Premium Steak for 1,000 Yen!? 5 Great Value Steakhouses in Tokyo

Local Japanese cuisine is undoubtedly a huge draw for tourists. Given Japan’s love for beef, it is no small wonder that many visitors take an interest in their beef dishes, especially steak. Here is a list of popular steakhouses that are not only good at what they do, but offer very reasonable prices as well. All are conveniently located in the bustling districts of Shinjuku, Ueno, Akihabara, and Ginza. Read on to find out more and get ready to fill your trip with mouthwatering memories!

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Freshly Cut At The Counter! Get Your Steak by Weight at IKINARI STEAK

First up is IKINARI STEAK, a chain with 461 restaurants across Japan. Their unique ordering system and standing-only arrangement was the talk of the town when they launched, and even until now, there are always long lines even outside of rush hour. Since they opened their first restaurant in Ginza in 2013, they have rapidly expanded to cover much of the country and beyond - a testament to the quality of their food.

Another feature of IKINARI STEAK is their novel ordering method. Customers have to pick a cut of meat, then tell the chef at the counter how big a cut they'd like and how they want it cooked. Most of the cuts are priced by the gram, ranging from 6 yen to 12 yen per gram, with a minimum order of 200g.

The choice of cuts include sirloin, fillet and rib eye, and you can choose between Japanese beef and Australian beef. What’s amazing is that the steaks are all freshly sliced from a gigantic slab of meat! You can customize your meal by adding a range of side dishes like rice, salad and drinks.

At lunch time, a generous slice of steak will only set you back 1,130 yen, so make room in your itinerary to give this place a try! Their commitment to serving steak cut fresh to order and charcoal grilling are both uncommon practices. The grilled steak is served on a hot plate to keep it sizzling until the last bite, and their signature sauces add the perfect finishing touch. All these elements work together to create a meal that is simply sublime. You may soon find yourself coming back for more!

Order From the Secret Menu at Niku No Oyama in Ueno

Second on the list we have Niku No Oyama in Ueno. Ueno is loved by locals and tourists alike because of the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, the fun-filled Ueno Zoo, and shopping that's easy on the wallet. This restaurant is located in Ameyoko, a lively shopping street known for its affordable products. Their croquette is often featured on Japanese TV programs and magazines, but here's an insider's tip: their secret dine-in-only steak is just as good!

For a mere 950 yen, you can land yourself a steak set that comes with rice, bacon salad and mashed potato. The steak itself is about 12 to 13cm long and 6cm thick: a great-value deal! There are also options for larger sizes for those with bigger appetites.

The secret behind Niku no Oyama's low price is that they actually started off as a meat wholesaler. Today, their meat is delivered straight from their own butcher’s shop to guarantee its quality. It has been nearly 80 years since it opened, yet the price stays more or less the same, which is reason enough to show them some support!

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Have Your Fill at the Immensely Popular Gut's Grill in Shinjuku

Next up is Gut's Grill. Located in Shinjuku, the town that never sleeps, the steakhouse is famous for their all-you-can-eat course. Ever since their grand opening a few years ago it has remained just as hard to get a table here for dinner. The course offers unlimited steak and drinks for 3,940 yen, an unbelievable price in Tokyo. Meat lovers, don't miss out!

If you have a smaller appetite or if you are on a budget, check out their a la carte menu. The cheapest items, cut steak and hanger steak (cow diaphragm), have a size and price range of 150g to 300g and 734 yen to 1,382 yen respectively.

Prefer a more tender cut? Order the “Cowboy”, priced at 1,058 yen for 150g or 1,490 yen for 225g. Upgrade your steak to a combo with rice and salad for just 302 yen extra. There is really something for everyone!

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Great Sauces To Go With a Great Steak - HERO'S Steakhouse

Another joint you wouldn’t want to miss is HERO's Steakhouse. This Tokyo-based chain has restaurants in sightseeing areas like Akihabara and Kichijoji, and frequently appears on Japanese TV programs and magazines.

Eager to provide customers with the best steak, they have spared no effort on even the smallest detail, including their five sauces: Japanese style, garlic, gravy, garlic & lemon soy sauce, and spring onion with salt. While it is common practice for restaurants to use dried ingredients, especially garlic and spring onion, the sauces here at HERO’s are made fresh daily from only the freshest ingredients.

Their beef is supplied to the restaurants each day using a special refrigeration technique instead of freezing to retain its texture and freshness. The chefs then seal the meat by grilling on a hot plate, so as to serve up the juiciest steaks to customers.

Available cuts include their signature cut, sirloin, and ribeye, and you can enjoy a 200g HERO'S signature steak with free rice and soup for just 926 yen. You’re unlikely to find a better deal anywhere else!

Bargain-Priced Dry-Aged Beef That Melts in Your Mouth at Steak House Pound in Ginza

Last but not least, Steak House Pound is a wildly popular dry-aged wagyu specialty restaurant originally from Kyoto. Now open in Ginza, this spot offers the rare opportunity to enjoy wagyu beef at an incredibly reasonable price.

What is dry-aged beef? Dry-aging is a method of processing and preserving meat before cooking. The meat has to contain a fair amount of fat and must be kept between 0 and 1° C. Generally speaking, only high quality beef could be dry-aged in order for its natural flavors to develop and intensify.

This steakhouse uses wagyu raised on Hiramatsu Farm, Kagoshima, and keeps their beef in the most advanced dry-aging room in Japan in order to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and air movement. Their dry-aged wagyu lunch set costs a jaw-dropping 980 yen, and is only available in limited amounts each day. Be quick if you want to taste premium Japanese beef at a fraction of the price!

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After going through our list of steakhouses, are you overcome with a desire for steak? Japan’s love for beef and their pursuit of the perfect cooking techniques make this country an ideal place to satisfy your beef cravings. Even if you are on a limited budget, don’t worry - there are plenty of decent restaurants in Japan offering incredible dishes without breaking the bank! 

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