5 Delicious Umeshu Made With Hakkaisan and Other Japanese Sake

Umeshu is a classic fruit wine that has been drunk in Japan since ancient times. It is made by soaking plums in alcohol, giving it a sweet and sour taste. The taste varies depending on the alcohol that is used. Shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) and brandy are commonly used to make umeshu, but in this article, we will feature five umeshu that were made with Japanese sake as a base.



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1. Aragoshi Umeshu

Aragoshi Umeshu is a plum wine based on Japanese sake that is made by Nara’s time-honored Umenoyado Brewery. It generously uses around 18 plums from Nishiyoshino, Nara in every 1,800 ml bottle. As every bottle is packed with plums, you will definitely notice the pulp of plums when you drink this umeshu. This umeshu is characterized by a rich taste and the sweet and sour aroma of plums. It is perfect for drinking as an aperitif or as a digestif in place of dessert. The Aragoshi series is not limited to umeshu - you can also find apple wine, peach wine, and even mandarin orange wine in the series! Every brew is delicious and offers a fresh, fruity sensation.

Aragoshi Umeshu (720 ml) 1,540 JPY (incl. tax) Aragoshi Umeshu (1,800 ml) 3,080 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Hakkaisan Umeshu Plum Sake

This is an umeshu that uses genshu (unrefined Japanese sake) from the Japanese sake brand “Hakkaisan” of Hakkaisan Sake Brewery from Niigata, one of the leading production areas of Japanese sake in the country. With a low calorie content, its main characteristic is that it\'s not that sweet compared to the usual umeshu. This umeshu has a subdued sweetness, so it has a refreshing taste that you won’t get tired of. You can also drink it while dining. The recommended way of drinking this umeshu is to chill it and drink it straight, no ice added. Hakkaisan enhances the aroma of plums and the deliciousness of their acidity. This umeshu is something that should be tried not by people who like sweet umeshu, but by people who want to drink umeshu that isn’t so sweet as well as those who love Japanese sake from Hakkaisan.

(720 ml) 1,430 JPY (incl. tax) (1,800 ml) 2,970 JPY (incl. tax)

3. Umenoyoi

Umenoyoi is an umeshu that is made by soaking carefully selected Nanko plums in Japanese sake from Nagahama in Shiga Prefecture. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy the sweetness and acidity unique to umeshu. This umeshu will also let you taste the deep, delicious flavors of Japanese sake. You can drink it anyway you want - straight when chilled, on the rocks with ice, or even with crushed ice. Try it out in different ways to enjoy how the flavor changes! It won the gold medal in the liqueur category at the 15th Feminalise World Wine Competition 2021 in France after strict blind tasting done by around 600 people. It is an umeshu that is highly regarded worldwide. You can purchase it at an antenna shop in Nihonbashi in Tokyo. This is actually my favorite umeshu!

(500 ml) 1,320 JPY (incl. tax)

4. Daishichi Sake Brewery Kimoto Umeshu

Kimoto Umeshu is served by starred restaurants around the world and has won numerous awards in liqueur competitions.
This umeshu is made from Junmai Kimoto, which is unrefined Japanese sake brewed by Daishichi Sake Brewery. This brewery is particular about the use of traditional brewing methods in the production of Japanese sake. The plums soaked in the undiluted Japanese sake are large and of the Nanko variety from Wakayama. The delicious flavor of the Japanese sake lessens the sourness of the plums, giving this umeshu an excellent balance between moderate sweetness and acidity. It is best drunk at a temperature of around 10℃, before or after a meal. This umeshu goes well with desserts such as black cherry tart, as well as fruits and sweets.

(300 ml) 1,280 JPY

5. Kyo-no-Umeshu

Kyo-no-Umeshu is made by Tamanohikari Sake Brewing which has a history of brewing Japanese sake for over 340 years. It uses junmai ginjo sake which is characterized by a clear taste and fruity aroma, with very little undesirable or odd flavors.
When you open the bottle, you will first smell the light aroma of the Japanese sake. When you actually drink it, you will get to taste the delicious flavors and moderate sweetness and sourness of the plums.
The taste of Japanese sake and plums is well balanced, with the umami of Japanese sake coming on strong in this brew. This umeshu is a must-try for those who want to discover the delicious taste unique to umeshu that has been made with Japanese sake as a base. Chill it first and then drink it straight. It’s also delicious when mixed with soda water.

(720 ml) 1,430 JPY (incl. tax) (1800 ml) 3,025 JPY (incl. tax)

Curious? Give umeshu made with Japanese sake a try!

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