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OsakaWhat to buy in JapanWhat to buy in Osaka

Cheap and Stylish! 10 Great Shops in Osaka with Products for Under 500 yen

Here is a list of ten low cost shops in Osaka offering cute or stylish items at affordable prices. Some of them can beat their expensive counterparts not only for prices but on quality as well. Let’s go out to experience wonderful shopping in Osaka, well-known as a cost conscious market! Please note that all prices below exclude the 8% consumption tax.
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TokyoWhat to eat in Tokyo

30 Cheap but Delicious Restaurants and Shops in Tokyo

Here is the list of 30 delicious places you should try during your stay in Tokyo. All-you-can-eat restaurants, inexpensive but high-quality food shops, places you might hesitate to go if you are not sure about the price range, and places selling finger foods on the street. Some of them are so popular that you might need to queue for a while, but all are reasonably priced and great value for money.
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