10 Japanese Chu-hai You Can Buy at Convenience Stores

Want to get buzzed during your stay in Japan or just have a sweet alcoholic beverage that isn't too strong? Here are 10 chu-hi options for you to try!


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Want to get a little buzzed during your stay in Japan? Or just want a sweet alcoholic drink? Try out these 11 Japanese chu-hai that you can buy at convenience stores! Chu-hai (チューハイ) are alcoholic beverages of liquor diluted with other drinks, such as carbonated water.

1. Hyouketsu (氷結)

Hyouketsu is vodka diluted with fruit flavored carbonated water. For normal 4% alcohol percentage types, flavors come in lemon, grapefruit, plum, peach, and coconut water. For strong, which has 9% alcohol percentage, flavors come in lemon, grape fruit, dry lime and pineapple. They have a Zero series, which has zero simple sugars, purine bodies, and artificial sweeteners. The Zero series has 6% alcohol percentage, and flavors come in lemon and grapefruit. For another series called Hayatsumi (早摘み) series, which means early picked, the sweetness is reduced, so it's great for people who don't have a sweet tooth. This comes in 4% alcohol percentage and in the flavor of lemon. Also, they have a Zeitaku (贅沢) series, which means luxurious. They come in 5% alcohol percentage, and flavors come in Chardonnay sparkling.  Official site in Japanese here.

2. Horoyoi (ほろよい)

Horoyoi means to get a little bit tipsy. As it does say in its product name, Horoyoi is low in alcohol percentage, and rich in flavors. Flavors come in white soda, grape soda, casis & orange, coca-cola, peach, salty grape fruit, ice tea & soda, lemon & ginger, plum soda, honey & lemon, and apple. Official site in Japanese here.

3. Souhi (爽hi)

Souhi is a chu-hai sold by Seven Premium. Seven Premium is a line of products sold by Seven Eleven. As it does say premium in the name, their products are affordable yet somewhat luxurious. Souhi has 6% alcohol percentage and the flavors are lemon, grapefruit, flat lemon, Chardonnay, apple and Japanese pear. Official site in Japanese here.

4. Otokoume Sour (男梅サワー)

Otokoume is a series of products that are made of very sour plum. It comes in candy, gum, and this time, in chu-hai! Alcohol percentage is 5%, and comes in one flavor, very sour plum.  Official site in Japanese here.

5. Kalori (カロリ)

Love alcohol, but don't like the calories? Kalori has 50% off calories compared to other chu-hai. The flavors are lychee, aloe & muscat, lemon, grape, acerola, grapefruit, citrona, peach and mango. Official site in Japanese here.

6. Cocktail Kalori (カクテルカロリ)

From the same makers of Kalori, Cocktail Kalori is all your favorite cocktails with 50% calories and in a handy aluminum can! Flavors come in black currant, kiwi mojito, berry mojito, rainbow fruit mix, aloe & yogurt, casis orange, muscat & peach, grapefruit special and peach & orange. Official site in Japanese here.

7. Can Chu-hi (Canチューハイ)

Can Chu-hi has a drier taste compared to other similar chu-hi with fruity flavors. Alcohol percentage is 8%, and flavors are lemon, grape fruit, lime and non fruit flavor (plain). Official site in Japanese here.

8. Hiliki (ハイリキ)

Hiliki was the first chu-hi to be sold in Japan in 1983. It has been selling its old-fashioned yet timeless exquisite mixture of lemon juice, shouchu, and pure water. Alcohol percentage is 7%, and flavors come in lemon and plain. Official site in Japanese here.

9. Honshibori Chu-hai (本搾りチューハイ)

Hideto KOBAYASHI/Flickr

Shibori means to juice. Honshibori has a lot of fruit juice in it, that they even have some solid mixture in it. So in order to enjoy it to its fullest, the makers recommend to turn over the can before drinking. Alcohol percentage is 6%, and flavors comes in grape fruit, lemon and orange. Official site in Japanese here.

10. STRONG ZERO (ストロングゼロ)

Strong Zero freezes their fruits at -196 degrees, powders them, and mixes them in their liquor. This makes for a very fruity flavor. As it does say strong, the alcohol percentage is 8% (though this may not be strong for some of you). Flavors come in green grape, lemon, grapefruit, flat lemon, plum and peach. If you want something less sweet, try out their Strong Zero Dry. Official site in Japanese here.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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