Explore Downtown Tokyo! 10 Popular Hotels to Stay in Asakusa and Ueno

Despite being in the heart of Tokyo, the downtown neighborhoods of Asakusa and Ueno are renowned for their vibrant, old-fashioned atmospheres. Asakusa boasts a plethora of attractions, like Senso-ji Temple, Asakusa Engei Hall, and countless long-established restaurants. Ueno offers an enjoyable stroll through the Okachimachi shopping streets, as well as zoos, museums, art galleries, and other cultural hotspots. Plus, these areas have also seen a recent uptick in chic, offbeat hotels, making them great places to stay, too! Here are our 10 picks for both new and old hotels in Asakusa and Ueno!

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10 Popular Hotels in Asakusa/Ueno

1. Asakusa View Hotel

Parallel to the Sumida River and facing Asakusa's main Kokusai-dori Street, the 28-story Asakusa View Hotel offers breathtaking panoramic views covering all of Asakusa. It offers the perfect vantage point for the Sanja Matsuri festival in early summer, the midsummer Sumida River fireworks show, and the ringing of the temple bell at Senso-ji on New Year's Eve. Guests can also enjoy a stunning view of the Tokyo Skytree from the 27th-floor restaurant. Located right near a bus stop that circles Ueno Station and Tokyo Skytree, it’s a great base for traveling around Tokyo, too!

The upper floor suites, executive rooms, and deluxe rooms flaunt magnificent views of Senso-ji Temple and Tokyo Skytree. The standard triple/fourth rooms, coming in at 26.1 m² in size, are perfect for families and groups traveling together.

On the restaurant floor, guests can indulge in a continental buffet and Chinese cuisine while taking in the scenery. In the evening, unwind at the 28th-floor Top Bar with yet another mesmerizing view encompassing the Tokyo Skytree and more.

2. Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International is conveniently located just a one-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express, making it great for exploring outer Tokyo, too.

The hotel frames Asakusa from every angle, with some rooms even showcasing the Tokyo Skytree and Senso-ji Temple’s five-story pagoda. First-time visitors to Asakusa will find the tourist information service especially helpful, which creates sightseeing courses by combining your selected places of interest and sending the route directly to your smartphone.

The 5th floor “Premier Lounge” hosts a buffet breakfast featuring about 80 different dishes, ranging from sushi and roast beef to sweets and fresh juices for a spirited start to the day!

3. Asakusa Kaede

Asakusa Kaede is just a short stroll from the iconic Kaminarimon Gate of Senso-ji Temple. Take a walk down Nakamise-dori Street and follow a small path to reach this cozy boutique hotel with just nine rooms, all of which are suites. Based on the concept of “the essence of Edo culture,” the hotel embodies the quaint downtown atmosphere of Asakusa.

Each floor represents a seasonal beauty of Japan, and suites are decorated with traditional Japanese crafts such as kimono, ceramics, woodblock prints, and Japanese paper to match the corresponding theme. The result is a clean and sophisticated space where guests can enjoy the aroma and texture of tatami mats while immersing themselves in Japanese culture. Instead of sofas, the rooms are furnished with “chabudai” (small, low tea tables) and “zabuton” (Japanese floor cushions), flaunting the appeal of Japanese living.

The first floor of the hotel hosts “Kaede Lounge by Tokyo Sour Stand,” a café and bar that serves one-of-a-kind drinks made with seasonal fruits while displaying art and Japanese crafts. Guests can enjoy this ingenuity both morning and night, and indulge to their heart's content.

4. The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon by Hulic

The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon by Hulic is a slick, modern hotel conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Senso-ji’s Kaminarimon. The Asakusa Concierge, who knows the area inside and out, is readily available to provide guests with top-notch hospitality, ensuring an unforgettable experience both in Asakusa and at the hotel.

There are seven types of guestrooms catering to visitors of all kinds, whether solo or with a group. Designed by Shigeru Uchida, one of Japan's most renowned interior designers, the chic dark blue interior invites a tranquil atmosphere bound to make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Guests can also enjoy breathtaking Asakusa vistas from the breezy private terrace.

In the evenings, head to the restaurant and bar, where you can choose from a variety of seating such as counter, terrace, or table, or visit the “premium bar” for hotel guests with the captivating Tokyo Skytree in the background. Whatever you choose, you're bound for a memorable night!

5. The Kanzashi Tokyo Asakusa

Located near the famous Hanayashiki in Asakusa, The Kanzashi Tokyo Asakusa is a charming hotel with a rich history. It was once home to Asakusa Tanbo Kusatsu-tei, a Japanese-style restaurant that thrived for over 150 years and was frequently patronized by geisha. The hotel's name, “Kanzashi,” is a traditional hair ornament, symbolizing the desire to tie guests together with the region's culture and traditions.

