Great Location and Amazing Value! 15 Capsule Hotels in Kyoto for Under 5,000 Yen

Kyoto is dotted with places that have made a name for themselves internationally, such as “Horyu-ji,” the world’s oldest building, and “Kiyomizu-dera,” a world heritage site with over 1,000 years of history. If you visit Kyoto, a place that boasts such prominent Japanese sightseeing destinations, you probably want to use your time efficiently and see as many attractions as possible. However, the travel expenses can accumulate fast, and assuming you also want to buy a souvenir for each location you visit, cost might become a concern. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 15 low cost capsule hotels that are located conveniently in the center of Kyoto! With great access to each tourist attraction, each of these places are extremely reasonable at 5,000 yen or less per night.

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The Millennials Kyoto

The idea that a hotel is just somewhere to stay is outdated. The Millennials Kyoto has a diverse array of facilities, such as a workspace, kitchen, dining area, play zone, and bar. What's even better is that all these areas are open for you to use 24 hours a day. To top it off, for one hour every evening between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm, hotel guests get free all-you-can-drink beer! Enjoy a nice cold mug of Japanese beer while reflecting on the day or make new connections with your fellow hotel guests. Whatever your style, there’s no doubt you can spend your time here meaningfully.

The bed’s reclining function allows you to freely adjust the angle, so you can also use it as a sofa. Although the capsule is a limited space, you’ll feel peace of mind just as if you were in your own room, where you can comfortably pass the time exchanging messages with friends on your phone, or reading a guide book to get ideas for the next day’s travel itinerary. Under the bed is a large sliding storage space where you can store an open suitcase, so you won’t have to worry about taking your luggage in and out every time you need something. 

Closest station: Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station (around a 5-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Gion / Yasaka Shrine (around a 15-minute walk), Nijo Castle (around a 10-minute drive)

Smart Stay SHIZUKU Kyoto Ekimae

Smart Stay SHIZUKU Kyoto Ekimae is fully equipped with amenities such as a 24-inch LCD TV, laptop stand, power outlet, locker with key, and mirror inside each capsule. You can store everything away so you won’t feel oppressed by the small space. 

The mattress is a high-quality Japanese product developed by major textiles maker “Toyobo.” Capsules tend to get stuffy, but you can rest comfortably as the outstanding cushioning and excellent breathability keep it cool and easy to move around while you sleep.

The capsule rooms are laid out so that the upper and lower capsules are staggered slightly. This means that you’ll hardly notice a peep from the person above you, and you can both rest comfortably in this considerate space. 

Aside from the fully equipped capsule rooms, the hotel offers various facilities such as a lounge, large public baths and washroom area, a relaxation area with manga comics and massage chairs, and a laundry. For 500 yen, you can also enjoy a breakfast buffet in the lounge. 

Closest station: Kyoto Station (around a 5-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine (around 15-minutes by train), Kiyomizu-dera Temple (around 30-minutes by bus)

Capsule Resort Kyoto Square

Capsule Resort Kyoto Square is fully equipped to offer 4 different types of capsule rooms developed in collaboration with a dedicated capsule bed maker. The four types include the 1x1x2 m “standard,” the “long bed” which has 30 cm more depth than the standard type, the “private cabin,” which includes a locker and sliding door entrance, and the “VIP room,” which is a private room fully equipped with a desk and locker. You can choose the room that best suits your needs and preferences.

You’ll see a panoramic view of the Kyoto street scape from the Sky Lounge located on the 10th floor. See the sights of historical Kyoto right before your eyes, such as the towering world heritage site, Nijo Castle, and the surrounding landscapes that change throughout the seasons. Your stay doesn’t end with just sleeping here, come enjoy this special 180-degree panoramic view that serves as a little sightseeing even if you don't have the time to go out and do it properly. The lounge is complete with a bar offering drinks such as coffee, tea and juice. You can also pay to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. 

