There When You Need Them! How to Use Japanese Internet Cafes

Internet cafes are now found in cities the world over. This is true of Japan too. At their most basic, these businesses offer computers with high-speed Internet access. In recent years, however, the services on offer have increased to the point that it's almost a waste not to take advantage. If you're traveling on a budget, you'll definitely want to look into these facilities and see how they can benefit you!


Things to Do

1. It's all about convenience! Experience the innovative Japanese Internet cafe!

Nearly all Internet cafes doing business in Japan are open 24/7, regardless of the day of week or holidays. They are available to anyone and offer everything you need to connect to the internet. Due to their low price, they are also an option when you miss your last train or can't find a hotel room. No matter what your situation, stopping by an Internet cafe is likely to be a big help.

Each café offers an innumerable variety of excellent services, from printers to free refills on drinks, and even all-you-can-eat ice cream machines!


2. Use the Internet! Read Manga!

As is implied by the name, Internet cafes are here to give you access to the Internet. Not only that, they are equipped with the latest fiber optic technology ensuring fast, comfortable use. Many stores also provide you with chargers for your phone or smart phone. You might even find a Blu-ray player and movies to watch.

In addition to computers, Japanese Internet cafes feature an awesome library of manga that beats any book or comic store. They are free to read and include everything from past masterpieces to the latest releases. If you like manga, you'll love spending time here!

3. Choose your seat! Or even rent a private booth!

Japanese Internet cafes offer many types of seating. Many not only have open area seats, but half open varieties with walls. Completely enclosed private rooms are also common. You might as well be in a business hotel.

Pair-seat rooms are spacious enclosures big enough for two. Reclining rooms have reclining chairs for your comfort and you can lower them all the way to a prone position. A flat room has sheets on the floor, as if you're sitting on a giant bed, and can be used to lie down.

4. You can spend the night!

Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson on Flickr

If you've arrived in Japan as a traveler but don't want to pay for an expensive hotel, you can always spend the night at an Internet café! Many locations even have showers. Though each variety of seat has a different price grade, you can rest assured that all of them will be cheaper than a hotel room.

Though not quite a bedroom, most locations have private rooms with security and membership registration for your peace of mind. At some places, you can leave your bags in the room you rent and venture outside for food or tourism.  How's that for convenience?

5.  What you need to enter

Though each facility is different, most of them require you to register as a member when using for the first time. Leave your name, address and phone number with the staff and make sure you have a photo id. Given the low price, this step is essential for your security. When registering, you might be asked to pay a one-time membership fee of 2-300 yen. This will of course not be necessary from your second use on.

Many cafes have varied pricing systems for short and long stays.


6. How pricing works

No matter what your needs, Internet café services are low priced. Although there is variety, you can count on desktop computers with internet access, manga, a free-drink bar and showers being included in the hourly price.

If you're planning on a short stay, you can pay when you leave at a flat rate of around 200 yen per thirty minutes. For longer stays, pay in advance at rates such as 750 yen for 3 three hours or 1480 for 8 hours. If you're planning to stay the night, you'll want to choose a long-term flat rate. In some locations, you can also pay for different necessities like towels, toothbrushes, hair dryers, and more.

If you encounter an internet café on your trip, be sure to step in and check it out. You will realize immediately how useful they can be, even when traveling. Just don't get too comfortable and forget about your trip itself!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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