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This page collects articles on what to buy in Japan. It contains information on products that are uniquely Japanese such as electrical products, fashion, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, stationery, and sweets, among others.

What to buy in Japan

14 Traditional Beauty Secrets that make Perfect Souvenirs from Japan!

The 14 Japanese traditional beauty products listed below have long been used in Japan and are still supported by many people not only in Japan but also overseas. From cost-effective items sold at an affordable price to expensive yet superb and beautiful pieces, most of them are made from natural ingredients and are kind to all skin types. Why not bring back one of these beautifully packaged cosmetics for radiant beauty as your souvenir from Japan?
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OsakaWhat to buy in JapanWhat to buy in Osaka

Cheap and Stylish! 10 Great Shops in Osaka with Products for Under 500 yen

Here is a list of ten low cost shops in Osaka offering cute or stylish items at affordable prices. Some of them can beat their expensive counterparts not only for prices but on quality as well. Let’s go out to experience wonderful shopping in Osaka, well-known as a cost conscious market! Please note that all prices below exclude the 8% consumption tax.
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