Guestrooms have a simple yet cozy design, and many brandish views of the Asakusa cityscape and Tokyo Skytree. You can also take advantage of the scenic guest-only rooftop terrace, which is perfect for morning yoga sessions or private parties.

The hotel's main dining room is a collaboration with Eloise's Cafe, a popular restaurant from Karuizawa. Guests can savor the beloved beef curry from Karuizawa’s Former Mikasa Hotel, an Important Cultural Property of Japan.


6. Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno

The modern and convenient Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno is just a two-minute walk from Ueno Station and within walking distance of Okachimachi, making it the perfect base for exploring this exciting area. Blending with its surroundings, it displays a collection of contemporary art pieces throughout the hotel, and is a stimulating, enthralling place to stay.

Guestrooms are clean and tidy, with blissful Serta beds for a restful night's sleep. For panda-lovers, the hotel's “concept rooms” come with adorable panda-themed interiors. Facial steamers can also be rented for free, which can be used while sleeping.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno also contains the popular Italian restaurant “Il Chianti,” famous across Japan. Start your day with a delicious breakfast from a variety of dishes, including their original pasta alongside Japanese cuisine like homemade tofu.

7. Nohga Hotel Ueno Tokyo

With different vibes throughout the day, the lobby is the highlight of Nohga Hotel Ueno Tokyo. You can unwind with a cup of coffee in the morning, relish a meal during the day, or sip a cocktail at night while admiring the works of local artists and creators. Along with guests, the hotel acts as a hub for the community, with a mission to create exceptional experiences from a deep connection with the area. It also holds regular events where sightseers and locals can interact and have fun together!

Guestrooms have a sophisticated, authentic Japanese flair, with unique furnishings and handicrafts made by local artists. The attention to detail is evident in the use of high-quality cocoon-based bath amenities and comfortable, functional mattresses. Plans are flexible, including short stays and late check-outs, so you can travel your way.

The hotel's restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients to put together a diverse and delicious menu. They also serve hand-drip coffee from an original blend created in collaboration with Kabuki, a famous Ueno coffee shop.

8. MONday Apart Ueno Shinokachimachi

For a longer stay in Tokyo, MONday Apart Ueno Shinokachimachi is the perfect home away from home. It’s a “living apartment hotel” equipped with washer/dryers, large refrigerators, kitchens, rice cookers, and other appliances.

Fret not about language barriers - the front desk has 24-hour automatic check-in with a multilingual AI translator. Plus, the building and rooms can be accessed through password authentication, meaning you can head out without worrying about losing your key card.

Room facilities are designed for efficiency and comfort, such as a foldable bunk bed that doubles as a sofa, and a luxury showerhead that's gentle on the skin.

The hotel is within walking distance of Ueno, Okachimachi, Asakusa, and Kuramae, allowing you to explore the different shopping areas and experience their characters. Discover the real Tokyo and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle!

9. Hotel Crown Hills Ueno Premier

Hotel Crown Hills Ueno Premier sits on the 20th-24th floors of an office tower between JR Ueno Station and JR Okachimachi Station, making it second-to-none in convenience and scenery.

Upon checking in, you'll be welcomed with a drink of your choice, including alcoholic beverages. The bar lounge also serves free drinks such as beer and wine, accompanied by tasty snacks. It's a great place to unwind and enjoy the mesmerizing views of Tokyo's twilight skyline while planning the night ahead.

All rooms are complete with Tokyo panoramas, imbuing them with a liberating brightness. The beds are fitted with high-quality original mattresses and memory foam pillows to facilitate deep sleep and rejuvenation after a tiring journey. Moreover, the breakfast buffet serves up an array of Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes to be enjoyed in front of an 80-meter-high scene of the city.

10. Tosei Hotel Cocone Ueno Okachimachi

Tosei Hotel Cocone Ueno Okachimachi is a prime choice for women and families. Complementing the single and twins, the hotel has women's rooms on a dedicated floor. With four different types, including large “king rooms,” it caters to a wide range of female travelers, from solo adventurers to groups.

The women's rooms come equipped with a nanocare dryer, minus ion hair straightener, and facial massagers. Guests can also pamper themselves with a set of skincare items from renowned cosmetics companies.

For families, we recommend the Japanese Modern Room, which features a small tatami space to experience the essence of Japanese living. Guests can take off their shoes and relax in traditional Japanese style.

The following morning, start your day with a delightful breakfast from the hotel's own original morning menu at the 1st-floor coffee shop.

Get to Know the Real Tokyo in Asakusa and Ueno

The Asakusa and Ueno area is home to a diverse array of charming casual hotels, with a chilled out downtown vibe that encourages guests to freely unwind and intermingle. Take a breather after exploring and ready yourself for another exciting day in Tokyo!

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