Inexpensive and Delicious! Comparing the Coffee At the 3 Major Japanese Convenience Stores

Japan is a place where you can grab a cup of decent cup coffee anytime you want, just by stopping by a convenience store! Even if you can't make it to a coffee shop, these coffee drinks have authentic flavor and aroma and are available for just 100 JPY. In this article, we'll be tasting and comparing the standard black coffee available at Japan's three major convenience stores, and we'll recommend other drinks that are available as well.



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7-Eleven\'s Hot Coffee (Regular: 100 JPY, Large: 150 JPY) lets you enjoy the aroma and richness of coffee that is made using four kinds of coffee beans. The coffee beans are a mixture of two varieties of light-roasted beans with a characteristic aroma, and two dark-roasted varieties of beans with a distinct taste. The beans even undergo a polishing process to remove the bitter skin! The resulting coffee has a lovely fragrance and a rich yet refreshing flavor. I buy this coffee before work and drink it slowly, and I love that it does not have strong acidity even after it gets cold! The coffee dispensers at 7-Eleven are drip-machines, so the brewing happens nice and slowly. Furthermore, in its commitment to delicious coffee, 7-Eleven only offers black coffee or cafe latte.

Another recommended drink from 7-Eleven is the Seven Cafe Guatemala Blend (Regular: 120 JPY, Large: 170 JPY). Coffee beans from Guatemala are usually harvested at an elevation of more than 1,300 meters above sea level and are considered to be high-grade beans. The beans used in 7-Eleven, however, are even higher in grade as they are harvested at elevations of 2,000 m or higher. Take a sip and taste its deep richness and sweet aroma, with a pleasant aftertaste of refined acidity.

*All prices include tax.


Lawson\'s Coffee (Small: 100 JPY, Medium: 150 JPY, Large: 180 JPY, Mega Hot Coffee: 270 JPY) is made from a blend of beans from five coffee farms, brewed with an espresso machine manufactured by Italian company "Carimali." It is characterized by its light aroma and strong bitterness. Its strong bitter taste makes it really delicious when drunk as is, but it also goes well with milk! This coffee is recommended for those who like dark roasted coffee.

Lawson offers an extensive coffee menu with drinks such as coffee and lattes, as well as tea, cafe mocha, cocoa, and even onion soup! The drinks are priced between 100 JPY - 350 JPY. My personal favorite is the Marshmallow Latte (200 JPY), which has an irresistibly sweet aroma of vanilla! The marshmallows float on top of the hot latte and they melt in your mouth. Just one of these drinks is quite satisfying, so it is perfect for snack time or as dessert after a meal.

*All prices include tax.


FamilyMart’s Blend (Small: 100 JPY, Medium: 150 JPY), which was improved in 2020, was jointly developed with Tetsu Kasuya. He was the first barista from Asia to win the "World Brewers Cup 2016," one of the world\'s premier coffee brewing competitions. The coffee is an easy-to-drink brew with a good balance of acidity and bitterness and an exquisite aroma.

FamilyMart offers a coffee menu with a long list of delicious drinks priced from 100 JPY to 300 JPY, including the staple cafe latte, as well as Uji matcha latte, hojicha (roasted green tea) latte, and cafe frappe that is perfect for hot summer days.
Out of all the drinks available at FamilyMart, you have to try the Morinaga Milk Caramel Latte (210 JPY). This drink uses Morinaga Milk Caramel, a classic sweet that has been loved for more than 100 years in Japan, as a sauce. It is the perfect combination of caramel aroma, fluffy foam, and rich cafe latte. It can’t get any better than that!

*All prices include tax.

The coffee drinks featured in this article are delicious, authentic coffee that you can easily order at the cashier of your closest convenience store! They are also affordable, so with this article as your guide, why not give them all a try and figure out which one is your favorite!

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