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Sushi & Bar  yon

Loc Roppongi, Tokyo

Sushi × Authentic bar for bringing in mature adults. Seasonal blend of tradition and innovation.

A hideaway in Roppongi is yon offering a fusion of Edomae sushi and sophisticated bar. Leading chef and the bartender serve their respectable dishes in its interior space based on black and cypress wood design. Recommended pre-fixed menu at 14,800 JPY (tax and service charge excluded) includes assorted fresh sashimi, snacks, hand-rolled sushi, rice with green tea and dessert. Chef's special [Inari chazuke] is superb in taste and appearance, filling the guests with blissful moment. The list of wine and cocktail as well as variety of sake is available. Chef's inspiration from the 4 (yon in Japanese) words: closeness, passion, memory and love named this restaurant. Indulge in the taste of fabulous dishes and sake, bringing back some of the good old days.    

3F, Goto Bldg., 3-13-14, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japanese / Sushi , Japanese / Japanese Sosaku (creative) , Alcohol / Cocktail
Dinner: 14800 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Sunday

Tempura Ryori Sakura

Loc Obihiro/Kushiro/Nemuro, Hokkaido

Enjoy our ultimate tempura using special Taihaku Sesame Oil, cooked by a skillful chef to bring out the original tastes of the ingredients to their maximum.

At our restaurant, very close to the Kusuri Bridge in Kushiro, Hokkaido, you can fully enjoy crispy and light tempura using fresh ingredients that can be found only in Kushiro. Our owner chef's policy is to take the time to prepare everything, so he prepares everything every day from selecting ingredients to making dipping sauce for the tempura. You will be able to feel truly happy with our tempura, by watching with your eyes the ingredients being put in a dough and deep fried in an oil pot, listening with your ears the sound of tempura being deep fried, and eating with your mouth hot and crispy tempura quickly dipped into a dipping sauce with the good aroma of bonito. At our restaurant, you will easily feel the philosophy of our owner chef that tempura should be tasted with eyes, ears, and mouth.

South Entrance of Eirakugai, 3-2-12, Sakaemachi, Kushiro, Hokkaido
Japanese / Tempura (battered, fried seafood and vegies) , Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood , Japanese / Tendon (tempura bowl)/Tenjyu (tempura lunch box)
Dinner: 6000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Sunday

Hideaway Meat Kappo Izakaya with Private Rooms -EnNoUtage-

Loc Shinjuku, Tokyo

Easy access! 1 minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Enjoy our new [Niku-Niku (meat-meat) Course] with beef steak and meat sushi in a private room.

Though our restaurant is in Shinjuku, we have a relaxing atmosphere and offer sophisticated service. This meat bar is suited for banquets and dates for adults, with various seat types such as window seats with the splendid view of Shinjuku and private rooms ideal for a private moment. Our all-you-can-eat menu includes sirloin steak and roast beef using specially-selected domestic A3-rank Japanese black beef. You can also enjoy comparing two different kinds of steak, with all-you-can-drink for 3 hours (no time limit is also available). Our drink menu includes approximately 80 different kinds, mainly sake (Japanese alcohol) and wine. Our proud [Open Course], popular especially for girl's parties comes with all-you-can-drink for 3 hours as well.  

8F, Ishizuka Bldg., 1-6-3, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Japanese / Japanese style beef steak , Western / Italian , Japanese / Sushi
Dinner: 2500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Shinjuku, Tokyo

This is a high-end place where you can enjoy high-quality yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). It has a wide selection of all-you-can-eat options.

A 2-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, this yakiniku restaurant offers a wide selection of all-you-can-eat options that are a cut above the rest. Some examples include the [Yuki no Utage] that has carefully-selected Kuroge Wagyu (a type of high-quality beef) and seafood, as well as the [Yugao no Utage] that lets you select two dishes from the following: shabu-shabu (sliced meat parboiled with vegetables), sukiyaki (hot pot stew), and yakiniku. They only use quality ingredients that their chefs have selected with their skilled eyes. A great way to savor Matsusaka beef, the [Assorted Matsusaka Beef Sirloin Plate] is highly recommended. This cozy restaurant has 20 table seats and 20 private rooms. Why not enjoy some tasty meat here?

6F, 7F, Sunflower Bldg., 1-3-1, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Asian/Ethnic / Yakiniku (grilled meat) , Asian/Ethnic / Horumon (offal meat) , Asian/Ethnic / Korean
Lunch: 2000 JPY Dinner: 8000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Agu Tonkatsu Coshon Ukishima-dori branch

Loc Naha, Okinawa

Fully enjoy our pork cutlet made with rare [Gold Agu Pork]. Find the charms of Okinawa at our popular restaurant specializing in pork cutlet.