Closest station: Nijojo-mae Station (around a 3-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Nijo Castle (around a 5-minute walk), Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (around 20 minutes by bus), Sanjusangendo Temple (around 30 minutes by bus)

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Nine Hours Kyoto

Nine Hours is a capsule hotel chain that has establishments in Japan’s major cities, including Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka. This capsule hotel is a fresh and unique futuristic space that feels just like the inside of a space craft and has earned a good reputation. The name comes from the idea that you spend a total of 9 hours in the hotel: 1 hour to take a shower, 7 hours to sleep, and 1 hour to get dressed and ready, and is imbued with the sentiment that you should spend time resting efficiently by guaranteeing proper sleep and relieving your fatigue. Of course, that doesn’t mean you're expected to leave the hotel after exactly 9 hours, so relax. Take the time to rest from the fatigue of the day and recharge for the next day.

The hotel is an oddly simple space with basic white tones. As you can see from the photos, there aren’t really any signs or posters displayed here. Explore the hotel with the symbols drawn on the floor and walls as your guide. What’s more, the insides of the capsules are cleaned daily at this hotel. This includes the capsules of people staying consecutive nights, so you can spend each day in a clean space. 

Closest station: Kawaramachi Station (around a 2-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Nishiki Market (around a 5-minute walk), Kiyomizu-dera Temple (around 30 minutes by bus), Heian Jingu Shrine (around 30 minutes by bus)

First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama

Guest rooms at First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama fall into three types: “first class cabin,” “business class cabin” and “premium economy class cabin.” The photo above shows the first class cabin. This is equipped with a semi-double bed, table, TV, and a large lockable storage space below the bed. It looks so perfect that you wouldn’t think this is a capsule hotel. Even the first class cabin which is the priciest type starts at 5,000 yen per night, making this an extremely affordable facility.

You’ll see a 360-degree panoramic view of the Kyoto’s streets from the terrace. This is a box seat for gazing out at tourist attractions such as the Togetsu-kyo Bridge, Tenryu-ji Temple and Mt. Arashiyama. Please enjoy this sight that only First Cabin guests can see.


For breakfast you can try the Kyoto specialties, asagayu and obanzai. Asagayu is known as breakfast staple in Kyoto. The rice is simmered gently to improve digestion and it’s also said to improve circulation. Another famous Kyoto specialty accompanies the asagayu: “obanzai.” Obanzai refers to a variety of side dishes are served up in small bowls that people in Kyoto have been eating for a very long time. Enjoy obanzai with your asagayu and experience this Kyoto-style masterpiece. 

Closest station: Arashiyama Station (a short walk from the station)
Nearby tourist attractions: Tenryu-ji Temple (around a 5-minute walk), Togetsu-kyo Bridge (around a 3-minute walk)

First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma

First Cabin actually has several establishments scattered throughout Kyoto. This facility is a female-only hotel in the Karasuma area, which is also the location of Kyoto’s iconic Kyoto Tower and the 30 km long Kamo River. You can choose from two types of cabin: the first class cabin or the business class cabin.

As expected of a hotel that only accommodates women, it has perfected its services tailored to them. After check-in, relax and replenish with a welcome herbal tea. Then, after you’ve washed away the day’s stress in the shower, continue on to the skin care service with a steamer that gives your skin moisture and complimentary high-quality skin care products. Another great thing is that check-out isn't until 11:00 am, so you can take your time getting ready in the morning. 

Closest station: Shijo Station (a short walk from the station)
Nearby tourist attractions: Nishiki Market (around a 10-minute walk), Kamo River (around a 20-minute walk), Kiyomizu-dera Temple (around 25 minutes by bus)

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Rumor Plaza is a capsule hotel for men complete with facilities such as a public bath and sauna. As it’s for men, it’s designed so that the rooms are slightly larger than typical capsule rooms. Even tall men can stretch out their legs, so it definitely doesn’t feel cramped.

The best part about this facility is the sauna. Come here to sweat out the day's stress. You can expect the “löyly,” which is the Finnish word for the steam that rises as water is poured over the heated stones, to result in even more perspiration. The facility is complete with a rooftop open-air bath so you can bathe after sweating it out in the sauna. 

