[2020 Edition] 50 Best Affordable Love Hotels in Tokyo

The popularity of love hotels as accommodation for tourists has been steadily increasing, and many people have even come to prefer it over regular hotels. Take a look at some of our recommendations below to find out why! The list is categorized by areas including Shinjuku and Ikebukuro to help you sort through them by location.

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What are Love Hotels?

Love hotels were originally intended for couples looking to enjoy some time together, but more recently they have become a popular lodging option for travelers visiting Japan due to their cheap rates, plethora of amenities, and other thoughtful and unique services. Short stays, usually around 4 hours long, are available during the day in addition to overnight stays.

As a general rule, if you plan to stay in a room with another person they must be of the opposite sex, however, not all hotels follow that rule. Make sure to inquire with the hotel prior to booking in regards to that, as well as for check-in and check-out times as they differ between hotels!

Please note that all of the hotels mentioned in this article are intended for adults over the age of 18.

*Estimated prices are for overnight stays and not day-stays.

Shinjuku Area

1. Hotel W-Bagus

All rooms are equipped with a canopy bed, jacuzzi bathtub, and TV in the bathroom. In some rooms, you can even enjoy a Bali-style outdoor bath! This is a great hotel to take a moment to relax amid the world-class busy streets of Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho.

Pictured above is the Bali-style outdoor bath available in rooms 403, 405, and 502. These, of course, also come with the jacuzzi bathtub and bathroom TV. Higashi-shinjuku Station is located only 5 minutes away by foot, so you can easily access public transportation from this hotel.

2. Hotel Balian Resort Shinjuku Island

This hotel was built to serve as “an oasis to ease the weariness of city dwellers”, and its healing atmosphere permeates the entire hotel. The area pictured above is the free space by the front desk.

Tokyo can feel quite exhausting and this is just the place to relax, in their Bali-inspired rooms. The room pictured above is a Sweet Type room, which comes with a queen-size canopy bed and even a massage chair!

3. Hotel Balian Resort Higashi Shinjuku

Hotel Balian Resort Higashi Shinjuku is part of the same hotel chain as no.2’s Hotel Balian Resort Shinjuku Island, so the hotel is similarly Bali-inspired and just as relaxing. The hotel is also conveniently located, just a 3-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.

There are seven types of rooms available to cater to a wide range of budgets, including the cheaper Value Type and the luxurious Royal Type, fitted with two queen-size canopy beds.

4. HOTEL & SPA J-MEX Shinjuku Kabukicho

You can get your money’s worth at this hotel, as all of the rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, a Blu-ray player, a large 4K-resolution TV, and even a karaoke machine!

The luxurious spa tub in the bathroom comes with a TV. If that's not enough, hop in the sauna built into each room!

5. HOTEL AN Shinjuku Kabukicho

The spacious rooms at this hotel are lavishly decorated and well-kept. Not only will you find devices like TVs, Blu-ray players, and game consoles, the extra-wide beds will give you an incredible night's sleep!

This hotel is located near the busy Shinjuku Station, surrounded by many shops and restaurants, ideal for both business trips and sightseeing!


Every room at this hotel has a unique name and theme. They make use of futuristic lighting and interesting decor for each room, and all the rooms come with the standard amenities, including tea, shampoo, and bathrobes.

Conveniently located near Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku, you won’t run into any trouble finding delicious food and entertainment!


This hotel is located at a comfortable distance from the hustle and bustle of Kabuki-cho, but all of the famous landmarks and sightseeing spots in the area are within walking distance.

Their rooms come in a variety of designs, including the Japanese-style room pictured above. They also provide a plethora of free services, including free drinks, breakfasts, and even beauty tools like steamers and hair irons!

8. Hotel Moana Shinjuku

This lovely hotel offers 24-hour front desk support, free Wi-Fi, and a menu full of Japanese cuisine, including tempura and sashimi. It also has an incredible location, only 2.5 km away from Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu) - one of the top tourist destinations in Tokyo.

Every room comes with a private bathroom and free bath amenities, but only one room in the hotel comes with an open-air bath. This is a rare feature for love hotels, so we recommend booking one if you get the chance!

