7 Recommended Microwaveable Ramen From 7-Eleven! Including Ramen From Popular Restaurants

This article will feature seven recommended microwaveable ramen that you can buy at 7-Eleven. We will also introduce the highlights of each ramen, so make sure to check them out to find your favorite. The list even includes ramen produced jointly with popular ramen restaurants!



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1. Tonkotsu Soy Sauce Ramen with Roasted Pork Fillet (594 JPY (Incl. Tax))

Given a Japanese name of "Sandaime Buta Ramen" (i.e. "Third-Generation Pork Ramen"), this product was jointly developed with "Chuka Soba Tomita," a ramen restaurant in Matsudo City, Chiba. ("Chuka-soba," or "Chinese-style soba," is a common way of referring to ramen in Japan.) Tomita is so popular that there is always a long line of customers waiting outside its doors! Its ramen is known for its tonkotsu (pork bones and spices) soup that is rich in flavor yet has a light taste, earning rave reviews from customers.

This item is a soy sauce ramen with the same tonkotsu broth as in the restaurant.

When I tried this ramen, I found it filling. It uses curly noodles, so the rich soup sticks to the noodles well. I also tasted its deep flavors thanks to the backfat, garlic, and lard. The chashu (roasted pork) is also thick. I was completely satisfied with this ramen!

2. Soy Sauce Ramen with Roasted Pork Fillet & Bamboo Shoots (594 JPY (Incl. Tax))

These chashu noodles were created jointly with Harukiya, a long-established ramen restaurant in Tokyo’s Ogikubo area. This ramen restaurant has not changed the basic taste of its ramen since it was founded in 1949, but has made slight changes, such as changing the wheat used in the noodles, to keep up with the trends of the times and the weather for the day.

With these noodles, you will get to enjoy the taste of the secret ramen that Harukiya refuses to compromise on.

When I actually tried it, I definitely found it rich in flavor! It uses broth extracted from meat and fish, and the resulting variety of flavors give this ramen its exquisite taste. The chashu, menma (pickled bamboo shoot), green onions, and other standard ramen toppings are also perfect.

3. Ramen with Shrimp & Roasted Pork Fillet in Miso Soup (496 JPY (Incl. Tax))

For those who like miso ramen, I would recommend this rich miso ramen with shrimp. You will surely get hooked on the mild-flavored soup that is based on white miso, and the fragrant shrimp taste.

The thing that surprised me when I took a bite was that there were also shrimp pieces inside the agedama (bits of deep-fried batter from cooking tempura)! The more you chew, the more the rich shrimp flavor fills your mouth. The remaining soup was also steeped in the flavors of shrimp, and it was so delicious that I finished the ramen up to the last drop of the soup.

4. Tonkotsu Ramen with Roasted Pork Fillet (496 JPY (Incl. Tax))

This Tonkotsu Ramen is produced by 7-Eleven with the famous ramen restaurant Ippudo, which originated from Hakata in Fukuoka. This restaurant is quite famous today, with branches abroad, but Ippudo will always be defined by its tonkotsu ramen.

7-Eleven’s Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is gaining popularity for making it easy to taste the tonkotsu ramen of Ippudo that has captivated people all over the world!

I tried this ramen as soon as it was released, and I thought that its rich and creamy tonkotsu soup was exquisite. It also uses fine noodles that are unique to Ippudo, making the ramen even more like the original from the restaurant.

5. Ramen with Vegetables in Salty Soup (464 JPY (Incl. Tax))

If you like food with a light, salty taste, you should try this salty and savory vegetable ramen!

When I tried this ramen, my mouth was filled with the mild flavor of the chicken soup. It is made with various vegetables, including cabbage, onions, and carrots. By eating this ramen, you will already get half of your required vegetables for one day. I love that this ramen is delicious and nutritious!

6. Ramen Pork and Miso Broth (540 JPY (Incl. Tax))

This thick miso ramen was created under the supervision of Sumire, a famous miso ramen restaurant in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

The item is characterized by its rich miso broth that is unique to Sumire.

When I tried this ramen, I thought its soup had depth and richness in flavor, and it was really tasty! Aside from the soup, the noodles were also firm and chewy, and you will enjoy the wheaty taste. After you’re done eating the noodles, it would also be a great idea to put white rice in the leftover soup.

7. Ramen with Pork, Beaten Egg & Garlic in Salty Pork Broth (540 JPY (Incl. Tax))

If you love spicy food, then you should try this ramen, called "Spicy Stamina Garlic Ramen" in Japanese.

The garlic aroma will drift in the air before you take a bite, which is bound to whet your appetite! When I tried it, I definitely tasted the spiciness of the cayenne pepper. However, the fluffy egg also gave it a slightly mild taste. The soup is steeped in the delicious flavors of pork bones and chicken, so you\'ll enjoy a variety of flavors with a bowl of this ramen.

Did any of the ramen interest you? There are many other ramen available at 7-Eleven that were not included on the list, so if you go to any of its branches, make sure to look in the refrigerated ramen section.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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