6 High-Class Ryokan Around Lake Kawaguchi For a Magnificent View of Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi are some of the most iconic pieces of this beautiful country. Amidst the grand natural environment, you'll find a wide array of hot spring "ryokan" (Japanese-style inns) offering stunning views of the surroundings. This article will introduce high-class ryokan where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and relax with a superb view.



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1. Konansou

Konansou is a ryokan that offers you a splendid view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. Expect nothing less than a superb scenery featuring the colossal mountain and the beautiful lake at its foot. Konansou has a wide variety of rooms to meet your preferences and provide a special experience for you during your trip, from simple Japanese-style accommodations with tatami flooring to special rooms with rotenburo (open air baths).

You can also enjoy a soak in their many types of onsen (hot springs). There are two large public baths – Kirameki no Yu and Tokimeki no Yu – where you can take a soak and relax while enjoying the beautiful view outside. There’s also a private rotenburo – Nagomi no Yu – that you can reserve for your own personal use. And if that’s not enough, at the rooftop, you can find the Foot Spa Waku Waku, an onsen designed especially for your feet.

As for the meal, the inn provides a gorgeous kaiseki dinner (a special multi-course meal comprised of the finest seasonal ingredients) at the banquet hall. Or, if you're with a party of 4 or less people, you can choose to have it in your room. Another great feature that will please many parents is that the inn also serves baby food and meal sets for children under school age.

2. Fuji Lake Hotel

Fuji Lake Hotel lies at the base of Mt Fuji. At the hotel, you will find a wide variety of accommodations at your disposal, including Western-style rooms, Japanese-style room with tatami floors, and special rooms furnished with private rotenburo. The hotel also has barrier-free accommodations that are easily accessible for the elderly, people with disabilities, and parents with small children.

The hot spring water is drawn from the natural onsen of Lake Kawaguchi, and has properties said to alleviate symptoms of physical issues such as neuropathic pain and rheumatism. The very spacious "Fuji Hinoki Rotenburo" emanates the pleasant smell of Hinoki cypress. In addition, the hotel also has two private hot springs that you can rent for your private use: Hinoki, which presents you with a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji; and Lake View, from where you can admire Lake Kawaguchi. Both are wheelchair-accessible, so anyone can enjoy a hot bath free of worries.

Serving Japanese cuisine in a new style, Fuji Lake Hotel offers a menu that ranges from long-established recipes to dishes making the most of seasonal ingredients. Dishes specially prepared for children are also available, so parents are guaranteed a relaxed experience. Furthermore, the hotel takes measures to make the dishes easier to swallow if you make the request. Fuji Lake Hotel is fully prepared to offer a pleasant stay to guests of all ages.

3. Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

Fuji Onsenji Yumedono is a refuge hidden in a picturesque landscape with Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi as its protagonists. At this lavish ryokan, you can relax in a hot bath whenever you want in total privacy, as every guest room is furnished with a "rotenburo." Accommodations are divided into Japanese-style rooms with tatami flooring and Western-style rooms with a small tatami area, but there are also gorgeous suites in a different section of the inn. Choose the room that best fits your needs!

As for the meal, the inn offers kaiseki dinner prepared with handpicked ingredients, such as Koshu beef, a famous brand of wagyu from Yamanashi, Koshu chicken eggs, local fruits, and many other seasonal ingredients. Meals are served in the room, but there’s an exclusive place for guests staying at the suites to dine in.

The luxurious suite rooms are nothing less than spectacular. There are three types of uniquely decorated rooms ranging from 120 m² to 200 m² in space.. Each is furnished with a wooden deck, private garden, living room, minimum two bedrooms, and much more. It is the perfect place to have a magnificent time with your family and friends.

4. Regina Resort Fuji Suites & Spa

Regina Resort Fuji Suites & Spa lies in the majestic woods at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The hotel offers you the opportunity to have a relaxing time amidst the quietude of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Every room here is a suite and is furnished with a bathtub fed with hot water from the hotel’s own hot spring source. There are three types of room, including spacious deluxe rooms and simpler standard accommodations. In addition, the hotel allows guests to stay with their dogs, so it’s perfect for those who like traveling with their pets.

This is the only hotel in the region of the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji that has onsen in every room drawing water from a natural water source. The water has low-alkaline properties with a delightful slippery feeling and a touch of sulfur scent that is said to have positive effects on the skin, making it smoother. Your dog can also enjoy a dip in the bath because the hotel has a special onsen shower for pets.

Regina Resort Fuji Suites & Spa offers creative Japanese cuisine prepared with plenty of seasonal ingredients. Regional wines from the Koshu region are paired with the meal providing a wonderful dining experience. Your dog is not only welcome to join, but the restaurant even has a special menu designed for pets. Meals for children are also available, so you can enjoy the hotel with the entire family.

5. Forest Village (Fuji Premium Resort)

Located in a quiet place surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, Forest Village offers you a breathtaking view of Japan’s most famous mountain from a very close distance. The hotel offers 3 types of cottages - for 2 guests, 4 guests,  and guests with dogs – each with its own unique layout and style. Every cottage has a kitchen where you can prepare simple meals, so it is just as if you’re living in this beautiful resort.

The restaurant has a buffet of Japanese and Western cuisine that you can enjoy while admiring the view of Mt. Fuji. For breakfast, you can choose between the Japanese buffet or the Western/Japanese breakfast set. The buffet is filled with dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients, and each new season brings different foods. In addition, during summer you can have a BBQ at the restaurant’s garden, right under the grand presence of Mt. Fuji.

Forest Village is located within Fuji Premium Resort, which has a great array of amenities for your pleasure, including a dog park, onsen, swimming pool, golf course, and tennis court for you to fully enjoy during your stay!

6. Bessho SASA

Bessho SASA is an onsen ryokan located within the serene forests that surround Mt. Fuji. Here you can relish the tranquil environment with a grand view of the majestic mountain. Every guest room is furnished with a rotenburo and dining space so that you can lay back and simply enjoy your privacy.

The roomside rotenburo boasts natural hot water pulled from 1,500 m below Mt. Fuji. This highly alkaline hot spring has properties said to alleviate the symptoms of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and many other physical ailments. You can soak in the hot waters taken from the depths of Mt. Fuji while admiring the spectacular view the great mountain presents.

Meals are provided in the comfort of the dining area in your room. You will be served a generous kaiseki dinner prepared with plenty of seasonal ingredients. Every new season brings new dishes, so you always have something different to enjoy in the company of your loved ones.

Heal Your Soul Amidst the Beautiful Nature of Mt. Fuji

The region surrounding Mt. Fuji is blessed with the presence of Lake Kawaguchi and a vast and rich natural environment. Let the majestic mountain and its nourishing waters help you recover your energy, filling you with vigor for the next leg of your trip! 


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