9. HOTEL ATLAS Shinkabukicho

Located only 9 minutes away by foot from Shinjuku Station, this hotel is prepared with everything you might need for your stay, from a mini-bar and microwave to beauty tools and face masks! If you need something they don't provide, there are plenty of stores near the hotel.

You can request a non-smoking room when you check in, but keep in mind that electronic cigarettes are still allowed in these rooms.


This top-class love hotel is located just 2.4 km from Meiji Shrine, making it a great base for exploring all of Tokyo. Its extravagant, eye-catching exterior is easy to spot to make sure you don’t get lost!

Not only do they offer free breakfast, they also let guests borrow gaming consoles and other entertainment options for free in addition to all the basic amenities.


As the name suggests, this colorful and unique hotel has 43 rooms, all with a different design for you to choose from! There are six types of rooms from A~F. The E type is equipped with a hot stone-bed spa, and all of the VIP rooms on the 8th floor, as well as the F type rooms, come with an outdoor bath!

Take a moment to relax from your travels in this hotel, located right near the North Gate of Seibu-Shinjuku Station.

12. Hotel Yuka

The location of this hotel alone should be reason enough to book it for any traveler in Japan. It is only 13 minutes away by foot from Shinjuku Station, one of the most accessible train stations in the city, and each room is equipped with all the basics, including air-conditioning, TV, and a private bath. Shinjuku is an ideal place to stay to experience delicious local cuisine, and the famous Shinjuku Golden Gai only quick stroll away!

Ikebukuro Area


Despite its convenient location in the big city of Ikebukuro, this hotel allows you forget about all the commotion happening outside. 

There are six styles of rooms to choose from, including “BALI”, which was specially designed by craftsmen from Bali to create a southeast-asian ambience; “STYLISH”, which has a white theme and ‘stylish’ atmosphere; and “PARTY”, which can be reserved by groups larger than two and comes with two beds.

All rooms come with a private bathroom (with a bathtub and hairdryer) and free Wi-Fi for a private and relaxing stay.

14. Hotel Times

This hotel opened fairly recently in 2016, so its interior is very clean and comfortable. They have received great reviews, particularly for its location, just a minute’s walk away from JR Ikebukuro Station. Visitors staying at the hotel can store their luggage at their 24-hour front desk so that you can roam around luggage-free before your check-in time.

The deep bathtubs are also a wonderfully relaxing way to end your busy days exploring Tokyo. There are express buses that run from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport that will drop you off near the hotel, so make sure to check those out too!

15. Hotel Varkin

Hotel Varkin accommodates its guests with spacious rooms fitted with large beds and private bathrooms that come with jacuzzi bathtubs. Located just minutes away from Ikebukuro Station, one of the busiest transportation hubs in Tokyo.

Their rooms are popular for their exotic southeast Asia-inspired decor, and some of the rooms offer a great view of the city lights.

16. Hotel Rafaie

The Parisian-style rooms are highly popular at this hotel, located just 5 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station, and close to many convenience stores and restaurants.

What sets this hotel apart is the services they provide, including an amenities bar and a snack bar to satisfy your sweet tooth!

17. Hotel Smile

Solo travelers can also make use of this hotel starting at a reasonable price of 5,000 yen. It is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk away from JR Ikebukuro Station, and every room is equipped with a TV, air-conditioning, and an electric kettle for you to enjoy your complimentary green tea!

The Tsukiji Fish Market is only a 10-minute taxi ride away, and the hotel is surrounded by delicious restaurants and clean streets.

18. AROMA+

The spaciousness, warm color scheme, and wide beds at the stylish Hotel Aroma create a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere.

Make sure to check out the furniture and decor in the rooms custom-made by Balinese craftsmen during your stay!

19. Hotel SAN MARCO

This conveniently-located hotel, just 2 minutes away from JR Ikebukuro Station by foot, offers rooms from a reasonable 6,800 yen. We recommend this hotel for travelers looking to experience a traditional Japanese love hotel in their retro-atmosphere rooms.

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Shibuya Area

20. Two-Way

Two-Way is just a short walk from Shibuya Station, one of the busiest places in Tokyo. If you're looking for entertainment and food all throughout the day and night, this is the place to stay!

Their rooms are equipped with jacuzzi bathtubs, TVs, and a plethora of amenities to make sure you get your money’s worth!


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