Closest station: Gion-Shijo Station (around a 4-minute walk), Kawaramachi Station (around a 7-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Kennin-ji Temple (around a 4-minute walk), Kiyomizu-dera Temple (around 20 minutes by bus), Yasaka Shrine (around a 5-minute walk)

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CABIN INN Kyoto Sanjo Kawaramachi

CABIN INN Kyoto Sanjo Kawaramachi is unique for its 3 styles of capsule room with warm, wood tones. The inn has an impressive traditional Japanese design typical of Japan’s old capital, Kyoto, which has many historical wooden buildings. 
The mattresses used are the same Serta brand mattresses used by first-class hotels around the world. The instant you lie down on this mattress your body will be wrapped in a gentle embrace. Sleep comfortably and recharge.

On the 9th floor, there is a spacious lounge that can be used freely by hotel guests. In the evening there are perfect night views as Japanese paper lanterns are brightly lit throughout the city. Of course, the daytime views are wonderful, too. You’ll be able to see a panoramic view of Kyoto, including the famous Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The place is fully prepared with a bar, so you can take some time to unwind here. 
One more thing to note is that the area around the hotel is scattered with sightseeing spots such as famous historical landmarks and art galleries. Ask the English-speaking front desk staff about the surrounding area. They know it well and will politely tell you what you want to know. 

Closest station: Sanjo Station (around a 3-minute walk), Sanjo-Keihan Station (around a 3-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Honno-ji Temple (around a 6-minute walk), Kiyomizu-dera Temple (around 30 minutes by bus), Heian Jingu Shrine (around 20 minutes by bus)


GLANSIT KYOTO KAWARAMACHI has strengthened their security system, restricting access to its accommodation floors. By reducing unnecessary comings and goings, they have created an environment in which guests can spend their stay with peace of mind. There are separate male and female floors (but there is also a mixed floor) so this place is recommended for solo female travelers.

The establishment is fully equipped with shower rooms and private bathrooms. There are only a few bathrooms but if there’s one free you should definitely go for a soak in the tub and experience the Japanese bathing culture. It will definitely get rid of your fatigue from the day.

Each floor has its own locker room. You can safely store your coat and suitcase in here. You can leave any luggage that won’t fit in the locker at the reception cloak room service, so people staying in Japan long-term or people who filled up all their baggage with all the souvenirs they bought can rest assured that their items will be secure.

Closest station: Kawaramachi Station (around a 1-minute walk), Gion-Shijo Station (around a 3-minute walk)
Nearest tourist attractions: Nishiki Market (around an 8-minute walk), Yasaka Shrine (around a 12-minute walk), Nijo Castle (around 20 minutes by bus)

Deluxe Capsule Hotel Anshin-Oyado Premiere Kyoto Shijo Karasuma

This hotel is fitted with cutting-edge, multi-functional facilities. You can adjust the lights, set an alarm, or look up the hotel’s facilities using a touch panel above your bed. Each capsule even has its own air conditioning which you can set to the perfect temperature for you, whether it’s hot or cold out.

The establishment is complete with a hot spring. You can enjoy the artificial hot spring with jets that will ease your worn-out muscles, or the romantic open-air bath with glittering LED lights. Plenty of amenities such as bath towels, skin care products, and razors and shaving cream are provided for free, so you can fully enjoy bath time without any inconveniences. 

Closest station: Shijo Station (a short walk from the station), Karasuma Station (a short walk from the station)
Nearby tourist attractions: Nishiki Market (around a 6-minute walk), Kyoto Imperial Palace (around 12 minutes by train), Nijo Castle (around 10 minutes by car)


At TSUKIMI HOTEL which is based on the concept of minimalism, the facilities are minimized to the essentials. The hotel is fastidious to an inhuman level as the capsule rooms, bathroom areas and shared spaces have all been designed with the utmost level of simplicity. By thoroughly removing any excess items, this lodging facility performs its core function of being a restorative space. If you stay separately, you will surely get a good night’s sleep.

