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What to eat in Tokyo

7 Sumptuous “Heaping Uni Rice Bowls” in the Tokyo Area

Do you like uni? Uni or sea urchin is known for being covered in spikes, is a creature that lives in the ocean. In Japan it is famous for being a high class food item. Locations famous for their uni is from the northern part of the Tohoku area but you can enjoy superb uni in Tokyo which is said to be one of the best gourmet cities in the world. This time, we will introduce delicious uni that you can eat in metropolitan area. For persons who are bad with raw food, we will also introduce restaurants with cooked uni dishes.
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The Tokyo’s Top 10 Ramen Restaurants Chosen by Ramen Experts in Japan

Here listed are the top 10 ramen restaurants in Tokyo metropolitan area from down to top chosen at Ramen Walker Grand Prix. It is promoted by the information site, Ramen Walker, specialized in ramen restaurants in Japan. The database includes over 57000 ramen restaurants. Its honorable grand prix is voted by ramen lovers including 100 specialists who frequently eat ramen for their profession or for pleasure- some eats more than 500 ramen a year!
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