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As the southwesternmost of the main islands that make up the Japanese archipelago, Kyushu has a relatively mild climate. It is made up of the seven prefectures of Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Fukuoka, the last of which is the gateway to Kyushu (and even Asia) as it has an active international airport and “shinkansen” (bullet train) station that connects it to the rest of the country.

Kyushu is filled with a range of delights, from gorgeous nature and “onsen” (hot springs), to activities that let you experience historical spots and the great outdoors, to mouthwatering local cuisine such as Fukuoka’s famous Hakata ramen.


Luxury Accommodations

Kyushu is home to many of Japan’s top hot spring resorts. As it is surrounded by ocean and endowed with splendorous nature, including places such as Mt. Aso and Yakushima Island, there are plenty of ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) and hotels that offer the chance to take in the gorgeous seasonal scenery as you soak your troubles away in an open-air bath. And for those who wish to get as much privacy as possible during their relaxing stay, many luxury accommodations offer villas and other fully-detached rooms that will offer peace of mind and limited contact with others.


Adventure Tourism

"Adventure tourism" refers to activities that include at least two out of the three elements of nature, cultural exchange, and physical activity. It’s part of a new generation of travel styles that fit the demands of sustainable development goals and coronavirus safety. Adventure travel tours have been focused in Hokkaido, but Kyushu is seen as a place with a lot of potential for adventure tourism thanks to its abundant nature. Here, we will bring you information to help you enjoy adventure tourism in Kyushu.


National Parks

Kyushu is home to six national parks. Untouched, pristine nature can be found in abundance in places such as the UNESCO World Heritage Yakushima National Park or Amami Gunto National Park, which preserves the second-largest mangrove forest in Japan. Other parks, like Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park (which includes Sakurajima Island), allow visitors the chance to experience the energy of active volcanoes up close. Why not visit one of these spectacular natural places and let yourself be awed by their unique beauty?


Online Tours

In these times, online tours are a brand new and increasingly important method of sightseeing, with tours providing the opportunity for people to experience first-hand the charms of a far-away destination without leaving their homes. Tours that allow people to purchase and receive local goods in the mail are particularly popular. Other people are using online tours as a way to get a feel for a destination before actually going there in person. The full potential for online tourism is yet to be discovered!



Kyushu is home to three of Japan’s five most active hot springs, leading many to call it the “Onsen Tengoku” (Hot Spring Heaven). Many people travel to the region just to tour around its famous onsen towns such as Beppu and Yufuin. Refresh your mind and body as you enjoy Kyushu’s onsen and the many delights they offer, such as waters with various qualities and healing properties, open-air baths that let you gaze upon the surrounding nature, and little onsen towns brimming with traditional Japanese charm.

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