About Chubu

Encompassing the central area of mainland Japan, the Chubu region is home to a wealth of sightseeing attractions, including Mt. Fuji, the former castletown of Kanazawa; the historic World Heritage mountain villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama; and the leading mountain resort Kamikochi. In this article, we cover all the basics you need to know about the Chubu region, from what makes it special to its climate and how to get there.


Luxury Accommodations

Let us introduce you to places to stay in the Chubu region that we think you’ll absolutely love. Spend a night at a long-established “ryokan” inn situated in the Chaya District of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture, enjoy an all-you-can-eat fresh seafood buffet at another inn with hot spring baths in Toyama, admire the designer furniture and modern art decorating a refurbished townhouse in Niigata Prefecture, or maybe even gaze at Mt. Fuji from the windows of a resort hotel built close to Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi Prefecture!


Adventure Tourism

Have a thrilling adventure in the Chubu region with these fun outdoor activities and gorgeous nature scenery! Admire Mie’s vibrant surroundings while standup paddleboarding, raft your way down Nagara River in Gifu, or ride around on a snowmobile in Hida Takayama. Alternatively, go fishing and eat what you catch or bungee jump from a height of 215 meters! The opportunities are endless!


National Parks

Many tall mountains can be found within the national parks of the Chubu region, making them amazing places for those seeking out challenging mountain climbs, winter ski adventures, hot springs, or an escape from the sweltering summer heat. In this article, we cover all five of the national parks in Chubu in detail, going over some of the top reasons why they make such great places to explore. Encounter the wild snow monkeys of Joshin’etsukogen National Park, relax at the leading mountain resort of Kamikochi in Chubusangaku National Park, and pay a visit to the 2,000-year-old Ise Jingu shrine within Ise-Shima National Park.


Retro Townscapes

The Chubu region is rich in traditional Japanese townscapes, and we want you to see the best of them! There’s the gorgeous Higashi Chaya District in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, with its cobblestone streets and stunning historical architecture. Then you have Toyama’s Gokayama, a historical mountain village registered as a World Heritage Site; Nagoya’s Arimatsu, a merchant town renowned in the tie-dyeing industry; Fukui’s Kumagawa-juku, a post town born from trade with Kyoto; and far more!

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