you eat and use on your skin is safe is very important.

HP: (Japanese Only)

16. Lingeries by Wacoal

Wacoal is a lingerie manufacturer that originated in Kyoto but is now popular worldwide. You can find a Wacoal shop in the TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL after passport control. The brands sold there range from Salute to Tsumori Chisato sleepwear. You will feel beautiful in a comfortable, well-fitting piece of lingerie.


17. Drugstore Items

Airport Drug (3F) is run by KOKUMIN, a drugstore chain. They sell cosmetic products of Japanese manufacturers, such as Shiseido, Kanebo, Kao, and Kose. Packs of foot refreshing sheets or fever cooling sheets are handy to have just in case. And if you're tired, it might be good idea to pick a nutritional supplement drink as well, but for those about to board, please remember the liquid restrictions on the flights, though. There are BOOKS & DRUGS NORTH/ SOUTH after control (3F), too.

18. Souvenir Miniature Figures

Souvenir miniature figures are becoming popular in Japan. This series produced by Kaiyodo consists of landmarks and icons of the area. The figures on sale in Haneda Airport include a lantern from Kaminari-mon, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, a plate of soba noodles, as well as many others. There are limited edition figures for terminal 1 and 2. The palm-sized figures are sold for 400 yen at the capsule vending machines in Haneda Airport (International terminal 3F ANA FESTA, T1 1F/ 2F, T2 1F/ 2F/ 3F)

HP: (Japanese Only)


B. Domestic Terminal (T1 & T2)


19. Oekaki Macaron

Do you or your friends like cute things? If so, Oekaki (picture drawing) Macarons will make a good present. These crispy macarons are decorated with iconic sites from Tokyo, such as SkyTree, the pandas of Ueno zoo and aeroplanes. Those cute motifs can only be found in Haneda Airport. A pack of five costs 1,296 yen at Pier1/4 (T1 2F) and SMILE TOKYO (T2 2F).

20. Honihhi Apfelbaum (ホーニッヒアッフェルバウム)

KARL JUCHHEIM is a confectioner specialized in baumkuchen. Their delicious cakes are much loved, and you can buy a special edition version in Haneda Airport. Honihhi apfelbaum (honey apple) is a baumkuchen which surrounds some delicious apple compote inside. Themoist baumkuchen and crispy, fruity apple compote make an exquisite combination. Why not bring it as a surprise souvenir? Sold at Tokusen Yogashikan (T1 2F), Food Plaza (T2 3F).

21. Azabu Karinto (麻布かりんと)

Karinto is a sweet, bite-sized Japanese fried snack. Azabu Karinto offers a wide range of unique Karinto flavors such as black sugar, apple pie or vegetable mix. Each flavor is packed into small, cute boxes, and an eight-box-set costs 2,160 yen. It makes a great souvenir from Japan. Sold at Pier1/4 (T1 2F).

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22. Gomatamago (ごまたまご)

Gomatamago is a popular souvenir from Tokyo. You can buy them here in Haneda airport. It's a pastry treat shaped like an egg, with black sesame seed paste and black sesame seed red bean jam full of nutrients wrapped in a sponge cake layer and coated with white chocolate. The first and second terminal both have lots of places where you can buy them. Price starts from 520 yen.

23. Ika Senbei Karaage (いかせんべいから揚げ)

Though it’s named senbei (thin rice cracker), it’s actually fried squids. The squid is baked between two iron plates and then deep fried. The special flavor only available in Haneda Airport is salty-sweet. It goes well with a drink and children love it, too. Sold in 50g packs for 756 yen (tax included) at Pier1 (T1 2F), or Tokyo Shokuhinkan / SMILE TOKYO (T2 2F).

24. Starbucks Airport & Haneda Edition Tumbler

You can buy two types of Starbucks limited edition tumblers in Haneda Airport. One is an airport edition sold at airport stores in Japan (below), and the other is the Haneda Airport tumbler which is sold only in Haneda Airport (above). Both cost 1,400 yen. This exclusive tumbler will give you a little surprise when you first use it. When it’s empty, the scenery of the airport and Tokyo Bay in the illustration looks like a daytime scene,  but once you put some coffee into it, the transparent part turns dark and the scene turns into night! Sold at Starbucks Coffee stores (T1 2F, T2 North and South Pier Gate).


Haneda Airport Floor Maps (Terminal guide)

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