15 Must Buy 100 Yen Cosmetics

100 yen shops are fun places to purchase souvenirs without minding the insides of your wallet. But have you considered purchasing cosmetic and beauty products from 100 yen stores? Here are 15 products that might spark your interest!



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Japan has many 100 yen stores (110 yen if you include the consumption tax), such as Can Do and Daiso. Here I would like to introduce 15 must buy cosmetics that you can purchase at Daiso. They are extremely affordable and also of great quality! 

1. Specialized Puffs 10 P (特用パフ10P)

It does say specialized, but you can use it for spreading liquid foundation, setting in your powder, or so on. The puffs come in various shapes and sizes.  You can throw them away when you're done, so this one-time use makes it safe for your skin and hygienic!  

2. Cleaner for Puffs and Sponges (パフスポンジ専用洗剤)

Using the same sponge over and over again? That's a big no-no for your skin, and it can cause acne and other skin problems. This cleaner will clean your sponge up to good use. You don't have to mind how much you're using, since the product itself is so cheap. 

3. Evabilena Eyebrow Coat (エバビレーナアイブローコート)

You've had a long day, and look in the mirror - dang, your eyebrows have melted off again! Try out this eyebrow coat. It's a liquid to be painted over your freshly done eyebrows. It's waterproof and sweatproof.

4. Elfa Eyeliner Coat (エルファーアイライナーコート)

You've done it, you've finally mastered the art of applying the perfect winged eyeliner...only to lose the look at the end of the day. Elfa Eyeliner Coat will protect your precious artwork from water and sweat. Paint the product over your eye liner, and it will stay the way you want it.

5. Stickers For Double Lids (二重まぶた用シール)

Eye makeup for mono lids can be hard. You have to apply eyeliner more than you do with double lids, because the hood of the eye gets tucked in when you open your eyes, hiding all of your makeup. This product is for those mono lids wanting double lids. You apply the sticker just above your eye. Adjust the width of the applied area - the closer to the eye, the thinner the crease; the further from the eye, the thicker the crease. Open your eyes carefully after you have applied the sticker. Now you have a double lid without surgery! 

6. Elfa Pearl-in Eye Shadow (エルファーパールインアイシャドウ)

This product was highly popular within the Japanese internet cosmetic community. They have three palettes: brown, purple (as shown in image above), and blue. The most popular one was brown. This powdered eye shadow isn't that pigmented, and the glitter isn't that prominent, so it's great for daily use.

7. Elfa Mascara Comes Back to Life (エルファーマスカラよみガエル)

Ever had the experience of finding a long gone mascara in your makeup bag, only to find it crusted, flaky, dry and no good to use? Try out this product, and maybe you can revive your mascara back to good use! Put several drops into your mascara bottle, and the mascara should be wet and ready again.

8. Elfa Eyelash Treatment (エルファーまつ毛トリートメント)

Your eyelashes endure a lot of duty, especially if you apply heavy eye make up every day. Why not put them to rest and apply treatment, like you would for your hair? Elfa Eyelash Treatment will strengthen your eye lashes and make them longer and thicker. 

9. Elfa Coat To Take Out Mascara Clumps (エルファーダマどりコート)

There are a lot of brands out there that advertise how waterproof their mascara are, and yes, they are waterproof and don't smudge. But have you noticed that waterproof mascara tends to make the lashes stick together and make clumps? Apply this product to your eyelashes like you would apply mascara, and there you go, no more clumps. 

10. Oh, I Don't Have Mascara On My Eye Lids (あッまぶたにマスカラがつかない)

We've all had that moment when you get mascara on your eye lid as you batter your freshly mascaraed eye lashes. It's annoying. This product, shaped like a deformed rice paddle, will help you prevent this tragedy. Place the product on your eye while applying, and whatever mascara that would have gone to your eye lid will go on the product. Neat!

11. Trendy False Eyelashes (オシャレつけまつげ)

Who Cares?/Flickr

False eyelashes are widely popular in Japan. The life span of false eyelashes are roughly around 1 ~ 2 months, and this is if you treat them with special care. Trendy False Eyelashes are great for everyday use, and for beginners who need practice but don't want to spend extra money on expensive ones. They're also abundant in variety, as you can see in the image above.

12. Thinner Liquid Pro (うすめ液プロ)

Found your old favorite nail polish, only it's now dry and solid? Thinner Liquid Pro is a savior for dying nail polish. Mix some of the liquid of the product and the nail polish, and there you go, you can enjoy the color again!

13. D Make Up Eraser MA (DメイクアップイレイザーMA)

You've finished your make up routine, hurrah! Wait, you've smudged your mascara on the crease of your eye lid, and got some extra lip stick on the bottom lip. D Make Up Eraser MA will save you from the hassle of tissue paper or q-tips. Apply it to the concerned area, and it's gone! 

14. Facial Mask Compressed Type 11 Pieces (フェイシャルマスク圧縮タイプ11回分)

Like facial masks, but not their price? Or do you have especially sensitive skin, and it's always a gamble when you use one? This product is a dry facial mask compressed into round pieces. Soak it in your usual skin toner, and you have your own facial mask. Great for traveling too. 

15. Beautiful Face Washing Puff (美洗顔パフ)

Washing your face thoroughly is essential for healthy, beautiful skin, especially if you use makeup. Makeup residue is a strong factor for skin problems. This product will help you create rich creamy foam and wash your face enough to cleanse but not strong enough to cause problems.


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