The shared space which can be used by all guests has a minimal design, of course, and is completely white, giving it a bright, open feeling. Removing obstacles has created a space that fosters natural communication between others. This space is for reflecting on your day and exchanging information with your fellow guests. TSUKIMI HOTEL is a place where you will have encounters that enrich your experience traveling Japan just a little bit more and where you can take a break in peace. 

Closest station: Gion-Shijo Station (around an 11-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Yasaka Shrine (around a 10-minute walk), Ninenzaka / Sannenzaka (around a 5-minute walk), Kodai-ji Temple (around a 5-minute walk)

Comicap Kyoto

The greatest feature of Comicap Kyoto is that it shares the site with Japanese internet cafe chain, Space Create Jiyu Kukan. This is a capsule hotel filled with entertainment, where you can experience Japanese comic culture while you stay. Tons of English versions of manga comics are provided, so travelers from overseas can enjoy them, too.

In the free space there are large beds where you can lie down and enjoy reading some manga. Read manga, chat, and make yourself at home. You can also buy dishes like ramen, curry and takoyaki (deep-fried octopus balls) from the menu, so if you’re feeling hungry it's nice to have a light meal here too. 

Closest station: Kawaramachi Station (around a 5-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Nishiki Market (around a 2-minute walk), Kiyomizu-dera Temple (around 30 minutes by bus), Yasaka Shrine (around a 15-minute walk)

Capsule Hotel Kyoto

Capsule Hotel Kyoto boasts a high rating for its cleanliness and staff. A lot of reviews mention that everything including the capsules, bathrooms and toilets are clean, and that the staff are very friendly, so it’s a place you’ll be able to stay comfortably and relax in a location you're not used to. The capsules are stocked with basic amenities such as pajamas, towels and razors, and the service is really good.

There is a large TV in the shared space. There are no TVs installed in the capsules so that all guests can rest quietly. There is a bar in the shared space where you can enjoy drinks and tasty snacks, so why not watch the TV while you partake in a few drinks or a light meal? 

Closest station: Saiin Station (around a 1-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Kinkaku-ji Temple (around 20 minutes by bus), Nijo Castle (around 25 minutes by bus), Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (around 20 minutes by bus)


Maja Hotel Kyoto is a designer capsule hotel produced by a famous Finnish designer. The hotel was designed with careful attention to wood and light, with the concepts of the warmth of home and a comfortable space in mind. Once you set foot in the building, you’ll be surrounded by the warmth and gentle light that fills the space.

You can choose from two different types of capsule room: the compact-sized “Sleep-in Hut” (there is a women’s only section), or the “Walk-in Hut” which is large enough to stand in. Inside the calming space of the capsule, which is inspired by a forest hut, the design shines right through to the details such as the curtain and linen, and you can fall asleep as you are embraced by its warmth. 

Closest station: Karasuma-Oike Station (around a 6-minute walk), Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station (around a 6-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Nishiki Market (around a 5-minute walk), Shorenin Monzeki Temple (around 15 minutes by bus), Kiyomizu-dera Temple (around 30 minutes by bus)

Hostel Sui Kyoto

Hostel Sui Kyoto was built as an addition to Kyoto Suiden-An, which is known as a public space for education on Japanese culture. The hotel is located in the Nishijin area, which used to be an active hub of textile production and is now a quiet residential area still dotted with traditional townhouses. The charm of this hotel is its traditional atmosphere and exterior that looks nothing like a hotel at first glance.

The building has a unique design in which the capsule rooms are laid out in a complex fashion. It's an unusual space that feels just like a secret hideout and the texture and scent of the wood that conceals you from the outside brings tranquility to the space. There are also private rooms which are perfect for when you’re traveling with a partner or family. 

Closest station: Kenryuko-mae Station (around a 5-minute walk)
Nearby tourist attractions: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (around a 15-minute walk), Seimei Shrine (around a 15-minute walk), Kinkaku-ji Temple (around 15 minutes by bus)

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