An In-Depth Guide to All Six MUJI Facial Oils: How They Feel, How Best to Use Them, and More!

MUJI sells facial oils that are so good that even beauty enthusiasts give them top marks, claiming that they are excellent quality and offer great value for money! Read on for a comparison of all six facial oils that are available at MUJI and for a more detailed look into the reasons why they are recommended, how easy they are to use, and other features.



1. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil uses oil from jojoba seeds which is said to prevent dry skin. It penetrates quickly into the skin, so it is recommended to those who dislike the feeling of stickiness that is common with oil. This oil is perfect for parts of the body that are prone to dryness as well as for restoring your scalp’s health! It is best applied after taking a bath.

I personally apply this oil by gently massaging it into my skin. It feels light on the skin, so I feel refreshed after applying it. You can use this oil on the entire body, so it’s quite handy as you don\'t have to change oils for each body part!

Price: From 890 JPY (incl. tax) for 50 ml

2. Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil uses oil extracted from almonds which is known to be beneficial to achieving beautiful skin. Its feel on the skin is unique, being not too light nor too heavy. If you take an appropriate amount of this oil and warm it a little with your body heat before applying, it will spread more smoothly and absorb into your skin better. Best when used after a bath, it is the perfect oil for taking care of your hands, feet, and face.

I usually suffer from dry hands during this time of the year, so MUJI’s Sweet Almond Oil has been a great help for me! It apparently helps prevent skin aging as well, so you may want to try it on body parts where you worry about aging.

Price: From 690 JPY (incl. tax) for 50 ml

3. Olive Oil

While olive oil is known as an edible oil, it is actually drawing a lot of attention as a cosmetic oil, too. Out of all the facial and beauty oils developed by MUJI, the Olive Oil has the thickest and richest feel. You can expect your skin to feel moisturized right after applying this oil. It is also recommended if you need intensive care for any problem areas!

I use this as intensive care for body parts that have thick skin, such as my heels and elbows. With continued use, you will feel your skin become increasingly softer. It offers great value for your money, so you should definitely try it.

Price: From 490 JPY (incl. tax) for 50 ml

4. Olive Squalane Oil

Olive Squalane Oil uses a substance called "squalane" that is found in olives. Squalane is said to possess the ability to make skin softer and preserve its moisture. This oil is very compatible with the skin, penetrating deep, and is characterized by its smooth and light feel.

Apart from problem areas, I also use this oil as a primer for applying lotion after a bath. It penetrates deep into the skin, so you will feel it trapping the moisture inside your skin.

Price: From 990 JPY (incl. tax) for 50 ml

5. Argan Oil

Argan Oil is a refined oil from the seeds of argan trees which are native to Morocco. Not only has it drawn a lot of attention from the cosmetic industry, but it\'s also quite scarce. It has an extremely viscous texture, but it is moist and gets absorbed by the skin quickly. If you use this product regularly, you can expect it to promote the regeneration of your skin, improve your wrinkles, and preserve the moisture in your skin.

This product can also be used on the hair, so I apply it on my hair which got damaged from dyeing. I just put a moderate amount of it on my hair after blow drying.

Price: From 1,790 JPY (incl. tax) for 30 ml

6. Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is refined oil from the seeds of rosehip, a fruit from the rose family. Similar to argan oil, it has been getting a lot of attention as an incredibly scarce cosmetic oil. It feels quite heavy on the skin and has a distinct aroma of rosehip. Rich in vitamins, rosehip is apparently great in lessening spots, wrinkles, and acne scars.

I put a small amount of this oil on my hand and then massage it on my problem areas. With the continued use of this product, you will see improvements on skin problems that increase as we age, so this oil is a must-have!

Price: 1,490 JPY (incl. tax) for 50 ml

Did you find a product you liked? It’s almost the season when our skin gets dry, so make sure to keep your skin moisturized by carefully applying beauty and facial oils on it!

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