The 10 Best Chain Cafes for Breakfast in Japan

Sometimes you just want to shake things up and try something new for your morning meal. This is where coffee shops with breakfast options shine. We have selected 10 Japanese chain cafes with branches all over Japan, ready to fuel you up with yummy morning treats. If you are a breakfast person, check them out and start your day with a hearty meal!

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DOUTOR, with over 1,300 branches in Japan, was named the no.1 chain coffee shop in Japan in 2016. It offers not only free Wi-Fi, but also low-calorie breakfast foods that are popular among health enthusiasts. There are three breakfast sets and eight drinks to choose from; each set comes with a breakfast item and a drink for only 390 yen. For an extra 50 yen or 100 yen, you can upgrade the drink to a medium or large cup respectively. With low prices and convenient locations, DOUTOR is the best bet for those who are looking to enjoy a Japanese cafe breakfast for the first time.

Breakfast menu (English):
Breakfast menu (Japanese):


Unlike some other Asian countries, not many restaurants in Japan have a breakfast menu, and tourists might have a hard time finding the right place to enjoy their morning meal. Well, look no further! CAFFE VELOCE, widely popular even among Japanese people, offers a wide range of breads and sandwiches at a reasonable price. Their three signature sandwiches baked in a masonry oven boast chewy layers of bread, and the generous fillings will surely sate your hunger. You can order one individually and have the staff warm it up for you. If you are particular about your breakfast, give CAFFE VELOCE a go!

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):

3. Starbucks

Starbucks might be a bit pricey in comparison to other chain coffee shops, but the upside is that it has an all-day menu so you will never miss the "breakfast hours". It is especially busy in the early morning, having captured the hearts of many office workers with its quality food and accessibility. The diversified menu and ever-evolving coffee options are perfect for those who like to shake things up a bit every now and then. And don't miss out on the salad roll in summer – it is chock-full of appetizing lettuce that you won't be able to stop eating once you take the first bite! Other delicacies include sandwiches and stone-baked bread, and you can ask the staff to reheat them as well. Replenish your energy with these premium breakfast items!

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):

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4. Ueshima Coffee

Ueshima Coffee is particularly popular among office workers. With store locations reaching as far as Taiwan, the chain cafe has more than 100 branches in Japan, most of them located some distance away from train stations and featuring warm and tranquil Japanese-style interior décor, where customers can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is most suitable for those who just woke up and prefer a peaceful morning. What better way to begin a day than with a cup of drip coffee and thick toast? Made with premium milk and cream and toasted to perfection, the crunchy thick toast is Ueshima Coffee's signature breakfast item. From time to time, some branches might even offer a limited-time menu, so keep an eye on those!

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):

5. Komeda's Coffee

Komeda's Coffee opened its first cafe in Nagoya about 50 years ago, and now there are already 700 branches across the country. It is known for the affordable prices and relaxing atmosphere, and its success can be largely attributed to the unbelievably cheap breakfast menu. By ordering a single drink, you can upgrade to any one of the three toast combos for free: boiled egg, scrambled egg, or red bean paste (some branches might only offer boiled egg). Other than the classic breakfast sets, items like sandwiches are available as well. More importantly, there are over twenty kinds of drinks to choose from! Visit Komeda's Coffee for a taste of Japanese folk culture!

Breakfast menu (English):
Breakfast menu (Japanese):

6. Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Cafe is famous for its spongy pancakes, and similar to Komeda's Coffee, its classic "toast with boiled egg combo" comes free with any drink ordered. That said, we recommend the "French toast combo." For only 600 yen, you can sample the soft French toast with salad and boiled egg as side dishes, accompanied by any of the six coffees on the menu. For an extra 50 yen, the range can even be expanded to thirteen types – what a reasonable deal! Seasonal menus such as the recent yogurt breakfast and holiday breakfast are introduced regularly to attract newcomers and fans alike.

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):


ST. MARC CAFE specializes in bread making, offering highly-rated soft and airy bread, and is well-known for its flaky croissants. Needless to say, the breakfast menu is no exception! From Monday to Sunday, their "daily bread and coffee" set features different bread every day; other sets include chocolate croissants and sandwiches (non-daily). You never know what is on the menu on your next visit – isn't it exciting?

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):

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With branches nationwide from Hokkaido to Kyushu, PRONTO is there to provide a laid-back space with a touch of exoticism. The coffee shop serves breakfast in the morning, spaghetti and dessert during lunch hours, and transforms into a bar at night. You can choose from six breakfast items (toast, muffin, or croissant) and it usually costs no more than 500 yen – an excellent deal considering the size of the meal! Some branches are located inside hotels, so guests can enjoy breakfast in the comfort of their own accommodation.

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):


BECK'S COFFEE SHOP is actively expanding out of Tokyo. Its breakfast menu changes with the season and usually consists of six options that start at 390 yen (drink included). The cafes are spacious enough for customers to take their time and eat leisurely, and their proximity to train stations makes them a hot spot for office workers. On the other hand, it is tourist-friendly because all items are numbered; you just have to indicate the numbers to the staff without having to worry about Japanese pronunciations. If you have a sudden craving for breakfast right before you set out, search around nearby stations for BECK'S COFFEE SHOP!

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):

10. Cafe Renoir

Although Cafe Renoir's territory is limited to the three prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama, they offer great value for your money, so be sure to pay a visit if you are in the area! Breakfast items fall within the 200 yen range, but you are required to order a drink separately. There are 4 sets (A, B, C, and D) to choose from; A is the classic toast with a soft-boiled egg combo, while the rest change according to season. Warm your empty stomach with a small cup of soup that comes with each set! Even if you are not a breakfast person, Cafe Renoir's expertly brewed coffee alone is worth your time!

Breakfast menu (Japanese only):


Having read through our list, are you tempted to treat yourself and visit a chain cafe for breakfast? Do remember that some of these coffee shops might serve breakfast only on weekdays or during the weekend, and the menu, price, and hours can differ among branches. Remember to browse their official websites before heading out, and a perfect morning will be all but guaranteed!

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