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Things to do in Japan

30 shrines and temples in Japan to get lucky charms for love

Lucky charms, known as omamori, can be found in both shrines and temples around in Japan, in the shape of small amulet in a small bag. The main aim is to protect you from bad luck and bring you good luck. Originally, paper written amulets were distributed to worshippers by temples and shrines wherever they live or whoever they are. To make it easy, the size of amulets became smaller and more attractive to carry around. Usually, the charm must be kept close in order to keep the power inside, but there are some exceptions. Here’s a list of lucky charms to enrich your love life.
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20 reasons why Japan is awesome and you have to see yourself

There could be hundreds of reasons why you should add Japan in your travel list. Being one of the most advanced (in terms of technology) countries in the world, Japan also offers an ancient outlook to tourists, especially their religious sites. So, let’s take a look at the 20 reasons why you should visit Japan…at least, these are the reasons that brought me to Japan.
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