[2020 Edition] 50 Best Affordable Love Hotels in Tokyo

The popularity of love hotels as accommodation for tourists has been steadily increasing, and many people have even come to prefer it over regular hotels. Take a look at some of our recommendations below to find out why! The list is categorized by areas including Shinjuku and Ikebukuro to help you sort through them by location.



21. Hotel Sunreon 1

Located only 100 meters away from central Shibuya, Hotel Sunreon 1 is perfect for travelers looking to enjoy what Tokyo's most famous area has to offer. When you're not lounging in your room, hit the streets and explore the nightlife of Tokyo, all right outside your hotel!

All rooms have a private bath, air-conditioning, TV, DVD player, and various other amenities. Although they don't provide many other services, they provide more than enough for a good night's sleep at a very reasonable price, perfect for budget travelers.

22. Hotel Shibuya no Machi no Monogatari

The rooms in this hotel are simply decorated and furnished, and this is reflected in the affordable prices for the rooms. Considering that the hotel is conveniently located just 100 meters from central Shibuya, this is a bargain you should definitely take advantage of!

They offer a variety of amenities, including free drinks and game consoles! In case you get hungry, they also offer simple, tasty, and filling dishes through their room service.

23. Hotel Eastern

This modest love hotel is located perfectly for nightlife enthusiasts. Located 100 meters from central Shibuya, this hotel is recommended for people who enjoy shopping and want to explore this area to the fullest.

The simplicity of this love hotel is what allows them to offer rooms at reasonable rates. They provide all you need for a good night’s sleep, including free bath amenities, a private bathroom, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning.

24. Hotel Sulata Shibuya Dougenzaka

The interior of this hotel gives it a tropical resort atmosphere, perfect for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Japan's capital city. It is located only 500 meters away from the famous Hachiko statue at Shibuya Station, making it a perfectly convenient base point for your travel plans.

They have an English website - a surprisingly rare feature for love hotels - and offer several services you won’t find in most places. For the first day of your stay, you can enjoy free drinks, ice-cream, and cake at the front desk! They also provide complimentary breakfasts and jacuzzi bathtubs.

25. Hotel Sunreon 2

This hotel is located less than 2 km away from Meiji Shrine in Shibuya, making it a very convenient place to stay at if you plan to visit Tokyo's top tourist destinations. Equipped with a hair dryer, TV, bathroom amenities, and free Wi-Fi, their rooms have all you need for a satisfying stay.

Otsuka Area

26. ALL-INN (G)

ALL-INN is popular for its convenient location and stylish interior design, just 3 minutes away by foot from Otsuka Station.

The rooms are offered at reasonable rates without sacrificing cleanliness, starting at 6,500 yen.

27. Hotel G-Style(Formerly H-Seven Ohtsuka)

Hotel G-Style had a grand renewal opening in 2019, so the interior is refreshingly clean and new. Their rooms were refurbished in the renewal, and there are now various styles for visitors to enjoy the colorful atmosphere.

The hotel is conveniently located near Otsuka Station as well as some of the major sightseeing spots in the area, including J-World Tokyo. With 24-hour front desk service and a full lineup of amenities, the hotel is well worth your money, and their spacious bathrooms are great for taking a relaxing bath after a long day of sightseeing.


Easily accessible, just 3 minutes by foot from Otsuka Station, each room at this hotel has a different theme for you to choose from. The room pictured above is an example of their GRAN SUITE ROOM.

This photo is of a PREMIER SUITE ROOM, with its luxuriously dazzling golden canopy bed. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, this hotel is a great option.

29. Hotel Frontier

Just a minute's walk away from Otsuka Station, Hotel Frontier is the first love hotel to offer a cheap "one coin" rate, starting at 500 yen for 15 minutes. This is a great place to take a quick shower or to freshen up before or after a long day outside. Non-smoking rooms and Wi-Fi are also available for your comfort and convenience.

30. Hotel PAL

This love hotel is located just minutes away from Otsuka Station, making it very easy to access most of the major areas in Tokyo. Their large rooms feature various home entertainment devices, such as karaoke machines, DVD players, and tablets. There's also free Wi-Fi in every room.

The most exciting part of the rooms may be the large jacuzzi bathtubs big enough for two people! What better way is there to relax after a busy day?

31. Hotel Bianca Due

You'll be provided all of the basic amenities at this hotel, located just 5 minutes away on foot from Otsuka Station, along with breakfast served in your room - a rare feature for love hotels in Japan! Have your pick between a Japanese-style or Western-style breakfast.

32. Princess III

The most interesting feature of this hotel is their Japanese-style rooms. Complete with a fusuma (sliding door), shoji (sliding screen), and tatami (straw mat) flooring, you can enjoy your stay in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) atmosphere.

Pictured above is Room 1001, a luxuriously spacious room equipped with a jacuzzi bathtub to make you feel like royalty. 

33. Hotel Lieto

This hotel is a great choice for budget travelers. All of the rooms are equipped with basic amenities, and you'll even be served breakfast in your room! If you book your stay within 5 days of your birthday, you'll also receive a birthday discount of 2,000 yen. What more could you ask for?

34. Hotel Bianca

Every room at Hotel Bianca is outfitted with a jacuzzi bathtub with a lighting system for you to enjoy a nice bubble bath to wrap up your day.

The toiletries provided here exceed what you could expect even from business hotels. Add free breakfast and Wi-Fi to this, and you’re easily getting your money’s worth!

35. Hotel Moana Otsuka

All of the rooms here are equipped with large private bathrooms, and depending on the room type, some even have jacuzzi bathtubs! The hotel is also conveniently located, so you can access many major parts of the city from here.

Asakusa Area

36. Hotel Boston Club

Although this love hotel is conveniently located near the busy Senso-ji Temple and Kaminari Gate (Kaminari-mon), it is quiet and relaxing inside, making it the perfect getaway from the busy city.

On top of free Wi-Fi, a TV, and a private bathroom equipped with a full range of amenities, you can also drink as much coffee as you want from the coffee machine in the lobby! If you're planning to spend some time in downtown Asakusa, this reasonably priced hotel is well worth your money.

37. Hotel Mju

This hotel has an incredible location next to the Sumida River, and the rooms ending with ~2 and ~4, all the way until the 7th floor, offer a view of the Tokyo Sky Tree across the Sumida River. We recommend booking these rooms, especially the higher ones, for your stay!

The interior of the rooms at this hotel are designed Asakusa-style, with a slightly retro atmosphere. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced hotel with a Japanese design, starting at 6,800 yen, this is a great option!

38. Hotel Edoyado

This hotel is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Tokyo, with great access to Asakusa Station and other sightseeing destinations. There are many returning guests, who enjoy the hotel for its tidy rooms and huge variety of amenities. Whether you're looking for hair products, a phone charger, or a playing card set - they have it all!

39. Hotel California Kaminarimon

This love hotel is only a 4-minute walk away from Asakusa and the famous Kaminari-mon (Thunder Gate). They also offer many services such as free Wi-Fi, TV, and free bath amenities.

If any problems come up, just head to the front desk to consult the helpful staff who are able to accommodate several languages, including English.

Kinshicho Area

40. Hotel Tsubaki Kinshicho

This stylish hotel is centered around a modern Japanese concept. With suite rooms equipped with outdoor baths, they have received great reviews for their relaxing atmosphere. There are various types of rooms for a range of budgets, such as the more affordable compact rooms.

It is also located just 3 minutes away on foot from Kinshicho Station, with great access to many major sightseeing areas.


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