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Comfortable yet budget friendly! 15 Recommended Business Hotels in Asakusa and Ueno

Asakusa is an area in the great city of Tokyo that still retains a nostalgic working class atmosphere. There are many sightseeing areas there, including the oldest temple in Tokyo, Sensoji, and the shopping arcade Nakamise Shoutengai behind Kaminarimon. It’s a popular area with both Japanese and foreign tourists alike. Here are some great business hotels in the area that are easy on the wallet but comfortable and convenient.
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Things to do in Tokyo

50 Things to Do in Ueno and Asakusa Area

The Ueno and Asakusa area is one of Japan’s representative sightseeing areas thanks to how easy it is to get there from both Haneda and Narita airports. There are many famous spots there listed in guidebooks, and it’s very popular due to the ability to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences both ancient and modern there. If you’re going to visit Skytree, here are some places in the nearby historical symbols of Asakusa and Ueno to also check out.
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Sightsee in Tokyo Without Leaving the Yamanote

The Tokyo train system is pretty hard to navigate, with the JR Train system intermingling with the Tokyo Metro system. Not to mention the similar colors (the red, magenta, and purple lines come to mind) and the lack of English romanization on many of the maps — if you’re not well-prepared, it can be nearly impossible to get anywhere you want to go. But no fear! You can easily see most of the sights of Tokyo by simply taking the Yamanote Line, which goes to most of the major neighborhoods in Tokyo. (Beware, though: the Yamanote serves almost 4 million people daily. To contrast, the New York subway system is ridden by 5 million people a day over 26 subway lines.)
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