Cheap and stylish! 7 Recommended 300 Yen Shops in Tokyo

Japan's 100 yen shops are pretty well-known throughout the world, but actually 300 yen shops are also very popular. You can find a lot of cute, functional items that are better quality than those in 100 yen shops for just a little bit more. Won't you look for some lovely souvenirs at one of these 300 yen stores?



1. 3Coins

This is the most well-known of the 300 yen shops. The main characteristic of 3Coins is how everything is made using the same color palette, leading to a bounty of items that can be matched. There are a number of basic beige items for the kitchen and everyday life, so they're very simple but also cool and easy to decorate with. They also have beauty items such as mirrors, brushes, and hair accessories. 

There are many 3Coins around the city, so please check the link below for the one closest to you.


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: JR Shinjuku Station inside the southern ticket gates, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo  (Google Map)

2. CouCou

CouCou offers a variety of pastel-colored items for 300 yen. They're known for their cute, simple designs that come in pastels. There are many vividly-colored items aimed towards people who love cute stuff. This is definitely a store for people who want to buy a number of cute household items for a reasonable price. 


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: JPR Daikanyama 1F, 20-5 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

3. Smart Life Market

This is another 300 yen store from the same company that manages 3Coins. There are many of these in the suburbs, so it's popular with families. They have quite a lot of wooden items and storage boxes that are perfect to decorate one's home with. This store makes it fun to create a motif for your home's interior design.


Address:2-1 Yaesu, Chuo, Tokyo (Google Map)

4. Mikazuki Momoko

This 300 yen shop specializes in cute character items and accessories that are shades of pink. They stand out from other 300 yen shops due to their insistence on cute items. They have plenty of items that are made in collaboration with companies like Sanrio, so you'll definitely have trouble choosing what to buy. They also have their own original character named Momoko-chan, so if you want to get something that's only available in Japan, you should look for items with her on it.  


HP: (Japanese Only)

5. illusie300 

At this 300 shop you can find a huge variety of products from kitchenware to socks. Their kitchenware is very stylish and has lovely designs so it's very easy to completely redesign your kitchen using items just from here. You can also find items like chopsticks and napkins that would be good souvenirs. There are more than 20 branches throughout Tokyo, so check which one is closest to you. 


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Subnade 1, 1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

6. Sankyuu Mart

This 390 yen shop was originally developed in the world-famous area for cuteness, Harajuku. The name is a pun - "sankyuu" is the way "thank you" is written in katakana, but also the Japanese way to say 3 and 9. All the second-hand items in this shop is sold for 390 yen. Everything here is fashionable, and you can find anything from clothing to accessories like socks and caps. You can wear things you buy here to walk around Harajuku in. 


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: 175 Bankan Building B1, 1-7-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo  (Google Map)

7. OHO!HO! 

This store is run by Can Do, a 100 yen shop that has more than 900 branches throughout Japan. In Oho! Ho!, you can buy all sorts of wooden items for around 500 yen that are simple and stylish, as seen in the photo. If you try this store you'll be able to experience the evolution of 100 yen shops.


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Shibuya Parco Part 1 4F, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)


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