Enjoy a Luxury Japanese Dining Experience at La Porte Aoyama in Tokyo's High-End Aoyama District

When Tokyo is often referred to as a whole, it can be easy to forget that it comprises of many sightseeing and gourmet food areas all unique in their own right, including Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, and Asakusa. The Aoyama area in particular is known as the epitome of sophistication, and a source of Japan's more mature, elegant trends. Separate from the bustling areas of Tokyo that have a more traditional allure, Aoyama presents a cool, modern atmosphere for chic adults. The La Porte Aoyama shopping complex is at the center of this elite district, and features a gathering of many of the most popular high-end stores in the area. This article investigates some of the most noteworthy restaurants in the Aoyama area to uncover the secrets to their popularity.


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