Top 5 Affordable Mini Convenience Store Cosmetics to Buy in Japan

Makeup trends change with the season. Don't you find that when you buy lipstick or nail polish, you never quite use it all up? If so, you need to check out the affordable, mini-size cosmetics on sale at your nearest convenience store! They are good-quality, low-priced goods that come in a practical mini size, meaning you can easily try out a wide range of products. Here are our five recommended makeup products sold at convenience stores!



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1. media Cream Foundation N Mini (FamilyMart)

Get a flawless look with media—a popular, reasonably-priced makeup range from major Japanese cosmetic brand Kanebo. Within this range, the media MINI products—only available at convenience stores such as FamilyMart—are made to fit easily into your purse, making them a perfect travel accessory.
The “Cream Foundation N Mini” (550 JPY (incl. tax)) offers excellent coverage and blends perfectly into your skin. The cream-type foundation is perfect for anyone worried about dryness, and as it does not feel too thick or heavy, you will even feel comfortable wearing it on days when you are working from home.

2. media Mini Lip (FamilyMart)

If you like to change your lipstick with the season or to keep up with the latest trends, a small-size tube like the “media Mini Lip" (550 JPY (incl. tax)) is the best option. It comes in four different colors which are all shades of red, but each are stunning tones that you will fall in love with. This time, I went for the darkest shade—“Deep Red”—a great color to use for the colder months. What I love about this lipstick is its vivid color and smooth, glossy finish.
At this affordable price, you have the luxury of being able to collect all four colors in the range and change your look to keep up with the latest trends!

3. ParaDo Nail Foundation (7-Eleven)

If you have uneven nails, it is hard to get them looking good just by applying nail polish. ParaDo’s nail polish, known as “Nail Foundation”, uses a clear resin to give your nails a beautiful, smooth surface. In addition to the “Nail Foundation” (550 JPY (incl. tax)), which comes in a range of basic colors that are perfect for everyday use, they also offer the attractive, colorful "Mini Nail" range (330 JPY (incl. tax)) that comes in a handy size that you can use up completely in one season. As they add new colors every season, I always check out the line-up when I visit 7-Eleven.

4. Integrate Petite Crayon Eye Shadow Mini Set (Lawson)

The “Petite Crayon Eye Shadow Mini Set" (550 JPY (incl. tax)) is part of a range of cosmetics sold only in convenience stores for the Integrate brand, made by major Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido. You get two shades of eye shadow in one handy, portable stick. Use it on your eyelids like a crayon and blend it out with your finger.
The set is made up of a darker shade and a pearlescent, lighter shade so that you can use the darker color along the edge of your eye and the lighter color above this, creating a beautiful graduated effect. Have fun with the 2-in-1 colors! Use the darker shade only for work, then make your eyes sparkle after work by adding the lighter shade.

5. Integrate Mineral Base CC (Mini) (Lawson)

Only available at convenience stores, the “Mineral Base CC (Mini)” (550 JPY (incl. tax)) makes for a perfect mini trial size pack. It is a base with good coverage and adds a flawless finish to your skin. It also offers thorough sun protection as it is SPF30 PA+++.
I found that this product has a light texture and covers well while giving your skin a healthy glow up. It works well when used with a cream foundation.

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All of the goods introduced here are affordable mini-sized cosmetics and you could buy them all for less than 3,000 JPY! So, why not check them out?

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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