Best Beaches Around Japan! Tripadvisor Announces the Traveller's Choice Awards 2019

This is the 7th time beaches from around the world have been selected and ranked by the popular travel site Tripadvisor. Beaches in Japan specifically have also been ranked, with Yonaha Maehama Beach in Okinawa's Miyakojima taking first place! With summer soon upon us, why not plan out your beach trips with a little more research on some of the best possible beaches to visit in Japan's sweltering summer?

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Top 10 Beaches in Japan

Without further ado, here are the top ten beaches in Japan according to Tripadvisor's survey! 

*Changes from last year's placements are shown in parentheses

This may not come as a surprise to everyone, but the top chart is dominated by Okinawa! But as great as Okinawa's beaches are, a special mention must be given to the beaches from some other areas of Japan that made the cut! Here are 3 outstanding representatives from all over Japan.

From Ivory White Sands To Cobalt Blue Seas: The Bewitching Yonaha Maehama Beach

With 7 kilometers of pristine white sands and glamourously blue seas, it's small wonder that this beach was picked as the best beaches in Japan. Affectionately referred to as "Maipama Beach" by the locals, this place is only 11 minutes by car from the nearest airport. If water sports aren't your thing, you can always visit Kurima Island, an island that's visible from the beach. Just take the Kurima Bridge that's also on the beach to cross to the opposite coast. Beach-goers have also commented on how the heavenly white sand, the sparkling sea, the beautiful island, and the grand bridge all make for lovely instagram photos.  

The Blue Angel - Tomori Beach

Tomori beach is only a 6-minute drive from the nearest airport, Amami Airport, and is often referred to as the "Blue Angel" by the locals. The crystal clear water here lends itself well to snorkeling, and if you're lucky might find some sea turtles swimming around with the tropical fish among the corals. Just be wary if you do decide to visit, as the undercurrent here can be quite strong in some areas, so try not to wander too far out to sea.

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The Best of Kansai - Shirahama Beach

With lovely white sand imported from Australia contrasting with the surreal azure blue ocean, this 600m long beach is one of the most popular in Japan. Shirahama beach in Wakayama is usually the first beach to to open on the main island of Japan, marking the start of beach season in Japan. Revellers should try to aim to go early in the morning as it can get pretty busy in the summer months. Not to be confused with the Shirahama Beach in Izu (although that one is really quite amazing too), they also hold many firework shows here in the summer.

About the Rankings

These rankings have been obtained from Tripadvisor through unique algorithms that looked at number of posts, ratings (out of 5), and other factors from viewers all over the world from the period of November 2017 to October 2018.

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While Yonaha Maehama beach is undeniably beautiful, there are plenty of other beaches in Japan that are worth visiting. Most of the beaches that are on this list are located somewhere in Okinawa, scattered amongst its various islands. Emerald Beach is one of the few in Japan that sits in a lagoon, while Furuzamami beach sports a coral reef, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling. With so many beaches to choose from, make the most out of summer by adding a little sun baking into your summer getaway. 


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