50 Things to Do in Shibuya

Shibuya is a neighborhood where young people gather. At Shibuya's famous Scramble Crossing, you can feel the strong energy that overflows from the area's fashion shops, clubs, and restaurants. Here are 50 spots that travelers to Shibuya should definitely check out.


Things to Do

41. Kuriya Nanadaime Matsugoro [Food & Drink]

This is a meat and wine restaurant in Dogenzaka. The specially-selected beef sukiyaki uses plenty of Oumi Ushi brand Japanese wagyu beef. First you eat it rare, to enjoy the meat's sweetness. It's also delicious roasted over a charcoal fire. They also prepare an abundant variety of wine from all over the world. They have terrace seats and private rooms.

Website: http://7matsugoro.com/

42. Tachinomi Fujiya [Food & Drink]

There are other restaurants that seem like shadows of the Showa era outside of Nonbei Yokocho! Fujiya is one of them. If you get the courage to go down the stairs into the basement, then you'll find a comfortable tachinomi (standing room only bar). The counter is more than 30m long. They're famous for their ham katsu.

43. Katsukichi [Food & Drink]

This shop has been in business for more than 50 years. Every morning, the artisans in the kitchen choose and slice the domestically raised pork and fry it in fresh vegetable oil so you can eat tonkatsu that delivers maximum flavor. At the entrance is Shibuya's only stone lantern. You can relax in the store interior, which is reminiscent of a countryside cellar.

Website: http://www.bodaijyu.co.jp/restaurant/shibuya/

44. Kashiwa -Shibuya Hikarie [Food & Drink]

This image is of the popular ”fuwatoro-yaki”, a style of okonomi-yaki (a Japanese dish with flour-based batter and ingredients of your choice). In this shop, they use Hinaidori chicken from Akita Prefecture and grill it on the teppan plate before wrapping it in fresh vegetables. The store was designed to be reminiscent of a merchant's store, so it's a warm, comfortable space. They also offer private rooms, made in the image of Kyoto homes. The tatami rooms all have horigotatsu tables, the low tables over a hole in the floor, so it's comfortable to sit at even if you're not used to sitting seiza (kneeling)!

Website: http://www.salt-inc.co.jp/kashiwa/

45. Ichiran [Food & Drink]

Thy Khue Ly/Flickr

Though it's originally Chinese, recently ramen has become known as a Japanese meal. Ichiran is bringing tonkotsu ramen to the world to the point that they have set up a branch office in New York called Ichiran.USA, Inc. They are famous for hanging curtains between seats so that you can focus solely on the flavor.

English website: http://www.ichiran.co.jp/english/html/kt_shibuya.html

46. Ushigoro Bambina

Though it's a yakiniku restaurant, you can also eat delicious steak. They only use A5 ranked beef from female cows. The first floor is a standing bar (glasses of wine starting at 500 yen), the second is table seats, the third is private and semi-private rooms. The huge windows give it a feeling of openness, and you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the evening during the spring and the moon during autumn.

English website: http://www.ushigoro-bambina.com/en/shibuya/

47. HANASAKAJI-SAN -Shibuya Sakuragaoka [Food & Drink]

This restaurant has a Halal certification, so it's recommended for any Muslim tourists! This store is the only restaurant in Tokyo that offers Halal beef shabushabu. It's been in business for 30 years. You can enjoy their delicious Japanese meals with sake. They have plenty of appretizers that go with sake, like saikyouduke foie gras (foie gras dipped in Saikyo miso) and sea bream shiokara (salt preserved fish and its organs). 

English website: http://hanasakaji-san.jp/

48. Shibuya OIRAN [Food & Drink]

The first floor is a tachinomi and the 2nd floor is seated. They have a menu full of nostalgic flavors like ham katsu and Japanese Napolitan pasta (made with ketchup) as well as seasonal menus. They exhibit and sell silk screens made by artist Tadanori Yoko. The sound system was set up by the sound designer, AO. On Saturdays, it functions as a club. 

Website: http://oiran.asia/

49. Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel [Accommodation]

If you're going to stay in Shibuya, it should be at the Cerulean. The 19th floor offers Japanese-style rooms of around 60 square meters for a luxurious space. They will lay out your futon for you as part of the hospitality of Japanese hotels. You can relax in the cypress bath. You can choose between Japanese or Western breakfast.

English website: http://www.ceruleantower-hotel.com/en/

50. Love Hotel Street

Japanese love hotels are high quality, always prepared with room service, and usually stocked with a Jacuzzi, karaoke, and even DVDs so you can play all night. The room designs are cute to make even women happy. If you're not sure which one to go to, you can enjoy wandering around and looking at the neon lights of the hotel street.


If you visit Shibuya, spending it quietly would be a loss! You should let yourself loose and have fun in this town of fashion, shopping, and activities. You can take a break when you're tired at cafes or art museums. After having dinner at a restaurant or izakaya, you can spend the night at clubs!


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