Safety Measures in Japan to Curb the Spread of the Coronavirus

The Japanese government has recommended avoiding the "three Cs as part of their anti-coronavirus strategy. The three Cs are: poorly-ventilated "closed spaces" "crowded places", where many people gather; and "close-contact settings", where people converse up close. Situations where these three conditions are present should be avoided. This page will inform you on the specific steps Japanese businesses are taking to follow the government's calls and ensure public health and safety in the face of the coronavirus.

How Japanese Businesses Are Combating the Coronavirus

Many people consider food to be the best part of a holiday. Sharing a table with your friends or family while you experience the local food culture can be the highlight of any trip. However, as close contact and the risk of droplet transmission are concerns, dining out can also be considered high risk. Check out these anti-coronavirus measures at restaurants to enjoy a fun and safe meal!

Kura Sushi

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■ Facility Information

A major chain of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants. There are 460 locations within Japan, in addition to stores in America and Taiwan. It receives high marks not just for flavor but also for food safety, as it uses carefully-selected Japanese rice, and its ingredients and flavorings are without additives (artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, artificial preservatives).

■ Health and Safety Measures

• All dishes have “sanitary sushi covers” to protect the sushi from both dust and viruses. • Sanitary vinyl sheets are installed between tables • Sanitary vinyl sheets are installed at the cash register • Strengthened disinfection for int... Read More

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