Enjoy pork cutlet unique in Okinawa at [Agu Tonkatsu COSHION Ukishima-dori branch]. We are popular not only among local people, but also among tourists. The best recommended undeniable dish is the pork cutlet made with [Gold Agu Pork], the very rare pork. Its juicy and tender texture and savory taste will surely make you smile. This pork is deep-fried twice to bring out its original savory flavor to its maximum. This dish with a crispy texture and simple taste is the favorite among ladies and seniors. Also, enjoy our exquisite deep-fried dish made with seasonal Okinawan vegetables which complement perfectly with Orion Beer and awamori (Okinawan alcohol). Relax and have a happy moment at this neat restaurant for various occasions, such as during your sightseeing trip, with your family, and a date.   

3-3-21 Makishi, Naha city, Okinawa
Japanese / Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet)
Lunch: 1000 JPY Dinner: 1500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Ginza/Yurakucho/Tsukiji, Tokyo

Enjoy a leisurely Italian meal in luxurious surroundings with a backdrop of nighttime views.

AURUM (Latin for "gold") is a casual lounge located on the top floor of a building. It is the perfect spot for savoring a meal and drinks while taking in the nighttime views of Ginza. The food here consists of Italian cuisine, and the fresh truffles, imported from Italy, are particularly recommended. Even the familiar dish of fried potatoes takes on a new shape at AURUM, where they are presented in a distinct and highly flavorful arrangement featuring truffles! There are also over 200 drink options, so relax with some wine or a cocktail while enjoying your time in this elegant space, decorated with glimmering crystals. There are courses with an all-you-can-drink option, which includes sparkling wine, making this place an excellent choice for everything from private dinners to parties!

11F, Jewel Box Ginza, 8-9-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Western / Italian , Alcohol / Wine , Alcohol / Whisky
Lunch: 1500 JPY Dinner: 6000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Irregular


Loc Okinawa/Nago, Okinawa

A casual, perfectly located steak house with select meat and a gorgeous ocean view

Ryukyu no Ushi, a popular yakiniku restaurant chain in Okinawa, established this teppanyaki steak restaurant near American Village. It serves steak dinners in a casual atmosphere using local Okinawan beef and chef-selected Japanese prime beef. Tenderloin, sirloin and rib roast are among the popular cuts. Various a la carte seafood and cold vegetable dishes are also on the menu. The stylish interior offers an open atmosphere and panoramic views of the Okinawan sea with gorgeous sunsets and magnificent starry skies. Enjoy a special time with your family, friends or partner in this pleasing environment.

2F, 51-2, Mihama, Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Western / Steak
Dinner: 4000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Coconoma Season Dining

Loc Roppongi, Tokyo

Casual dining with wine where Japanese ingredients are respected to express European cuisine

This all day dining makes use of Japanese ingredients to serve various dishes such as healthy appetizers mainly using vegetables, fresh fish carpaccio, domestic beef appetizer and main dishes, and pasta using soy sauce and dashi (broth). Our healthy breakfast buffet, with various vegetables, is not only for the customers staying in the hotel, but for all visitors. We serve one-plate lunch at 1,000 JPY, and pasta dishes with a salad buffet at 1,200 JPY during lunch time. Pan cakes are popular during cafe time. Please also enjoy our course menu with wine and sake (Japanese alcohol) at our dining. Inside the restaurant, the cafe area is full of indoor plants, and the dining area has a sophisticated Kyoto style. We welcome you with various arrangements of space such as a lounge-like Koagari (a raised tatami-floored area) with a unique floor where you can relax without shoes, and a newly opened night lounge.

1F Hotel & Residence Roppongi, 1-11-6 Nishiazabu, Minato, Tokyo
Western / General , Western / Pasta , Alcohol / Wine
Lunch: 1500 JPY Dinner: 4500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Experience Dining WASHOKU

Loc Asakusa/Ryogoku, Tokyo

An elegant, traditional yet modern Japanese restaurant! Go for their "experience plan" and enjoy Japanese cuisine, kimono, and elements from the Edo period.

Their specialty item is [Obanzai], a style of vegetable dishes originating from Kyoto, prepared carefully by an in-house nutritionist. It can be described as healthy, delicious, and beautiful. They offer dishes,such as [Scallops with Yuzu] and [Chikuzen-ni with Shibazuke], with the finest of ingredients from Japan. The [Japanese Lunch set] includes elegantly plated [12 Obanzai Assortment], [Misotama] with Koshihikari rice and vegetables like purple yams and tomatoes delivered straight from the farm, and drink. You can enjoy it as dashichazuke (broth and tea poured over rice) or makizushi (hand-formed sushi) as you prefer. The dinner menu contains several courses with [obanzai plate] as main dish. There is a wide selection of alcohol such as sake linked to the historical figures like Oda Nobunaga and Sen no Rikyu, and Japanese dessert cocktails. They also offer special experience plans, so you can have a girls only party or go on a date wearing kimono. This is a restaurant where grown-ups can have fun with Ja

5F-6F, Kaminarimon Bldg., Taito-ku, Tokyo
Japanese / General , Japanese / Sushi , Japanese / Japanese Sosaku (creative)
Lunch: 2000 JPY Dinner: 5000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None