50 Things to Do in Shinjuku

Centered around the station with the largest number of passengers passing through it in the whole of Japan, Shinjuku has everything, from spectacular views from the skyscrapers, to great entertainment, delicious food and so many shops you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re after. And to top it off, the nightlife is absolutely fantastic!

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41. Shinjuku Golden Town

With over 300 stores, Shinjuku Golden Gai is a well-known cultural street that writers, entertainers and people in the showbiz industry visit. Within these wooden building structures that have been around since the Showa era, you might be able to meet some really interesting bar owners. As most of the stores here are open from 9:00 p.m., you might want to come to this street after dinner and linger on till the wee hours of the morning.

42. Omoide-yokocho [Food & Drink]

This is the closest street food district to the station. The district hasn't changed much since the Showa era. The stalls along the street still preserve the same old style and ambience. The stalls are built close to each other and there isn't much space really to dine in but that's what makes it interesting; eating great food while rubbing shoulders with other people.

Tokyo Bar Hopping Night Tour in Shinjuku

Even here, or pehaps especially here, entering a bar by yourself can seem daunting. Always remember that you can book a tour which covers bars in the area, such as the Tokyo Bar Hopping Night Tour in Shinjuku, who will not only help you find your way into these establishments but also help you lear how to chat with the locals so that you may continue do so on your own.

43. Restaurants and Bars at Shinjuku 3 Chome [Food & Drink]

Just right outside of Shinjuku 3 chome station, there is a district that has a wide variety of restaurants and bars, from standing bars to wine bars, from oden, yakitori, grilled meat to hotpots. This place is perfect for bar-hopping, and nothing brings strangers together better than some great food over some great drinks. 

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44. Shinjuku Ni-Chome

If you didn't know already, this area is known for bars and clubs catering for the gay community, but of course, anybody is welcomed to join the party. A couple of famous celebrities like Roland Barthes and Michael Focault have once made this area their home away from home and some say that they have seen these famous figures frequenting the gay bars and clubs. If you want to read up more on this area, do check out the book "Guiding Your Friends Around Shinjuku ni- chome in English". 


45. Black Swan Lake [Entertainment]

It is a unique bar with an interesting concept as it provides performances by transexuals. The bar is very enigmatic with its bright and sexy atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the alluring dances over food and drinks.

46. Rest-time [Beauty]

This massage parlour offers great massages that will offer relief for your back problems, stiff shoulders, aching legs and fatigue from all the traveling. You'll get your massage done in a private room by their talented masseeuses. The package offer includes oil massages, lymph node massages, Taiwanese massages, Thai massages, stretches, reflexogy, hot towel treatments and so forth.

47. Shinjuku Batting Centre [Sports]

So you have seen enough of Tokyo, eaten enough and had enough of the huge crowds. What next? Well if you are experiencing travel stress or fatigue, you might want to consider hitting a few rounds at the batting center to release some of that tension! This place is great for families and there are some discounted plans for women too!

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48. Le Luck Spa [Beauty]

This 24 hour spa is an exclusive spa for women only. The facilities and services are specially planned for women. Relax and get refreshed in the jacuzzis, saunas, outdoor hot spring pools and at the resting lounge, too. In addition, they also offer reflexology, facials and aromatherapy treatments. You can make a stop here before heading out to catch your plane as you can leave your luggage with the receptionist.

(Edit: This spa has closed for business as of December 25th, 2016)

49. Keiunso Business Hotel [Accommodation]

Amidst the modern buildings and facilities that Shinjuku offers, this hotel is unique because the rooms are designed to be traditional Japanese rooms with tatami flooring, alcoves and screen doors made from paper. In the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku, come and rest at this hotel and enjoy this traditional cultural experience.

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50. Shinjuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel [Accommodation]

Capsule hotels in this big metropolitan make use of space efficiently. Although the rooms are merely capsules, they are well furnished with wifi, a TV, electrical outlets, a light control system and an alarm clock. When you want to rest, just roll the blinds down for some privacy. There is also a floor exclusively for female patrons and the capsule hotel is furbished with a public bath and sauna. 

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In this city that never sleeps, you will never get bored in Shinjuku with the many things it has to offer. Come and shop till you drop during the day and then head off to Kabukicho at night for some great fun. Be mesmerized by their neon lighting and let loose here. This city is ideal for all types of travel and tourist. 



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