7 Popular Picturesque Spots in Kumamoto to Put on Your Bucket List

Kumamoto Prefecture is home to a wealth of gorgeous scenery, from its many mountains like Mt. Aso to the Ariake Sea. Whether you're looking to take a shot of traditional Japanese townscapes or something a bit more natural, check out these top 7 picturesque spots in the region! We guarantee that you'll want to take lots of pictures when you're there.


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1. Shirakawa Suigen [Minamiaso Shirakawasuigen]

Shirakawa Suigen is located within the compounds of Shirakawa Yoshimi Shrine. The spring water here is crystal clear, and the beautiful green surroundings help to make this a snap-worthy spot. On sunny days, the sun's rays are reflected in the water, making it exceptionally beautiful.

It's said that 60 tons of water is pumped out of this water source every hour. Since it's one of the most famous water sources in Kumamoto, there are normally many visitors. Bring your own water bottle and you can take some of the water home with you! The water stays at around 14℃ (57.2°F) all year round. It's the perfect temperature for drinking!

2. Kawaramachi Textile Street [Kawaramachi]

Kawaramachi Textile Street is an arcade lined with old buildings. Like its name suggests, the arcade used to be filled with textile traders, but they're now long gone. The arcade looks really interesting since the signboards and buildings have not been taken down. These days, the buildings house secondhand clothing stores and cafes, bringing life to the area.

Young artists, designers, and architects have also set up galleries and ateliers in this area.

3. Nagabeta Seabed Road [Sumiyoshi]

The scenery at Nagabeta Seabed Road changes greatly depending on the tide. This "road" was made for the use of the fishermen here who grow seaweed. When the tide is low, the road can be seen, and when the tide is high, it disappears beneath the water, leaving only the electrical poles visible. It's a very unusual sight indeed.

It looks gorgeous in the day, but presents a different face at dusk and at night. It's particularly beautiful when the sky is painted orange during sunset! When it gets dark, the lights on the electric poles are turned on, creating yet another unusual scene.

4. Okoshiki Coast [Oda]

Okoshiki Coast is a great scenic spot that's located within walking distance of Oda Station. On clear days, you'll be able to look across the Ariake Sea and see Mt. Unzen in Nagasaki Prefecture. That said, what's special about this coast is its beach. Under the right conditions, you'll be able to see the sand form beautiful ripple patterns. Many visitors come here hoping to grab a shot of this beautiful sight.

The scenery becomes extra beautiful when the sun sets. There's also an observation deck from which you can get a great view of this scene. Tripods are not allowed on the observation deck, so take pictures from below the deck if you're using one.

5. Misumi West Port [Misumi]

Misumi West Port is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for being one of the 3 harbors built during the Meiji era (1868 - 1912) as part of the Japanese industrial revolution. This old harbor located within the town of Misumi was built in 1887. The characteristic 756m-long stone wharf and the Western-style buildings in the surroundings give a very historic feel to the area. 

It's pretty nice to just sit on the bench and gaze out into the sea. You'll be able to see the Amakusa Islands and the Tenmon Bridge if you look across it. There are also numerous old buildings in the area, such as the historic Former Maritime Warehouse (Kyu Misumi Kaiun Soko), which is now a restaurant.

6. Kinparo [Hinagu Onsen]

Kinparo is a well-established hot spring inn housed in a 3-story wooden building. This inn has been in operation for over 100 years, and was said to be Kyushu's number 1 hot spring inn when it was built! The traditional architecture of this historic building really catches the eye.

The exterior of the building is distinctly traditional Japanese, and this extends even to the interiors. The pillars and handrails made from Japanese elm as well as the wooden flooring are polished till they shine. They also have a beautiful garden full of greenery. This hot spring inn is a great place to experience the traditional culture of Japan.

7. Kusasenri Plateau [Aso]

Kusasenri Plateau is a popular and iconic tourist spot of Aso. This beautiful meadow is located at the foot of Eboshi-dake, one of the 5 mountains that form Mt. Aso.

This meadow's unique feature is the large shallow pond in its center. The reflection of the clouds, sky, and mountain on its calm surface is a lovely sight. It's a relaxing place where horses graze. The Aso Volcano Museum nearby is a great place to check out information about volcanoes all over the world. 

With that, this introduction on some of the most photogenic spots in Kumamoto has come to an end. Through these spots, you'll be able to feel the vastness of nature as well as learn about the history and culture of Japan. Each of these spots possess their own unique charms that can only be experienced in Kumamoto!


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